Web design is dying… here’s what’s coming

I'm gonna be honest with you I'm nervous About our jobs as web designers with all These new AI tools I'm not really sure Where we're going to be in the next two To three years and if we don't play our Cards right we might be out of a job and So my hope is that by the end of this Video you have the information that you Need to survive this Rush of AI and Potentially even thrive in it and have a Better career because of it so let's Talk about it so the past couple of days I've done a lot of research I've read a Lot of Articles I've watched a lot of Videos and I've spent a lot of time Working with these different AI tools And a lot of the research that I've done Has led me to be pretty nervous about The future of my career as a web Designer as an agency owner as a Marketer because so many of the things That I do right now can already be done By AI in fact this article that I found In Business Insider stated that some of The jobs that are going to be first on The chopping block to go are these Different tech jobs media jobs and Design jobs and so we've got to talk About what we can do to not lose our Jobs to artificial intelligence but even More importantly what this is going to Mean for our industry because things are Never going to look the same we can't Continue to do what we're doing right

Now and expect to not be negatively Affected by all of this new intelligence And we've been able to see the the DraStic improvements in these Technologies just off of the recent Videos that have been posted right we Are seeing designers come up with Mock-ups instantly using different Styles and color palettes and graphics And imagery and it's a little bit Overwhelming how much AI can already do But luckily for us it doesn't do our job Perfectly just yet right there's still Some Hang-Ups there are a lot of people That have no clue what even to ask these Tools in order to get it to design and Develop a good website but you're crazy If you don't think that this is going to Change in in the very near future right AI is is progressing so quickly that we Need to be prepared for this change in Our industry probably within the next Couple of months now it's funny to me to Think about how far technology has come Because just 15 years ago I was having To unplug my house phone and plug in my Computer to get dial-up internet to run And 20 minutes later I could be surfing The internet albeit I was waiting for Probably 30 to 45 seconds for every Single page to load so it was it was That not too long ago and now look where We're at we have these sentient Computers that are thinking for

Themselves and learning and passing the Bar exam and the fact that we're here Right now means that it's only going to Be that much more drastic and how Quickly it advances because it's Teaching itself now I want to rewind Back to 1985. some of you may not have Been born then I wasn't born yet but There was a massive shift in technology Back in 1985 in the form of something Called Microsoft Excel and so I want you To imagine that you were in accounting And finance back in 1985 let's just say For the sake of this example that bill The accountant is running an accounting Firm back in 1985. and he catches wind This new technology that can do his job A thousand times faster it's a Spreadsheet that is automated and it can Predict the outcomes of different things And it can run all of your numbers and You can move numbers around and write Numbers and run calculations and do Everything Instantaneously and up to this point Poor Bill had been writing these things Out on a sketch pad manually and you can Imagine that if your bill you're nervous About this new technology and you're Thinking man what is my job going to Look like once everybody catches wind of This new technology and starts to use it Is there even going to be a need for me As build the account accountant but

Instead of panicking and deciding that Bill doesn't want to be an accountant Anymore and deciding that maybe I'll go Back to med school because they're Always going to need doctors Bill Decides that he is going to take hold of This new technology he's going to learn It he's going to master it and then Utilize it to become better at his job And so before this huge rush of Microsoft Excel let's just say that Bill Had a handful of 10 big clients that Were taking up all of his time and he Had a very stressful life but now after Implementing Microsoft Excel into his Business he's able to manage thousands Of clients and even better is he only Works three days a week because Excel Does all of the heavy lifting for him And I feel like this is very applicable To us now because we are the Bill of 2023 and we're sitting here seeing this New technology that could potentially Take our job but instead of rolling over And losing our jobs to computers what we Need to do is we need to adjust and find A way to utilize this technology in our Jobs and we're going to be better Because of it because just like Microsoft Excel they're going to be People that don't want to learn how to Utilize AI to design and develop their Website and so we are going to become The experts at this and while it might

Change the way that our day-to-day work Looks we still can be the experts and in A lot of ways we could even charge more And be more valuable to people because Things are getting more complex so now I Want to talk about what it is that AI Does better than you as of right now and How you can utilize these skills to make Your job easier and so I made a list of These we already know that AI can spit Out mock-ups in a matter of seconds so Why are you going to go and design Multiple mock-ups with different color Palettes and styles when AI can do this Instantaneously AI is also able to Iterate a lot faster and make changes And updates and so again don't waste Your own time doing things that can be Automated the other thing that AI can do Is it can code and while I do feel like This is in the early stages we're not Too far off from you being able to Submit a design and having AI develop This in perfect code and so be aware of That and utilize that capability rather Than trying to code on your own I Thought just a few years ago that the Most important skill I could teach my Children was to code but honestly There's going to be no need for that Because AI is going to do all of the Coding for us there's going to be no Manual coding within the next few years And so understanding that and utilizing

That can be a huge benefit to you the Other thing that AI can do is check Analytical data and work accordingly so Basically AI is going to be able to look At the behavior of millions and even Billions of users and see what works What doesn't what people click on what They don't like to see what bounce rates Are and AI is going to be able to adjust Your designs accordingly and make sure That your website is 100 optimized and This is an incredible capability because Now rather than us just having to guess What works as a designer AI is going to Show us exactly what works and and so we Need to utilize this because other People are going to be utilizing this Technology and if we don't we're going To fall way behind now along that same Vein AI is also going to be able to Search millions of other websites and It's going to be able to tell what's Working and what's not and what your Competitors are doing and we need to Leverage this knowledge and information Because now rather than you going Manually and checking a few different Competitor websites or different Websites in a specific industry and then Kind of picking and choosing what you Think works AI is going to show you Exactly what needs to be done and aside From all of these very very valuable Skills AI is going to be able to do this

