Watch Us Fix This Cosmetics Sales Funnel Template In Under 30 Minutes

We’re up were there brighter we’re gonna Wear whoo What’s up Jim what’s up guys machine I Have your back you’re clear to take off I even got my be the coolest one yet now Watch this oh oh oh yeah baby I can tell you what semester that’s Right diverse what’s up mr. Dave hey What are you doing critical damage you See these on auto-ship or something That’s why I’ve got to be a top-ten Affiliate for dude you better push it Hard my gosh and you like number eight Everyone’s chasing you down I’m pushing Hard for expert secrets so that I can be In the top ten because I’m gonna get the Whole island yeah even if I don’t and And I just want to say that I’m working Very hard converting all these fine Scripts in the book into funnel scripts I just finished the third one today and So um even if I don’t make it in the top Ten you guys might take pity on me and Get me an Ironman costume anyway see Anyway oh okay back to work breathing Breathing comes in handy as you age just So you know Mountain welcome ever to Fire fries today um before you start Making announcement date how many books We have two so far this is we got four Fourteen hours left the book contest we Are over 40,000 books Wow You’re pushy bitter crazy announcement

Is because crossed 41,000 users in Clickfunnels and we have about the same Number of books right now so let’s just Move through right now how much time is Left in the contest I are $20 CPA is Sunday so 20 bucks for every booking Away in Sunday and then the contest for The Ironman costume or Batman ends on The 21st Yeah oh wow okay I still got time I got A very good public announcement my link Nice play for all good [ __ ] it all feels You’re pushing out there don’t don’t Scam my sweet oh I shall 900 books this Week right now what ebony we’re freaking Excited and then like we got 900 phone Calls from angry people who likes asking Why we stole their credit card and look At that we can see what happens like Every transaction came from an Indian IP In alphabetical order one minute apart Exactly and now we’re doing like all These fraud issues and we’re gonna kill That affiliate probably press charges Montrose if so please just don’t don’t Just be like not evil is that yes I can Just open those up now hard What a jerk saying that effort is right I know the easier an aussie easier to Just do it right then just go on the Black market steal credit card or buy Stolen credit card data instead of a bot From India to I mean honestly face Together not that hard people to find

Out how did he think you wouldn’t catch Him it’s like you can be smart enough to Set up all this stuff and dumb enough to Think that somebody couldn’t go won’t You or wasn’t really going on here you Know people’s children anyway I wrote a Blog post for today on Russell Brunson Calm here watching we’re documenting Week by week what’s happening this whole Book launched I think this week’s blog Post and write today will be called Affiliate wars and what’s going to be Trouble it over in smell okay grace but We’re thankful for everyone we’re 41 That we support into the 40,000 40,000 But we’re not elsewhere but go ahead and Put that into perspective that is five Times Population of the county that I live in Wow And I think about them I’ll see about This like so the average of New York Times bestselling book always sells 10,000 cotton so it wasn’t the fact that New York’s time is like a racket with Evil people who don’t write really good Marketing books would be five times over – you’re kind of social I’m going to Place explain myself as your cosmetic I Agree to take that any or enough anyway Totally totally have you straight out a Book straight out of Boise Boise yeah They he has offered a net were our goals 15,000 I didn’t launch we got 48 hours

For the next basic 10,000 conference They don’t want so push please push you Know how to push go 2×4 seekers calm / You can see video my daughter nor might Be watching yard Nora hi baby Been sick last night and she glows Watching she watched Batman video like 34 times in fact last night they can Work out late last night and then Efforts came in she was kinda sick so I Was holding her and talking to my dad Who’s in town and also Joe’s chair Crying because and covered me oh oh la And then I picked up sure crema that she Keep you gay like right at me like it Was more pure than I’ve ever seen at one Time it was like I was probably 3 4 foot Circle around me as I had to minute I Didn’t know what to do there ah anyway How does a little body hold that much It’s like hold it in the legs Ya know things that when you were a kid When you were a teenager you think of oh I would never do that you know my big Thing I’m never gonna change a diaper I’m gonna go home on my whole life and Then you can be knee-deep in in your Child’s bodily fluids or your Grandchildren’s and it’s like it’s okay Honey it’s alright then you totally There’s nothing wrong with it that’s When you know you love someone you know It’s true love oh come in your pill Cooney I love ya anyway it was awesome

In a bonding moment so alright so today This episode we’re not back up week so We’re switching themes every once a While so this week’s theme is help my Funnel sucks Right I go in that by the way Oh my Funnel sucks That was all Jim so we got a funnel Today we’re going to rebuild um I Probably share photo in my camera for me It’s not I want to Jack the funnel Fitz Studying Lyle is getting my order [ __ ] Out you know I think that’s part of why They’re asking for help is because They’re not getting any live orders okay I’m not going to shut the page because I Don’t repulse trees over back there I’m Going to go to their cow share funnel Into my account and then from there I Will do some damage them since then it’s A gift they can they can use it or not Use they want to so give me one second To kind of find this okey-dokey tell us As I’m finding this uh you were the one That they got this one tell me that you Don’t need backstory behind it at all or Just they were excited they’re trying to Sell it’s a cosmetic product and they’re Trying which I thought was cool that it Was something it wasn’t a supplement or It wasn’t a make money online things People all you ever talk about is make Money online or you know supplements or Stuff like that and obviously this stuff

