What ANY ENTREPRENEUR can learn from Sam Ovens

So here's why some moments changed my Life twice the first time a few years Ago when I started my business he taught Me the power of building products and Services that people actually love and They you know recommend other people and Creating this word of mouth flywheel and Then the second time was last week when He uploaded a video something of going All in so I want to talk about these Things because there's principles and Lessons that you can apply in any Business you have but you're building Funnels for yourself or if you're Building your own business selling your Own Services products Consulting events Software all these things one of the Things he uploaded in the video is like This this visual this graphic of like When you try to do 10 different things You sort of grow a little bit to all Pieces but then you're being pulled back Into the circle to the middle because You're trying to go both directions you Can to literally just stay stuck in the Middle versus having one thing that you Go after and you just build momentum Towards that and everyone on your team And if you're alone and you're Solopreneur every single hour of your Day is focused on building that one Thing and going straight forward towards That one specific goal is your North Star and that's what you're aiming for

So I watched the video and I'm like this Is interesting he canceled his Mastermind and refunded coaching clients He sold consulting.com which is a huge Brand and then he also canceled his Podcast which he only had three episodes And had this like vision and promised to Other people like Hey we're gonna do This and here's the plan and one of the Things with entrepreneurs is this mind Game of hey I said we're gonna do this So now I can't really change and pivot But sometimes when you have like new Data sets and new data points you gotta Make new decisions based on those Rightly you gotta realign and refocus And then go fall in you know all in on That specific business and make that Decision go that direction so for me I Noticed that I was in a little bit of a Similar space I can't complain I have a Funnel agency I have a coaching business I have a course business I have we just Literally right now updated the Certification program I have a Marketplace for that you know ffd course And so we have like all these micro Brands within that but I noticed that I'm a little bit scattered in terms of Focus and that could be growing pains That could be you know sort of a Sprint To build out the team and sort of step Out of that role which I'm doing right Now and there's a learning curve there's

A transition period for sure but one of The things that I learned from him was When he would build this software it's Called school.com it's a community Course platform with gamification so It's new it's different and people like It but then he would also have the Podcast they would notice that he's not Fully focused on building school if he's Also doing podcasts and some of you Might be doing 10 different things and think what like That doesn't make any sense like of Course you can do both of them you can Just Outsource and all these different Things But what you notice that when he's Building the product which the products Should do the selling the product itself Should be so good that it does the Marketing and word of mouth and like Creating that you know flywheel just Like Amazon when they started they had Like the lowest prices fastest shipping Like biggest library of products and Like that created a flywheel of like now More sellers wanted to be on there lower The pricing even more and so more Logistics and you know increase the Delivery time and just this flywheel Effect took place So for him he would sit and think oh man I should have said this on the podcast I Said it should have angled it this way I

Framed it this way or introduced the Person this way and his mind became Scattered from just a few things a Podcast a software a mastermind coaching Business and he did this for three and a Half years so some of you I'm sure you Might be thinking well you can do it Even if it's hard just like do it and Like hire people and like do these Things and if you haven't had a you know 36 million or whatever his business has Done like if you haven't had that size Of a business you can't be in a place Like that but also I think it's more Important to realize what type of Personality you have or you are so for Him and I kind of see a lot of patterns With some ovens I'm a type of person who Can do a lot of things if I set my mind To it which I'm sorry you can as well But then if there's too many different Things my mind is sort of starting to React to things instead of proactively Create so if you're reacting to oh the Clients need this oh uh my certification Should be live next Monday the Marketplace you know we need to update These profiles the client needs copy for This on Tech Integrations here and like Yes you have teams and you have director Operations you have designers Copywriters like project man like all These things but still if you're trying To do too many different things there's

One thing to be somewhat successful like You might have a seven figure business And still have some time with your Family and and you might say like Struggle is a part of the business which I agree that is a part of it but when it Comes you know but it becomes like a Huge part of your day-to-day and it's Like just putting out fires you're like You gotta ask yourself am I just Unscattered or am I ambitious am I a Visionary right because sometimes you Say oh you know it comes with the Territory when you're an entrepreneur Like you just you put out fires is what You do but not necessarily not if you Focus on the one thing that's going to Get you to where you want to be in 10 Years from now and then you say Everything else has to go one thing that I noticed is like when I overthink YouTube and it has to be a specific Storyline and it has to be a specific Like Challenge and high stakes and intro Hook editing b-roll like all the things I would sit and even though we're Working on like all these different Things and funnel agency and clients and All like I would sit and think man we You know we should upload on YouTube we Could we should we should create a video Or about this and uh just recently I Built a a course funnel for a friend of Mine and I was like I wanted to document

Every single thing of it but that's a Full-time YouTuber job and I'm also Doing like product development with Funnel softwares and like I'm I'm also Doing like I'm changing the industry as A whole not just like building a funnel Here doing a template here like look at The course we have right now Fulton Funnel designer the Inner Circle Coaching program we have they go ahead And hang it and now we created the best Certificate education program where People are literally spending hours Taking the test and then they get the Badge and they get certified as a funnel Design expert a funnel Builder expert And have like offer creation we have Strategy we have copy we have design Like all these different things and you Gotta pass the test is hard But that's what people want is like the Hardest challenging part and now boom I Get the reward and I'm certified so We're gonna pair that with the Marketplace like we're doing all these Things And so I guess the lesson in this is Some ovens changed my life twice number One build something that's great that Grows on its own you know you don't see Me doing a lot of marketing and pitches And webinars and like all these things Is because I'm just helping people and Then they see the value and like I think

Selling has changed in that sense where They now just kind of want your services When they trust you and they like you And they're like okay I want to learn From this person and the second part is Like once you notice that your brain is Being scattered and you should focus on One thing but you're thinking about the Other thing then you're like okay I Think it's gonna you know actually make Sense to close that down or shut it down And just focus on building this because When we scale this everything else falls Into place and instead of having 10 Businesses doing 10 000 a month you can Just have one doing 100K per month so Hopefully that's helpful let me know What you think in the comments I'll see In the next one

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