For virtually free yes some of these Tools have a low monthly fee but at the End of the day people are going to see This as much cheaper to do themselves Than hiring you as a designer and yes it Is going to be much more complex and Most people aren't going to want to Hassle with it but we have to understand That AI can do this for virtually free And so rather than letting our clients Go and do it for free themselves we need To find a way to do it for free on our End for us and make our jobs way easier Imagine if you could take half of your Workload and Outsource it to someone Else that can do it faster than you Probably better than you and you don't Have to pay them and that's virtually What AI is going to be for your business Now in a few of the other articles that I read there were a few points that I Feel like were really really critical to The way that we see AI as designers and Also the way that we utilize it moving Forward and one of the most powerful Phrases that I found was in this article Where it says you are going to go from Being a Creator to a curator and a Curator I think of somebody that works At an Art Exhibit or an art museum and They're curating only the best pieces to Put together and create the perfect Experience and that's exactly what we're Going to become as designers we're no

Longer going to be down in the weeds Designing different mock-ups and and Actually doing the work but instead We're going to become a curator we're Going to move up in the food chain and Start picking and choosing the different Pieces of work that AI creates and Packaging it together into the perfect Solution and product for our clients and So you have to get away from the mindset Of being on the front lines and actually Being a service provider and instead You're going to be a service curator the Other quote that I really liked is where It said AI will become a design partner And design process will be a co-creation Of AI and humans the design process will Be more or less automated by AI Companies will hire people like you who Are good at formulating the queries for An AI engine or prompts and be able to Fine-tune the outcome created by the Machine so again you are going to be the One pulling the strings of this AI You're going to be the one managing the Projects working with the clients but AI Is going to be for a lack of better Terms your co-partner your co-creator Your co-designer and if you can build Your business and if you can learn to Work in this way you your job is going To be way easier and the final quote That I found that I think really opened My eyes to what is coming for us as

Designers it was where it said that this Is not a revolution against designers But instead it's the evolution of Design This is the direction that design is Going this is not a trend this is not a Fad in some way shape or form AI is Going to drastically change our jobs as Designers as developers as business Owners and we need to understand that we Need to accept that and then we need to Catch this wave and write it now I want To take you back in time one more time We're going to go back to the early 2000s I want you to imagine being a Developer in particular developing Websites and I want you to imagine the First time you heard of a tool called WordPress yes there were other tools out There that made designing and developing Websites easier but WordPress changed The game and I know that there were a Lot of developers thinking oh geez if People start using this I'm going to be Out of a job people know no longer need A developer to develop websites because They can do it on their own but what We've seen over time is people don't Want to learn WordPress and so those Developers just made a slight adjustment And became WordPress developers and Before you knew it people were still Paying the same amount for development But these developers were doing it in a Fraction a sliver of the time because

They were just using WordPress and I Think this is another great example of How us as designers developers people in Tech can just catch the new wave catch The new tools learn how to use them Master them and it's only going to make Our life easier it's not going to make Our life more miserable it's not going To still our job but it's going to be Just the next step in the evolution of a Designer so the final question that we Have to ask is what do you need to do Now we've talked about a lot of exciting And scary things but what do you need to Do starting today in order to make sure That AI doesn't kill your job and so I Put down three things that are going to Help you and I promise you that if you You do these things you are going to be In a much better position just a few Years from now so the first thing is you Should already be exploring these AI Tools tools like chat GPT and Mid-journey and Dolly you should already Understand at the most basic level how These tools work and how they're Progressing because again things are Moving so quickly and in the next couple Months they're going to be huge huge Updates and huge improvements in the way That these things can design and develop And so you should already understand how To use them you don't want to be behind When it comes to understanding how AI

Works the second thing that you need to Do is find some way to make AI part of Your process even if it slows you down Right now even if it's not the most Effective way to work you need to start Integrating AI into your process because It's going to get you used to how things Work with this co-designer and so Whether it is helping you with content Whether it's helping you with layout Ideas or maybe you just plug in a few Ideas and see if AI can come up with a Few mock-ups that catch your attention That you might want to implement in your Designs no matter what you choose to do In some small way you should already be Integrating AI into your design process And the last thing that you need to do Is you need to start preparing for this Shift right now and the best way to do This is yes you want to continue to Focus on your design skills but you need To start cultivating other skills that Are going to support you in this Transition and in this Evolution other Skills like management and communication And understanding how no code and AI Tools work and just general problem Solving and thinking on your feet these Are the types of things that AI is not Going to replace at least not anytime Soon and so if you can develop these Skills it is going to make you an Absolute asset in any situation with any

Client in any project and so work on These skills starting today now with all Of this said I'm still nervous about These changes I'm still nervous about AI I don't know if things are going to look Like for us in five years I don't know What things are going to look like for My kids but what I do know is the best Thing that we can do is prepare for it Learn how to use these tools and Hopefully rather than being out of a job 10 years from now you and I will be Sitting on a beach somewhere as AI runs Our businesses and we're going to be Living a very happy and relaxed life so Thanks for watching this video and we'll Catch you in the next one

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