Doesn’t work for anything but Information products are first a plan That’s right You know it works for everything so just Calm down and stop taking in so much Caffeine so this customer reached out to Us and asked you know hey could you give Me some feedback and I said well maybe You know well we’ll have you on helped My funnel sucks which I initially Thought would insult them but they got Super super excited so it’s you know There you go so um tick on oh what’s on The marketplace I’ll hold a purchase in The marketplace yeah okay so I can’t I Can’t share it to myself to buy the Market so I means I’m going to clone Just this step drop us the bottom take It out of the phone and hopefully not Mess it if I mess it up I apologize in Advance I’ll buy a bunch of skin is a Skin cream I’ll buy lunch skin can make Up for if I jack it up nice so like I Know you are concerned about having a Youthful line free appearance what I Tell you guys that this thing one day With someone and uh in people that’s I Told you Michael yes is kind of fun Usually flattering and then a this Girl’s like well you look really young But I can tell by the crow’s feet up Next to your eyes that you’re actually Pretty old I was like I have curls Phoenix my office it totally just

Struggling I was like well now well Paranoid I’m gonna buy some the stuff hopefully Easter Mike I know I was it was crusty Mike you know Carl like step funny thing There’s looki kidding anyway now I know Now I know you know spike will this he Just no idea he messaged me in Facebook And said oMG I can get Russell anything He needs so if you need reach or Guyliner any of that stuff they’re gonna Hook you up I wonder why I’m Holly what Taps and oh I’m a fatty really so cool We can announce something amazing about To happen Alright kavanah go edit this thing we’re Going to editor we’ve got we’ve got Jamie Smith who is potentially joining a Clip from steam we’re praying and Crossing our fingers winter Jones Dylan Jones who built the editor here and in The last four days they have squashed Like 14 own editor bugs and they’re Killing them all like making the new Editor a thousand 30 old ones so it’s Success this amazing fun stuffs Happening terms we’re on this side What’s happening like we’re having late Night Cody hackathon 4-digit all good Stuff that’s cool awesome awesome Alright so I’m gonna switch my screen to This I see my screen okay And then we’re gonna got timer 30 minute Countdown starting and here we go Jim

Alright there we go got one this thing Needs funnel juice more than just it Doesn’t look like it looks like for my Thing I there’s a bunch of stuff that’s Missing why don’t we show Can we show like just the actual funnel And stuff without making changes to it And comment on it first Yeah then a split test that’s why so I Might open the other split test page Alright so this is their funnel so page Number one and even they got to they got Split test I’ll show you Make sure both versions I think yeah That’s the one that I saw there’s one Does yeah okay so look there so just lit Test right there yeah that one’s the one That I saw that I was thinking on down Here okay so there’s page one or paste Users there’s flip test right and then It’s like absolutely buys in the OTO is Are we bags Alright similar to my crow’s feet I Think back a little different cool and Then there Chios I think wait special One-time offer Cool I don’t know how far we’ll get into The whole funnel in our 28 minutes 47 Seconds left right cool Okay but I think we started here Beginning right they say I’m sound of Music like start at the good place to Start so soon – yes it’s a very good Place to start

All right so which versions we tackle The one the one on the right okay cool Okay so they’re good to begin with mini Some recent follow scripts magic to make This these headlines pop I’m gonna work On the background image to this grey I Add this joke with Steven I’m very Defensible if I actually stays out Publicly that’s okay so if anyone s Transition lenses I apologize in advance But you’ll be like people are doing Their transition lenses it’s like Halfway between light sunglasses and Thing it’s like brown thing you guys see Their eyes you can’t really extend this Awkwardly right be wearing sunglasses Anyway anything it’s like gray or Brownish on a page I was tell Steven Looks like transition lenses like it Drives me nuts so not only is any great So Gray’s are gone never could look like Trend and I might be just might my Opinion but I just it looks like Transition lenses my CS Idol anyway Nothing wrong with that good transition Lens that’s cool but I doesn’t work for Finals so that I was thinking you were Going to say it looked like Napoleon Dynamite or something yeah But this blue right here I love like I Was like well hello this blue so I’m Just gonna still this blue and green up Yeah that’s not it was good actually Love that so my favorite blues for stuff

The biggest thing I thought was wrong With this was that the headline sucked Oh yeah it really wasn’t a headline and It was talking about feature so um Anyway let’s see what we can do I’m over here on funnel scripts on the Million dollar sales headlines version 2.0 and let’s see what we can do so who Do you think our target audience here is Keith in the he’s here on messenger too So I can bother him who’s your target Audience Keith is ladies right In leave la I show LL Cool J ladies love Cool Jim I don’t think that’s what it Means Skew again yet does ladies love cool James she’s my first name Thanks thanks very much see I’m gonna Get real real close women that’s too Broad Whitlock’s too broad in my opinion Women who are uh uh women over 40 yeah 40 issues about when they start worried About I think do you wanna see your Spinner you got a Batman spinner are you Mine that may be dinner check it should I bought some bread kids that it might Even more for me because I’m they’re Actually really cool okay what is it do It again I didn’t see that man’s Finished these are the oh yeah hold up Here which cameras here there’s our Batman spinner boom feature spinner and I found out so my kids finish spinners Or iPad Lane and so then I opened up the

