We FORCED them to watch 2 videos and this happened

People who spend the most money with us And stay with us the longest are the Ones who are the most pre-sold and Coming to us and so what we did was he Injected multiple long-form pieces of Content into the sales process itself so We'd Force everybody to consume two long Form pieces of content to make them just Like the people who spend the most money And stayed the longest on top of that we Started outputting more content specific To the struggles that they said in the Surveys so each of those pain points we Started making much more content around Solving each of those things and so that Gave my sales team a sales or value Cheat sheet that they could give to Customers to consume so that we could be Even more laser targeted and showing our Expertise that we really knew how to Solve their problems if you have to sell Really hard it's the result of poor Branding you don't have enough Goodwill You haven't provided enough value in Advance and so the easiest thing to sell More is provide more value before you Ask and this way you can manufacture That Goodwill

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