Web designers make THIS mistake all the time 🤦 #webdesign

As web designers sometimes we get a Little too artsy and we're too focused On creating this whole journey and Experience with the websites that we Design and while this is really cool and It might wow other designers the fact of The matter is this just doesn't work in Terms of conversions and what your Clients are looking to get out of your Website so instead of trying to take People through this big long journey and Experience just give them what they want Make the call to action as obvious as Possible if this is a portfolio site Show them your work right off the bat People should not have to scroll Multiple times to find exactly what it Is that they're looking for if they're Looking for pricing show it right away If they're looking for what it is you Offer show it right away and by doing This they're going to have the Experience that they're looking for Which is short sweet and to the point

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