When I was starting my entrepreneurial journey

When I was starting my entrepreneurial Journey I was reading tons and tons of Self-help books and motivation books and Positive psychology books and it's just Because I was unhappy I'd read 10 books On like positive psychology and Self-help and my life was still the same And I didn't like it so if you read a Book and you feel like you're learning What your life hasn't changed it means You haven't learned you have to be Willing to try on the other person's World view and say well do I like the Outcome of their worldview better than Mine if the answer is yes then you Should probably consider shedding your Old world view and finding one that Serves you better I would pay anything To have obvious truths become real for Me I used to call these singed moments Where it's where something that you've Heard your entire life over and over and Over again but it becomes real for you It gets internalized the reason Warren Buffett could lose it all and then Recreate it all in seconds is because of How he sees reality so anything I can do To improve my view of reality is Something that I will always invest in

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