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So there is a ton of hype and fear Around AI right now especially for Designers like you and I because we Don't know how this is going to affect Or negatively affect our careers and I Know that there's a lot of talk about How this is going to replace us and that Designers are not going to be needed and That it's a dying career and a dying Industry and so I want to talk about all Those things in this video what I'm Going to do is I'm going to lay out my Prediction for what Ai and design will Look like by the year 2025 and while a Lot of these things might seem like Guesses most of this is coming from a Lot of research and I think that if you Watch this video till the very end it's Going to be the best way for you to Prepare for these huge changes that are Coming and rather than losing your Career as a designer you could Potentially level up and take advantage Of these awesome technologies that are Coming down the pipeline so with all That said let's dive right into it so Right now I very much feel like we are Caught up in the buzz and the excitement Of AI and it's not just designers it's Literally everyone right you're seeing a New video every day about this new thing That AI can do and how it's going to Replace these jobs and how it's going to Change our lives and and it can be kind

Of a scary thing but I think us as Humans we always get caught up in this And so what I predict is that within the Next six months things are going to Start to calm down because we're going To start to actually look for practical Applications for AI and there definitely Are some right now but again I still Think that we're a few years away from Just giving AI the Reigns and saying do My whole job right we're a ways from That but also I think it's important to Acknowledge that once this Buzz dies Down it doesn't mean that AI is dead This is not a trend that's going to die Out like cryptocurrency this is Something that is going to be a constant In our jobs for the rest of our lives There's been a ton of talk about who's Going to lose their jobs to Ai and I do Think that there are a lot of of jobs That today could be replaced by AI but Us as designers I truly don't believe That we have to worry so much about that As long as you are willing to embrace Ai And start learning how it works and then Incorporating it into all of your design Work and that might be difficult right Now because AI is not quite there yet When it comes to visual things but with That said now is the time to start Learning understanding it and Incorporating it because even if it Doesn't help you right now I believe

That clients and employers are going to Want to hire designers that understand How to use Ai and can utilize it in Their processes to make them more Effective and more enjoyable to work With for those of you that refuse to Embrace AI I believe that by 2025 your Career is going to be in Jeopardy and You're going to start to get left behind And so here is what I imagine our work As designers is going to look like by The year 2025. so I want you to imagine This you've landed a new client they've Signed the contract they've paid you and Immediately they're going to get a link To a portal or some type of Questionnaire or survey and inside of This they're going to be able to just Start clicking the different sites that They like they're going to be able to Choose the colors and the Styles and the Fonts and all these different things Maybe some images and just like that Those submissions are going to get put Into an AI program and then that's going To spit out let's just say 20 different Site variations and within the matter of A couple of minutes they're going to Start seeing some visual feedback based On what they like and what type of Website they want you to design and so At this point the client's going to go In and pick Let's just say three of These that they like and they're also

Going to provide some feedback maybe They tell you you know I like these but I want to change the colors slightly Maybe I want a little bit more of an Industrial or a luxurious feel and just Like that AI is going to update those And spit out a number of different Variations again that they can choose From and so this whole initial process Of discovery and putting together ideas And finding out what the client likes And putting together an outline all of This is going to be done by Ai and so up To this point you're probably thinking Well what do they need a designer for Because AI can do all of this and the Answer to that question is they need you To guide them through this process Because if right now people don't want To learn how to use Wix to design their Own website from a template what makes You think that they're going to want to Understand how to work with AI to get it To spit out the designs and the layouts That they want and so rather than you Doing all the designing you're going to Be a curator you're basically going to Be a glorified design project manager Working with AI to spit out everything That the client needs and so if that Doesn't sound appealing to you I'm sorry But truly I believe that that's where All of this is headed now moving forward In the project AI is already going to be

Starting to work on the content it's Going to spit out content place it in This website and things are going to Start to get pieced together now the Nice part about this is this is where Your expertise comes in because the Client might know what they like right They might know the colors they want They might know generally what their Website needs but you are the expert and This is where your expertise as a design Curator comes in because you're going to Be able to guide them and tell them hey Here's why this works here's why this Doesn't here's what's going to match Your brand here's what's going to fit Your industry here's what your users or Site visitors are going to look for and This is where you're going to make the Big bucks because they're going to rely On you to start narrowing what they're Looking for and getting rid of all the Fluff that is generated by Ai and before They know it they're going to have a Near completed web design and they're Only going to be able to get to this Point with you and your expertise now The crazy thing about this part is You're going to be able to utilize AI to Know exactly what works in terms of site Conversions so up to this point for me When I have a client I'm just directing Them based on what I think works to Generate traffic and then to get that