Thing and I don’t have anything real Wilkes I’m not a real manly man but I Had MCT oil so I don’t MCT oil their Gears now their eye cream why I’m like Race not just for your brain I don’t Know if anybody has a more said dad mc2 Else good for avocados and digits Fingers yes it is what if this was more Like an econ style fall to or you go at 1 3 5 10 20 yeah um you know yeah we Deficit with skin cream instead of like The 2-step order form seems like I would Work yeah I concur on that somebody’s I’m going to do is to three columns here To make this dark looks like that dark Blue to the hello okay so as they say Now’s thinking like the most fiberfix Way Oh on the forum would that work ah Of course would work um Making those colors are you walking Through you turn on your headline stuff Um I’m just filling in the the stuff so I chose to use the because this is more Well I wanted to use the million dollar Sales headline one so keyword topic fine Lines and wrinkles target audience women Over 40 area of interest or concern Crow’s feet improve your appearance get Rid of fine lines and wrinkles and the Enemy its father time I just figured I’d Try that right now okay um Breakthrough improve your appearance and Get rid of fine lines and wrinkles how To get rid of your fine lines and

Wrinkles the smart way what’s it look Like what makes this different or better Do they say okay what makes this Keith He’s in the QA what makes this better or Different than every other thing I could Go down and buy for like ten dollars That any time selling Ellen DeGeneres Pitches and I can go get it Walmart Tricks that can save you big if you want To get rid of your fine lines and Wrinkles how to improve your appearance For Less apple stem cell woo stem cell Says apple stem cell since Oh sounds Like that’s what s/he told you that’s What he said yeah who steps elder sounds Cool yeah Remember I talked about phone fries when Talking to the stem cell shop and her so Bad he really did they use a whole Apple Cuz I remember where you got the shot so Technology huh we cool picture this like Not white back then right Try the other I’m going to try the other Headline script um Okay so women over 40 latest Apple stem Cell technology creates a revolutionary Cream to get rid of fine lines and Wrinkles oh good that’s what I just Pulled that out of my same place you got The injection and I didn’t get that off Of the wizard um let’s see yeah how do You compete we are the only company with The University study to show that it Works oh really

Yeah that’s actually pretty cool Yeah something some you know let’s see You something Apple stem cell technology And this is a cream right I think so Okay um women over 40 apple stem cells Technology get rid of fine lines and Wrinkles notice when you’re that guy This is called funnel hacking I’m Funaki Druce funnel organifi green juice what’s The name of this thing an anti-aging What’s the name of this anti-aging cream Lip hair very harf a look sounds like an Ice cream lump-sum that’s so perfect With Parfitt okay so yeah how about fun Have you somehow got like looking Somebody’s like kind of cool this looks Like this is a good one to model here’s Benefits here’s ingredients prime times Obviously designed some awesome a that But pictures awesome actually is cool Picture all right this one look for a Year home bottle three bottle six Bottles so we’re going to see one cup Bottle the cans we call the step one cup One they call it club get it tub get one Tub free Oh that just does not that doesn’t say Class sorry because it actually helps The skin pretty skin stem cells and Remove the wrinkles from the inside out That’s gonna I like that get rid of Wrinkles from the inside I don’t try that in a headline I think It really whistling Britney spirit on a

Wife’s are doing that it’s a jar it’s a One ounce jar jar on jar cool one jar Dar are Jar Jar Jar Jar Binks they’re Gonna kind of her they mention any kind Of a timeframe as to how far how fast They get results Keith we should charge like $10,000 to Do those two movies Uu-aah when Jar view one jar it’s like Youth and it can hold cold beer he’s got Um the jars gives everyone the hungriest Surgery as I do as Nero they scoped out One week and caulk set up a day the English teachers is jars apostrophe s Are just as well the English teachers Opposite the jars k-ras just now one is It a jars worth or or two jars that I Once read jars that’s it’s not Apostrophe F so it’s just plurals assess If it was one jars worth of value it Would be apostrophe s serious jars work Okay okay I still know if you’re ready Wrong but I trust you jars all right Boom good looking cool it looks good Look at killer headline in here it’s Gonna be magic mm-hmm I’m working on it Fellers uh-oh I get my free one ounce Sodium free right now I’m to get Yourself free on skin cream mmm Talking we’re selling like uh yeah One one thing to know on screen cream Offers like most of the like the mass Ones if you find some real quick you Look at the pre-sale articles Steve

