What I learned from having 500k stolen from me

I woke up one day and all the money it Was all like gone I was launching all These gyms we were filling them up and He was like dude you're leaving all this Money on the table I was like yeah I'm Leaving all this money on the table I Should be owning all these gyms that I'm Launching he's like dude you launch a New gym every month I'll staff it up and Run it and we'll just split it 50 50. I Was like cool I don't want to run him so That was the deal so I launched this gym We murdered the launch 370 something People signed up which is really big for Like a gym launch and I was like all Right man like ready to run the thing he Was like oh no I've got my location you Handled that one and I was like whoa no No this is not my game anymore and then I woke up one day and all the money it Was all like gone I was like dude with That he's like I know you've been Skimming I'm just taking my half because I know you've already taken out the Other half no I haven't so I printed out The bank statements and I was like hey Let's meet up and he was like oh I don't Want to see that that's when I knew I Had been played the crazy part is like He'd already been indicted for fraud and He was like it was a misunderstanding And I believed him I got the experience So lesson learned

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