Why do people DISLIKE the trades

What do you think is the distaste that Parents have with trades I think Everything comes down to status I would Imagine that most parents want to be Able to say that they did a good job of Being parents and so they use their Children as a proxy for how good of People they are and so if they can go And say hey my kid is doing X Y and Z it Is perceived as high Prestige versus my Kid is an electrician even though he Makes more than being a social media Manager at insert random mid-market Company they would get more Prestige From social media because it's white Collar versus blue color from a dollars And sense standpoint from a return on Investment staple and arguably from an Enjoyment of Life standpoint that person Who might be inclined to be an Electrician or a plumber or whatever Might actually like that more and have a Better life but I think it's selfishness At its core

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