Why are entrepreneurs always the bad guys?!?

When you watch TV or you watch movies Have you ever noticed that the Entrepreneurs like us are always the Villain in the movie like oh it's the Evil rich billionaire who's going to Take over the world why are we the bad Guys like I feel like we're doing good Stuff right if you look at the money Pyramid like one percent that are like Super wealthy there's four percent up Here and then there's 15 that are like Kind of the the middle class and then 80 Is like The Drifters what Dan Kennedy Said all of the uh media these are the People they're selling to right they Create stuff makes these people feel Really really good the best way to do That is make these guys seem really Really evil and so all of this produced Hollywood stuff makes this come out to Be the bad guy which is really Interesting but you have to understand In the reality in the real world you Look at this the heroes these people Right here

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