When I was single…

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When I was single I actually ended up Eating at Chipotle over 500 times and I Found out only from my accountant when He looked at my financials and he was Like is this mistake you ate 500 times At Chipotle and I was like well it's Lunch and dinner 10 times a week yeah That makes sense and I like Chipotle Because I could get 100 grams of protein Each sitting when I was trying to get as Many calories in as possible I would Have two tortillas which were free each Of those were 400 calories a pop I would Get a bag of chips which was 700 Calories and then I would have a bowl That had double rice double beans double Meat which would be a pause double so I'd go half and half chicken steak Because you get like one and a half each Time and then I'd be like actually you Know what let's make it a double and Then they would put another half and Half and when they do that they usually Give you like a three quarter three Quarter so it ended up being like a Triple meat and then I would have Pico Lettuce sour cream and I did that every Day and it was just because it was Cheaper for me than buying groceries and So I did it that way and it saved me so

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