Named I’m going to start just whipping Some of these off okay um how to get how To get rid of fine lines and wrinkles in His life at little as seven days even if You’ve tried every other cream on the Market um these are at least actually Some of these more than one on this page Good okay I’ll just I’ll you know what I’ll do Russell I’m gonna clear out the Clip bin and I’m just going to start Using the amazing clip bin feature of Funnel scripts to collect them up and Then send them to you all at once it Doesn’t be amazing how every woman over 40 can get rid of wrinkles from the Inside out I like that cool was like are We offer two minute instant eyelids that Only looks too cool take this picture if You’re really using this yeah how to get Rid of fine lines and wrinkles without Dangerous cosmetic surgery I like it I’m Going to send it to you that’s good Without dangerous cosmetic solidity so For you guys what’s names again the College’s Keith Keith Harris the Keith Like I gave you just redone with without The background so it’s clear on here and If you look at how how we gotta fight as One so you know something like that so You can plug them in back here um and I Look at these pricing don’t try probably Perfect for it I haven’t fought its Market very close on time Zach will try Pricing is something kind of like that

It’s similar Um yeah my someone schemes assume it’s Like I don’t know she’s a 10 yeah so the Goal is you don’t want to buy in one Bottle ever this you jacket the price on The one so it’s like 5995 driving you Guys to price it so that they be more on Snob I at least Three warning don’t even think about Trying to get rid of fine lines and Wrinkles until you read this Miller They’re quite laughing Melanie with that With that that doesn’t fit for that Market of it a hundred [ __ ] no smells Like I want to buy now that’s why Someone admit oh yes yes it says Botox It’s so many stories of my body fell ooh I could change that without boat without Botox or other dangerous procedures is Botox what’s the stuff is poison that Yeah it’s poison like freezes your face Like what’s it called oh there’s named It made out of the botulism virus yeah Botulism Watch it slow okay hey he’s looking at The organifi side no recess Ben oh yes There we gotta fight unify the inner Buttons rather interesting yeah or I Could test that I don’t think your tests Much I guess enough yeah so what I like Doing if he has noticed lately What color are Amazon’s buttons or on What color are Beachbody button for on What color is a button on experts

Secrets Oh shameless plug if you have your free Book yet please go and get it magic Color orange that makes people click Therefore I like using orange on buttons Therefore please or not these buttons Plus actually look really over the blue How about for me how about this morning If you want to get rid of wrinkles from The inside out but you’re worried about Risking dangerous cosmetic surgery or Botox read this entire letter right now That’s good it’s not let it well I’ll Let it go watch this entire video right Now something okay well I can edit it What okay well I got six of them oh yeah I’m ready to destroy my ring cold Haley That’s alright Debbie Rin K Elliot Elliot yeah take us Out you guys this is a feature that was Begging for forever we got it we got it Subtext watch just like make this Sub text bigger whoa this is one of the Many things that Dylan in winter and Jamie are doing to make our lives so you Having fun whacking that thing back and Forth I started feeling like I was Getting right have a seizure yeah yeah I Can’t pick her let’s give us a ski cart So you can pick your icons but you can’t Pick here no wait what pick your friends And you can pick your nose you can’t Pick your friends nose there you go Eggwin

Okay so here’s all the headlines dr. Jim Sent me over we’ve got how do you grieve Your fine lines wrinkles on Sunday out Surgery think it’s all good but trying To start this one’s over yeah I like it That is nice I like my height with fine Lines wrinkles seven days and I’m Forever either cleave on the market Quotes interesting I love I love me some Quotes so quotes on headlines that’s That make people think that they’re real Like it’s a real quote or something Interesting almost always use a quote on Headline separate expert stickers I Didn’t why don’t I do it there that was A phone hacking Beachbody they didn’t Run there so I was like I want copy 50 Hey I also know so each body even they Have a special offer on their button – Yeah I still left remember yeah yeah we Do phone friends up so that those who Are not from Fry’s we did a funnel University newsletter about this but I Final hack the colors from Beachbody if I’m like the text on the button like Beachbody are there I met their Analytics and testing team they’re Amazing so it’s like they’re good people To come back and watched split test like Crazy like crazy then where’s the G Sigma motox one um the one didn’t have Botox in it but on where it says risking Dangerous cosmetic surgery or Botox it’s The last one any any of them that say

Avoid dangerous cosmetic surgery or Botox you can just grab it you can just Add it these Botox Actually I’m guessing yeah it’s not a Weighted um make that orange listen Clarice orange here by the way okay well I’m doing this want to brag about Someone so we’ve got a fifteen year old In our fall axe community to last month Filled an event with clickfunnels spoke At the event and so five hundred Thousand dollars stuff fifteen-year-old Kid What fifteen-year-old kid so yeah if you Have any excuses about just time to get Rid of them start using quick follow the Bottle strips to sell stuff that wasn’t Caleb something wasn’t Kayla guys Another guy from Australia um anyway He’s been sending my kids gifts which is Kind of funny sent us I kids fidget Spinner send these little remote-control Helicopters we crashed many times last Night they’re really fun anyway um Caleb Getting cables gaining on a million Bucks so – yeah he’s getting close to Comma clove okay catch him – here make This one we’re gonna wrinkle from inside Out that you’re worried about you just Sir try all of you o youth at at this Exclusive one time ago that’s awesome I’m good I just already needs to Obviously design leads me to be cleaned Up a little bit was gonna need some

