What Webflow Plan is Right For You? Hosting and Team Plans Explained – 2023 Update

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0:00 What Webflow Plan Is Right For Me?
0:32 Webflow Hosting vs. Webflow Workspaces
0:53 Choosing a Webflow Site Plan
3:37 Webflow Ecommerce Plans Explained
3:02 Why Is Webflow So Expensive?
5:27 Is Webflow Ecommerce With It?
6:13 Webflow Workspaces Plans Explained
8:18 Do I Need a Webflow Workspaces Plan?

What Webflow Plan is Right For You? Hosting and Team Plans Explained – 2023 Update

Webflow’s pricing plans can actually be Pretty confusing especially if you’re New to webflow and considering the Recent changes to plans and pricing now Webflow actually charges for two Separate things there is a site plan Which is to host your website and then Also they charge for workspaces which Has a lot to do with teams and access And collaboration so in this video I’m Going to walk you through the difference Between both of those and let you know Which plans you need and which ones you Don’t so hopefully we can save you a Little money and give you a great Experience with webflow so like I Mentioned webflow charges for two Separate things you’ve got your site Plans which is basically site hosting Within that you can choose plans for a General website or an e-commerce website And then on the other side you have Workspaces which is team access Collaboration and within that you have Options for in-house teams and then Freelancers and agencies so first let’s Talk about site plans or site hosting Now first off if you have a general Website that does not utilize webflow’s E-commerce features you’re going to be Able to choose one of these plans first You have your free starter plan which is Going to be more than enough for Basically any site that is in

Development or you’re just using for Practice or as for a personal project And you don’t really need to have a Custom domain connected to it this is Going to be a great option but note that All of these free starter plans have Limits to how many CMS items you can Have and also how many form submissions Can come through your website so once You decide you do want to take your site Live connect your domain you’re going to Have to choose one of these paid plants The first option is the basic plan which Is 18 bucks a month and this allows you To post a basic website or landing page That does not utilize any of webflow’s CMS functionality so you can’t have a CMS blog or anything else like that but This is a great option if you just have A basic site however in most cases You’re going to be using this CMS plan This gives you everything that you need To run a website and utilize webflow’s CMS which is their content management System you can have up to 2000 CMS items You can have up to 1 000 monthly form Submissions and you have all of the Bandwidth and guest editors that you Need to run a successful website now After you scale it from there you’re Going to move into the business and Enterprise plans which in most cases This isn’t going to be necessary unless You’ve cut a really big website with

Tons of traffic and you need a ton of Bandwidth and a ton of guest editors so There are rare cases where this is Necessary but when looking at this for The most part you’re just going to need The starter plan when you’re getting Things started and in development and Then you’re going to move to that paid CMS plan to get everything else that you Need now like pretty much any other Software if you pay annually you’re Going to get a pretty big discount Looking at all these this is how much You’ll save per month in particular on That CMS plan you’re going to save Around six bucks per month so the Question we need to ask is why is Webflow so expensive to host a website And is it going to be worth it for me And at the end of the day yes it is more Expensive than a lot of options out There but you’re paying for more than Just hosting you’re also paying for the Incredible design capabilities that Webflow has you’re paying for the Webflow dashboard the editor where you Can quickly hop in and update text and Images and you’re paying for the CMS Functionality which truly is incredible So if you’re utilizing those things to The fullest then it’s definitely going To be worth your money to host your site On webflow now if you have an e-commerce Website your plans are going to look

Slightly different these are the plans That you’re going to have to pay for in Order to host and take your e-commerce Site live so first you’re going to have Your standard plan which you can see Here allows you to have up to 500 items In your eCommerce store the big red Flags for me on the standard plan are The two percent transaction fee and the 50 000 annual sales volume now the Reason that I don’t like this is Typically speaking you’re going to be Collecting payments through a third Party like stripe which also has a fee Of a few percent and so if you’re paying Two percent with webflow three percent With stripe that’s going to get pretty Steep now as I did the math on this once Your shop starts making around thirty Thousand dollars per year you’re Actually going to be losing money on This plan so it’s going to be more worth It to bump up to the next plan and not Have that transaction fee so the most Popular e-commerce plan is this plus Plan it’s 84 bucks a month but it gives You most everything that you’re going to Need you can have up to a thousand items In your eCommerce store there’s a zero Percent transaction fee which is really Nice and you have a sales ceiling of two Hundred thousand dollars per year so if You’re running a shop that’s making Under two hundred thousand dollars per