Traffic to click on our call to action And convert whether that's a form Submission a phone call whatever that Looks like but now ai is going to be Able to research millions of different Websites and know exactly what works What makes people stay on the sites for Longer it's going to be able to check Different data points and analytics and It's going to be able to tell us and our Clients hey this design is not going to Work this one's going to convert better This is the content that needs to be put Into this home page or this Services Page and AI is going to navigate that Entire process but again it sounds easy In theory but without us to navigate That whole process curate all of these Designs these content pieces these ideas And put it together into one cohesive Project it's going to be nearly Impossible for our clients to do this Now once we go through the feedback Process and most likely AI is going to Take that feedback and be able to make Those adjustments on its own then we're Going to move move into development and Development again is something that AI Already can do I do believe that it has A little bit of time before it gets to That perfect spot where it just can take The whole project off of your plate but We're already seeing tools like webflow For example that is embracing Ai and

Finding ways to take designs and Immediately develop them and get them Ready to be published as a live Functioning website so we're going to See a lot of these tools like webflow Wix figma design and development tools That are embracing Ai and going to make It way easier because they know that AI Is the future and so if you use those Tools already I wouldn't be worried About that because if the tool you're Using is worth its weight they're going To incorporate Ai and make it easy for You to just use that in your current Process rather than you having to go out And find different tools to use now the Crazy thing about this entire process is It's going to only take days maybe a few Weeks and so it's going to be a lot Quicker and it's going to be a lot less Input on your apart and so you're going To be able to start and finish projects A lot more quickly you're going to be Able to run multiple projects a lot more Easily and again you can use AI to Manage those projects and work on your Schedules and balancing all these Different things and so it's going to be A lot easier and I think this is where The way that you charge comes in because If you're a designer right now that's Charging hourly it's going to be really Difficult to make money because projects That used to take you 50 hours are going

To take you one hour and so if people Understand that they're not going to Want to pay you very much however if you Are charging based on the value that You're providing and the final product People are still going to want to pay You just as much yes people can always Find cheaper Solutions but if you're the Best and if you're the best option and Solution for them they're still going to Pay you the same rate and you're gonna Have to work a fraction of what you used To and so if you're worried about AI Taking your job I would actually be more Excited about AI just taking your Workload and so you don't have to do Nearly as much you can still charge a Really high amount and provide a ton of Value to your clients so it's a Win-win-win and you're going to be able To scale your business a lot more Quickly now there are designers that Will stick to the old-fashioned way and There are clients that are going to want To work with a designer that does Everything manually I think there will Always be a place for that at least for The next 10 20 years and so if you want To be that type of designer that's Totally up to you but I do believe that Designers that Embrace AI into their Processes are going to become the elite They're going to be the ones that the Highest level and highest your clients

Want to work with because their Processes are super quick they're Efficient their turnaround time is going To be incredible their conversion rates On their sites are going to be way Higher and there's just no point of this Where it's going to be better to go with A manual designer over a designer that Works hand in hand with AI all right so We've talked a long time about what this Is going to look like and I hope that This has gotten you excited rather than Just discouraged to you but now the Question is okay what do I do starting Today if we're talking about what this Is going to do to me and my career in 2025 we've still got a little ways to go And so what you need to do today is stop Shrugging this off stop pretending like AI isn't going to completely change the Entire world because it is we may not Know exactly how quickly or how much It's going to change our careers and our Industry but you need to embrace it Today what I would say is start diving Into these AI tools and just messing Around you don't have to become an Expert today or even this year but you Need to start understanding how these Work how to come up with the right Prompts to get the output that you want Because these things are moving really Quickly and if you miss the wave I Guarantee that you're going to regret it

Now the last thing that I would say is Don't get discouraged don't get Overwhelmed don't fall into all of these Fear-mongering videos that other YouTubers and myself might be putting Out because these videos do really well But they feed off of our fear and I Don't think there's is anything to be Afraid of I think this is a massive Opportunity and it's something we should Be excited about and I for one am Excited to continue to put out more Content about Ai and how it's going to Help you as a designer so if you haven't Yet please be sure to click that Subscribe button down below so you don't Miss any of my future videos and if you Found any value in this video hit that Like button it would really help me out Thanks so much for watching and we'll Catch you in the next video

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