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Pre-covet everybody worked in the office All the funnel Builders and copyrighters Were in that office here in Boise it was Amazing and covered it and everyone Started working from home now started Moving different places exotically Around the country now it's harder to Get stuff done where we want to so this Week we decided to have all the Copywriters funnel Builders designers All fly to Boise because right now we Are working on a whole bunch of Campaigns to get all of our funnels Migrated from click funnels 1.0 over Into click funnels 2.0 while we're Making the migration we're also taking These funnels and trying to make them go From good to great and a lot of you guys Who have click funnels 2.0 or like I Move my funnels over do I not what Happens we're a spot now we're like We're so proud of 2.0 we're so happy With all the features that now we are Starting to migrate all of our funnels Our book funnels our challenge funnels Like everything from one point or 2.0 Looking at them what tweaks and changes Can we make to make them even better and Get them to convert higher and then Relaunching each funnel on the new Platform so that's the game plan what's Happening this week

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