When I was in high school

Here's the most effective way to give Someone a genuine compliment that hits Home so when I was in high school I was Walking with three friends and one Friend kept walking to a classroom right Around the corner and I assumed that They had just continued to walk and After they walked away I said something Nice about the guy to the friend that I Was with and what I didn't know is that The friend who had walked around the Corner actually hadn't walked that far And had sat down and tied his shoe and He had been there and he overheard the Compliment that I had said about him and So what ended up happening was I Realized that it was one of the only Ways that you can genuinely give someone A compliment without them thinking that You have something in store for them and So one of the things that I've tried to Do in my life is if I'm walking away Let's say I'm walking out of a Restaurant or someone walks ahead of me And they think that I think that they Can't hear me I will try and deliver the Compliments that I want to tell them but I will say it to somebody else just loud Enough that they can hear me but don't Think that they can hear me because it Just hits so much different and so if You ever have that opportunity to give Someone that gift I would recommend Doing it because it's really fulfilling

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