What will your MIFGE (Most Incredible Free Gift Ever) be?!

So what I want to do right now is Thinking about your guys your businesses And all the assets all the things that You've created can be a membership site Could be a coaching program it could be Anywhere what are the five or six things You can pull out to make part of a Miffkey it could be anything as long as There's a sexy cool exciting story about It actually the very first Dan Kennedy Product I ever bought that got me Indoctrinated in his world was he had His inner his Mastermind groups and at The end of The Mastermind group they Just put out a tape recorder and click To record and everyone in the round Table just shared ideas for two hours And that's all it was and they called it 252 thousand dollar Mastermind secret Recordings or something all he has to do This really quickly at this meeting Right go back to your hotel room or go Back wherever and buy five of you guys Click record and also now you've got the Story behind something amazing or find The people in your Market or whatever it Is but just something we were creating Just something so irresistible that they Can only get here inside of your miffing

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