Why Content Is Not the Output

I hate doing something that I don't get Credit for later and what I mean by that Is I want to build something that I Don't have to rebuild again later and so The idea of making a short that is going To float today and then disappear into The ether tomorrow to me taking the Scarce resources of my time and then Having it vanish I couldn't make that Work for me but I realized the content Is not the output the output is the Audience audience is what compounds Audience is what sticks and so you're Not wasting your time on something That's going to disappear in a while You're Gathering the scarce resource and The audience is the thing that pumps Attention over and over again once that Shifted in me I'd stop seeing it as a Waste because I thought if I got one More person who's going to see this Short or see this long or see this post Or see this tweet or see this whatever That was the point

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