Whatever you do, if you’re ONLY in it for the money…it already has no value. Find your ART!!

I've always wondered like near 10 Billion or whatever your number is and Like why do you impacted so many people And like to keep growing and like you're Still doing podcasts where you're up at Two o'clock in the morning finishing Slides and all this stuff and I would Just love to hear what you're thinking For me I'm an artist I would do it if I Wasn't getting paid yeah Amazing this is the reason I want you Guys to understand this because if You're trying to do this like I need to Go and figure out how to make money You're gonna get burned out you got to Find something that you're so passionate About that you would do it no matter What like for me this is my art like if I got paid nothing I'd continue to write Books I continue to read books I Continue to study and draw out Doodles And try to figure this stuff out because When also then that it's my art and I Love it and the fact I get paid for it's Amazing and the same thing is going to Be true for you you got to figure out What is your art the thing that you Would do no matter what whether people Showed up or not 20 years ago when I did My very first seminar teaching funnels Guess what nobody showed up I literally Ran radio ads everything I did the event Had a whole room set up and two people Walked in and nobody cared but I loved

It so I kept doing it and kept doing it And kept doing it and he fast forward Now almost 20 years later I walked into Funnel hacking live we have 5 000 people Because it's my art I did it when nobody Else cared and I'm continuing now that People do care and the same thing's got To be true for you you got to fall in Love with your heart

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