We got married after 9 months

And then we called the church and we're Like hey can you marry us and they're Like are you sure this is really fast With Layla I had just gotten out of Like A Five-Year Engagement and so I was just Not really even digging marriage in General we started hanging out and the Next day I woke up and was like Hey I'm Working all day if you want to like work Next to me cut this guy's odd and so we Pretty much hung out every day after That nine-ish months in the team started Getting worried because the companies Were really fast what happens if you Guys break up and I was like we're not Gonna break up it's fine like why would We break up they were like that's not Good enough for us and so I went to her And I was like I think we should get Married and she said yeah that sounds Good then we went to the store got a Ring and then came back like 45 minutes Later and then we called the church and We're like hey can you marry us six days Later we got married in the back of a Church with no one there and then we Told our friends and family after we got Married hey by the way we got engaged And they were like hey that's so amazing And we also got married and then they Were horrified

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