Stuff happening to you’re adding in like The other text but that’s not worth my Name is fifty seconds folks on that so We’re getting closer saving this name Will preview see looks like oops pretty Too fast to create a swift o with all Some Facebook tips If you got it all right on me can I Throw something out at you I do one thing the audio of the YouTube Video is really quiet really just crank Up the heat and that’s when Jin yell and Blew my speakers so one thing let’s do Any prank of the back to you Jim Well I was just going to say I was um Today and for the last a long time I’ve Been working on converting the scripts In experts secrets into funnel scripts And will start releasing those in June But today I’m putting the finishing Touches on the five curiosity hooks Scripts and interestingly enough I just For grins started entering this stuff in And I came up with I didn’t know if you Could use this or not but um as you guys Know who’ve read the book there are five Curiosity hooks you can use so I just Want to throw these out there’s this Little thing lo manthang called Apple stem so apple stem cell hardly Anybody’s talking about it but when you Learn it and use it you’ll see a huge Difference in your ability to gain a Youthful appearance and how fast you can

Get rid of fine lines and wrinkles I Don’t know if any of these would be copy That you could use in there that’s Amazing in do this awesome usual that’s Morning it’s good you know um everyone’s Talking about gaining a youthful Appearance right we all know that you Should never use harsh chemicals on your Skin but what almost nobody understands About gaining a youthful appearance is The concept of Apple stem cells or apple Stem so I would say Apple here let me Change that apple stem cell technology Uh where is it where the trade yesterday People call supplements technology I Know they view it as a good thing but I Was like yeah all Jake computers like They don’t or they always they don’t Judge I just write the copy though um no Technology I’m like oh yeah so I had These but here’s another one here’s Another just one are you trying to get Rid of fine lines and wrinkles but Finding that getting Botox injections is Just too much to handle do you start Fresh every Monday fail and then bout to Start again with same old um you know Like that one no no see you luggage is Good the getting useful appearances Content Apple stem cell technology it’s not Getting Botox injections that helps you Get rid of fine lines and wrinkles it’s Using new proven cosmetics technology

And that can happen even if you can’t Stop using over-the-counter cosmetics as Long as you’re using a proven skin cream That works from the inside out my work You guys aren’t that excited about is Like oh that tank that one yeah I was Focused about Stephen G get excited or Not um no what did you manage to but oh That’s what we buy the fruit can I give Everyone a teaching lesson right now Actually please come this so we can get On both cameras and so on okay a lot of Times we think that our opinion matters And guess what you guys it doesn’t but One thing that matters and even few Surveys like a survey and like everyone Likes this local better this page but Whatever only thing that actually Matters is how people vote with their Wallet that’s it only thing that matters In this world the marketplace does not Care about you your feelings doesn’t Care about any of the rest of it they Don’t care only they care about the only You should care about is that people Vote with their wallets well I feel bad Now because Stephen isn’t gonna vote With his wallet buying my cosmetics Thanks Damon that’s true though you Gotta come that’s what an idea is likely To go I bet so many times like we I Don’t do much client work anymore but There’s a couple of situations we have Recently on some stuff for trade and

It’s like they’re all well the client Doesn’t like this or oh the whatever I Was like like what we did we feel like It’s kind of scandi what you guys are Doing a like scam me like what asking People to give you money and they are Like it’s the only thing that matters is That the customer votes with his wallet Only the only thing that matters like And they’re happy and don’t refund and Buy more that’s the final vote that’s it So that’s how you know you’re doing a Good driver election in the final like And this is the special deal always Going on where you give them product and Then they give you money This look is good I think I mean there’s This little men think Apple stem cell technology hardly Anybody’s talking about it but when you Learn it and use it you’ll see a huge Difference in your ability to gain and Keep a youthful appearance and how fast You can get rid of those fine lines and Wrinkles to me that’s a hell of a hook It is good now what I would say from a Coaching standpoint for us for our Friends were clowns funnel so in this Video here like that’s where you’re Using the totes we just talking about The hook of it like I would rake a video Around that hook so does that make sense So this interfere like hey guys what you Tell you about my new Apple type

Technology and that’s that’s where this Videos hooked on that couple of these Oz Video um the lighting sucks and the lady I’m sure is beautiful but the lighting Makes it look like she’s a dr. Seuss Character and that’s killing your sails Right up front there you go the lighting Stamp wait um do it in a room where There’s a window across from you and so The light is coming in onto your face That’ll make your eyes light up and in The room um like that’s whenever we film Always like right now this is the worst That note sunlight but in a perfect World I have sunlight coming at me from From window number two is the audios Really that like either crank it up to Be able to hear it and that’s when Jim Blew my speakers so getting a microphone Or something like that uh personally how To remove the controls – I don’t like This should go see how long it is our Play and go back Forrest remove the bar And yeah cuz you have all these like Really cool things like uh like I really Like this picture here is really good You know the proof stuff like a lot of Good things like this it looks really Classy they come here it looks dark and And this part isn’t congruent with the Rest of the sty on the brand those kind Of things so the background just seems Real dark – it doesn’t it doesn’t feel Light and airy and youthful yeah it

