When your client asks for services you don’t offer – Freelance tip #2

So your client's asking you to do work That you don't typically offer and Normally you would just say no but it Can be really tempting especially if You're just getting started and you need The money so before you say yes to these New Services you need to consider three Things number one are they paying you Enough not only to cover your time but Also to motivate you to learn this new Skill number two is this going to take Time effort and energy away from your Business's core offerings because if it Is it might have longer lasting negative Effects than you might realize and Number three ask yourself is taking on This service going to help me with my Businesses long-term goals because if You're only doing this for quick money Right now but it's not going to help you In the long run you need to say no now It might be difficult right now to say No to a few thousand dollars but if this Is going to help you make tens of Thousands of extra dollars down the road It's definitely going to be worth it

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