Year this is going to be the perfect Plan for you if you need something Larger you’re gonna have to bump up to This Advance plan which is 200 135 bucks Per month and this is just going to Increase your limitations you can have Up to 3 000 items there still is a zero Percent transaction fee but there’s an Unlimited annual sales volume which is Going to allow you to scale as quickly And as large as you want now like the Other plans if you want to pay annually It’s going to save you quite a bit of Money anywhere between 10 to 23 dollars Per month as the pricing currently Stands so let’s go back to this question Why is hosting an e-commerce site on Webflow so expensive and is it worth it In my personal opinion I still think That webflow is not quite there on their Full e-commerce functionality yes you Have all of the capabilities in terms of Design so you can build these beautiful E-commerce websites with a custom cart And custom checkout flow but at the end Of the day all the things that happen on The back end to run an e-commerce store You just don’t quite have everything That you need so is it worth it to me no I would probably end up Bill building my E-commerce site on something like Shopify but for certain situations it Might be a great fit for you so you’ll Just have to weigh those options and

Determine if it’s a good fit all right So that’s everything that you need to Host your website on webflow but now Let’s talk about workspaces like I Mentioned workspaces are for in-house Teams and Freelancers and agencies to Allow multiple team members to be in to Have access to collaborate and while There are pretty great features you’re Going to find that they’re pretty Expensive as you grow so looking at These workspaces very similar to our Hosting plans we have two different Categories there is plans for in-house Teams and then plans for Freelancers and Agencies now this might seem kind of Confusing but at the end of the day the Only big differences between these is The plans for in-house teams have more Capabilities when it comes to custom Code code exporting and billing Permission but the only real factors That you have to look at in the Differences but between these plans are The number of seats that you can have And the number of unhosted sites you can Have within your dashboard now the nice Part about all these workspace plans is You’re always going to be able to start On a free starter plan and in most cases This is going to be more than enough to Run all your projects all your websites And not have any additional seats and You have to consider that you can also

Share your login with your team members And they can get into that same account Without needing additional seats but if You do need to have multiple people Inside your account if you want to be Able to manage their access and Collaborate and all these different Things you’re going to have to bump up To either the core plan or the growth Plan which you can see are 28 bucks per Month per seat and 60 bucks per month Per seat respectively and so you can see That that will get pretty pricey as you Scale now the plans for Freelancers and Agencies are going to look very similar Of course you have your free starter Plan which is going to be the perfect Option in 95 percent of cases and then If you need more than that you have the Freelancer plan which is 24 bucks per Month per user and the agency plan which Basically just doubles now like anything Else if you want to pay annually for These things it’s going to give you a Discount now I know that there are a lot Of people out there that aren’t super Thrilled with how expensive these Workspace plans are and I have to agree With you it is pretty expensive I know Webflow is working on some things to Make this a little bit better and a Little more worth it but at the end of The day I would recommend that most of You just use a free starter plan share

Login access do what you need to do so You don’t have to pay these additional Fees especially if you’re working with a Client it’s going to be more difficult To convince them to pay for a hosting Plan and then also pay for a workspace Plan then give you access and so stick To those free starter plans you’re gonna Have more than enough so if I miss Anything make sure to drop it down in The comments if you like more videos Like this about webflow be sure to Subscribe down below and turn on your Notifications so you get notified every Time I have a new video that drops and Also I’m going to drop a couple of Videos up here about webflow so you can Continue your learning and your training To become a master at webflow so thanks For watching and we’ll catch you in the Next video

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