Feels dark and Mausoleum ish yeah if I Sell skin cam identify like a doctor’s Office and they look I like that like a White sterile like I guess I’m gonna Dentists think I feel something real Quick in the side room or it our on a Lab coat yep in a lab coat or just Something the more Thor Like that yeah yeah be careful with the Lab coat thing yeah wear these all the Time all right the things look a lot Better it’s not it’s not done yet it’s Not perfect and the other thing for Something like this and you can tell me If I’m wrong or not in your opinion but European custom testimonials and Before-and-afters and pictures like that Or what sell this kind of thing it’s It’s the same as demoing software or a Chainsaw you you got to show the result That people want to get in pictures so That they can see not read that it’s Going to help ya before and after like I Was looking um skin cream before and After I love Google even just by the way Use all the time but like yeah you People want these kind of pictures like What and you notice how those are lit And all the other stuff they do you know First they look terrible in the next it Looks like they’re in glamor shots Your eyes are really green like that no And it’s fine it’s the exact same image They just together freckles it looks of

The exact same I was picking that out Food at you anyway they add more before Natura specially like bags of eyes River I gotta finds people who get those so I Didn’t hear somebody the way I think the Way to do it before and after for a Weight loss product is to start with a Skinny person take that picture and then Feed them a bunch of cheeseburgers and Then take their picture and then switch Them she was actually interesting Finding which is totally unethical and That’s how they used to do really lady Though uh yeah um see it was a body for Like 20 for life I think so the answer These ads in the 90s were amazing I used To have the actual ad anyway was amazing I called the company to figure out if we Could like license it from him they said That the way they did is they had Someone who basically was a 12-week Transformation and they had that person I’ve started ripped it in 12 weeks game The way and they Because it was anyway it’s crazy that’s Amazing maybe s illegal is probably Legal now but then they didn’t they I Was different so so it needs it Definitely needs to lighten up that Background and and this what we’re Saying here all this stuff that’s above That offer applies whether you were Doing a free plus shipping or you were Doing it trying to close the sale or

Anything all it’s the exact same sales Message would you not agree I agree Whether this whether he’s trying to sell Five jars at a time or doing a ship free Plus shipping and then upselling on more Jars on the next page it doesn’t matter You’ve still got to make the same kind Of a sales presentation yeah something I Hope we ever understand is what jr. said Is dead-on like this because the Concepts process is the same no matter What you’re selling is that one that Cleared after he sounds like so not say Work these to be cropped attitude and a Lot of Juliet clear picture all right so I just made bit there’s there’s this Submenu anyway that’s pretty good Jim I Think I think this is a good makeover For for art for a day sit for thirty Minutes Yeah I’d say let’s get you on the he Says I’m taking notes Russell and Jim Thanks again this is awesome cool things I would look at is I would get a video He could be redone using the hook that Just gave you on from the new look what He call it hook generate or what’s the Name for it here curiosity everything I Five curiosity hooks from up between Pages seventy and seventy three in the Expert secrets book we are we are camera Right there There they are page 73 if you have your Book okay go to expertise lock on slash

Gins that right yeah that’s my link yeah Bye-bye-bye so I can get a suit that it Would number two is that I would I would Put a lot of stuff between this video on The order form because you’re not Something free plus shipping or you’re Someone like straight sale so you need More stuff more copy to justify the Sales let me put These things in between there and I Would probably drop this down towards The bottom look at organifi organifi is Doing a model for mike some of the lady Talked about benefits talk about Ingredients look how bright that is – It’s bright and cheerful not dark and Holy crap is this mech is this makeup For like Undertaker’s yeah make it four Corner anyway so make that green juice Stuff you take organifi yeah I love We’re ganna fighting that’s my favorite Twice once more listen a it’s picture Look good makes more like make sure you Get something nice we have like a Thousand little motivational speakers Running through my body oh yeah there’s Your kinda leg bridge all right very Cool you guys hope you guys enjoyed that This was um was this episode hit my Phone those was my home sucks Help my final sucks that’s right so Hopefully I was helpful to you guys um Stop screen sharing which camera we all Go in this one okay focus fun few guys

Guess my days and show you guys what we Do and we’re looking for like what we’re Looking for when we’re fixing finals Thing funnels things like that but the Cool thing about you guys is I mean it’s Fun of Manabi Salomon book tour for the Last three weeks talking about this and Lucky last got funnels and things but Gold cost if we talk about if I can live It through I was like you’re one funnel Way is such a true thing like um you Keep doing it in iterating and trying Testing like you never knows one is Going to hit um but like when it does Hit it it was worth it makes all the Other 13 14 15 fail failures like worth It right and what’s cool about click Funnels the funnel scripts you can fail Really really quickly we used to take us Three months ago the funnel so we had One shot every quarter to fail and so That’s why like we get one or two Successes a year who were lucky if we’re Bad at 50% if we weren’t and it was like One success year where nowadays you can Do it often I think I’ve told the story Came in front here not but Trey Llewellyn who’s right now currently the Number one money earner decide click Funnels people are gaining on him but He’s number one right now we first got It clicked on us he was like I’m gonna Build a funnel every single week and Then he started doing that and week

