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What makes a salesperson creepy?

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What is it that makes a salesperson Creepy and why aren't you creepy what is It that that sales is over right it's Structuring a conversation increase the Likelihood that the person who's on the Other side gives you money what does That mean when two people interact two Frames Collide there is a decision of Who's Alpha the alpha is also contextual You can be Alpha the president United States is Alpha everywhere until he goes Into a doctor's offices he tells him to Pull his ass the ability to hold the Frame for most salespeople is having a Clear agenda and controlling the Conversation which is why are we here The biggest advantage that a salesman Has is that the person that's already Said they have a problem you said you Needed help I'm here how can I help you And then from that point we have to turn The desire into a decision you say you Want these things here's the frame that I want to give you to analyze the Decision can we agree to this Frame Giving Clarity to someone on a decision Is tremendous value

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