What to do when clients tell you “NO” – Web Design Sales Tip

Here's a quick sales tip for designers That will help you land more projects One of the best words that you can hear In a sales call is the word no and I Love this because I know this is when I'm getting to the real concerns and Objectives that a prospect has now for Most designers when they hear the word No they immediately give up and they Think well I'm not going to land this Project and they end the cult but you Need to change your mindset and think Man once we go through the whole sales Call and if they say no or they say They're not interested that's when the Game begins that's when I need to start Uncovering their objections and their Reservations and I need to start asking Better questions and I need to start Building the value and then I need to go To close them again because when you get To this point in the sales call this is When most other designers have given up And this is when you have the chance to Shine and close the projects that no one Else could

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