Number one it didn’t do that good with Number two is okay with number three was Okay before we had a little win number Five him doing it in eight months in Boom we hit this one Then I’m doing over eight figures in Like six weeks so you never know what’s Going to be and only to find out if I do A bunch of them so just keep doing it Don’t give up don’t go good work um one Of the interviews I did I told the story When I first got started I was listen to Brian Tracy talk and he was talking I Was watching he was watching some TV Show they had like 12 million no tech Millionaires up on this panel and the Host asked like how many times Jays have To fail before he’s major millions and They’re right I don’t know it’s because Commercial everyone tallied it up they Did the math and came back and said the Average person on stage here failed 12 Times before they were successful then Brian Tracy came back because if you Just think it was because like on the 12th time they got lucky they rolled the Dice and proclaims like oh sweet we Finally got it or do you think it was Like they didn’t once it failed like That that that doesn’t work and so they Shifted they tried to get it fail and Fail and fail and after 12 times they Kind of figured out all the ways it Didn’t work eventually like you can’t

Help but actually succeed right it’s Like Edison he was like it took him Which I think he stole from Tesla who Knows for really know the wrong thing But um both Edison right he said like You designed a light bulb and they’re Right oh you failed 3,000 times they Know I just gotta figure out three Thousand ways not to vote light bulb and This was the one that actually this was The right way to make it if you shift Your thinking to that then it’s not like I did work just like look this is my Test my test my test and used to do to You one funnel Wayne and when one hits Game over you make more money in one Week from a good funnel than most people Making a lot kind of hard work so that’s Exciting that was that’s like I did I’m Done well I That was quite inspirational I was I was Just sitting here wondering if there was Something I could add and my little Internal voice was saying you know the Boys on a roll don’t say anything that’s Why I was quiet I just I I would just Echo everything you said and absolutely The the one thing I would add also is That that doesn’t mean that you give up On the funnel that you’re working on too Because just because you you know if You’ve got something you know you got a Market you know you got a product if the Funnel you put out there the first one

You put out doesn’t work you don’t say Oh this sucks this market sucks its Product sucks let’s go do something else You say okay let me put on a new funnel Let me tweak this headline let me try a New video let me try a different look Try it again okay did we do a little Better did we do a little worse so it’s It’s not abandoning the funnel it’s it’s Using different copy using a different Approach using a different hook trying Different things to make it Incrementally better and better and Better Didn’t you tell the story of the of the Supplement funnel then there so funnel That you guys tried that what six seven Eight nine ten times before it actually Hit and then all of a sudden it turned And you have this big warehouse tell That story real quick well so it’s a Great illustration of the point I was Making This is totally that’s what happened we Over again and then I’m working the Finally we we funnel hacked rev3 funnels Uh which said okie really example course On supplements is great but you funnel My kids we launched it and we said on Email that we bought a solo ad in the Morning I got the office like in nine O’clock in the morning I walked in and Brent’s eyes baki out like this big I Was like how’s it going he’s like we

Doubled over a Mike we doubled over Already He’s 10 o’clock in the morning like I Know and by like by that night we don’t Work triple over on her absolutely Please we spent like 3 grand on the Admin made 9000 which in my world it’s Like oh my gosh like stop the presses Let’s go and he said let’s go spend 10 Grand Let’s go spend a hundred grand if we can Do that yeah it’s this exciting um I had A friend he passed away recently but as In spread Katonah who’s a brilliant Harvard he I did go to radio campaigns He was one of the built the did the Original on radio campaign with what’s The William Shatner guy um Priceline uh-huh we did the original Priceline the end of doing multi billion Dollars in sales He’s another radio as he told me is like We were working on a radio campaign you Say this is how the process will work I’m going to do the process right it Creative run them out and then I was Done you get one or two phone calls from Ones that say hey we need to fix the Creative or number choosing it I’m Basically call you and tell you that That you’re rich and he’s like is the Works like we can scale us in that crazy I’ll know instantly and it’s how this Sometimes it’s fun listening we were

Talking yesterday with them doing a Winter who kills one of my partners Click on Twitter’s twin brother and we Were talking about we launched the click Funnels and how first like fires has Launched efforts they totally And I was like so frustrated and then um Michaelson invited me to speak at one of His events so they were streaming event Live online so I’m watching the event at My house I’m working my PowerPoint slide What ended becoming the funnel ax Webinar and I’m watching thing flew out There we did the webinar we did the Presentation in post 35% of room and That night at dinner I looked over Dillon Todd and said hey guess what guys Like what am I we’re gonna be rich like What do you mean I’m like like we only Got it was like it was like 200 people Michael made you know whatever that was Which was good I was like no dude people Were in the bathroom like this is like It’s over hit it and then that night I Was texting everybody I knew like you Guys game over like it’s on and then the Webinar started and game over so you Have it when you get the one that were In fact three cool stores there’s a book Where my favorite books called the 12 Month millionaire and in there there’s a Chapter that Vince James wrote it is Called what what it’s like when when These things blows up

He tells the story he edit supplement That went from zero to 100 million Dollars in 23 months he tell us the Story about like what it was like it It’s like coolest in the world so just Know it that’s what I mean not that it Has to blow past to make a hundred Million whatever but like you stick in This game you keep playing it you can’t Help him get better and better each week I might not be this week I’m out this Year might be truth a who knows witty One little hip if you’re consistent you Study you learn you focus on these Things and you just kind of keep doing It like when that thing hits like know How I said it one time he said uh Probably younger you know however is a Shame he’s uh one of the legends but he Said it what I’ve said that that one Idea you have while walking on the beach Properly exploited is worth more than Ten lifetimes hard work not so this is About like you one funnel it hits like You’ll make more money in one funnel Then then you can make in ten lifetimes Hard work and that’s that’s the essence You don’t know you don’t know which one It’s gonna be and it probably won’t be The one you think it’s going to be it’ll Be the one that you have as a side idea I mean the the funnel that made me rich Was mini-site creator that was the one That changed everything on the Russell

Block for his dad and I mean that was The one that just changed everything and That was an idea that came out of a Quick conversation with my wife Of inspiration to buy a domain name and Then me saying hey let’s teach a class Because I needed to make the money to Pay my assistant I wanted to have enough Money in the bank to pay her for a year Before I bought brought her on full-time And I sold the the entire first class Out in 45 minutes I launched a sales Letter and went to eat at a Mexican Restaurant came home an hour and a half Later and we’d already sold everything Out and I said holy crap this is the one And went on to do at the time we did Like five five million dollars which was Mean back then that was a lot I mean That was a big deal all right so now There’s a lot of money man right so I Mean that’s listen yes but that was the Way my wife always you know that was my Idea right yes dear um but it’s just you Don’t know which one it’s gonna be you Really don’t That’s so train who’s his funnel wheat Was funny because he did a flashlight Funnel it didn’t work and he had a whole Closet full flashlights and then he was Moving offices or something and they had Any others flashlights so he told his Guys as I throw up a flashlight phones Just like liquidated slash lights and

That was one two did 20 plus million Bucks if it was the second version of Flashlight funnel on the inventory that They were about to put away that thought Was just throw it up so it’s crazy crazy Okay hopefully obviously excited anyway We’re going to be guided know oh yeah Anyway Jim thanks man I appreciate that Fun one today appreciate you and all Your effort and she has know he’s killed And going through this book extra Sneakers calm slash in and turning all These things into funnel scripts for you Guys which is awesome so you don’t Photoshop here just like they don’t have It yet they must hate money because we Watch legislation you have yet if you Hate money so and for those of you are Going to start screaming where can I get That script where the expert secrets Goes where where where where where like A gerbil that just sucked down an entire You know bottle of freeze-dried Sanka They’re not making those passes like Losing That one got away from there not in that One got away from me but never but They’re not in there yet they’ll be Coming towards the middle of end of June However when you do claim your copy of Expert secrets com forward slash Jim um You will receive access to the Epiphany Bridge script which is pretty amazing That’s already done and you can get

Access to that so but I’m now I’m Turning them all into scripts working Very hard 12 hours a day doing this and We’re going to have them done by the end Of June so Wow if not before And then Russell’s going to be like hey Jim you need to come out to Boise and We’re going to make some videos and do Some other things and I’ll be like ok I’ll come you’ve got a gun range out There probably bring yours bring you Home actually I bought three guns after Obama got elected I don’t want to shoot I got him so there you go we can liven Up your neighborhood you can figure that Out it doesn’t take long Go Go man they So much everything makes you guys for Hanging out with us today on Twitter on YouTube wait YouTube on Facebook and I’m Connor Frye’s comm if you’re not coming they’re All past episodes in their photo Friday’s calm and I’ll pass archive Share funnels for most of the absolutely Gunner there and you can see all the Funny things and in fact Oh here’s the update last week we did a Our Birds W reading funnel as of today Is the highest EPC farmer I have ever Created in history my life and one cold Facebook ad traffic mess last night you Would never see somebody’s are up cells Converting it like 20 to 20 percent 90 Percent nuts um six just number see is

If you go to W recom and look at it Sixty-three percent of people are Because it’s invisible photos the Consummate visible photos that you put Your credit card in than you pay after The class if you like it then there’s a Prepay auction you save 20 bucks 63 Percent of people are prepaid which Makes the numbers insane and in the Episodes converting 25 percent and However to deliver an amazing class Shows you watched last week you Office I’m going for five hours and it’s All in the members area now you miss it You still go get it and just watch this Weekend you w reading on your own time But yeah funnel is is Rada cake is that A k64 funnel scripts in Sweden economy Minute yeah actually really good yeah it Really gives your funnel no but we Didn’t do the a/b split tested weed Because we knew that that copy was gonna Be better so we’re like ah the hell with It we know it’s gonna be better it can’t Be better Worse that is awesome news I’m really Pleased to hear that cuz he’s a cool Dude and everybody needs to go pick up That course and what’s the what’s the URL again Russell W reading at home so If you wanna see last week when we built That one out and see some matrices what We didn’t why we did it it said from Friday’s dot-com you go watch that

Episode as well hmm Awesome sweet alright well thanks Jim They said ready see ya soon

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