Why Freelancing Has Changed Forever…

139 000 as a freelancer how can you do The same because everything literally Everything Has Changed now what I mean By this that everything has changed in The freelancer industry the first thing Is where do you get clients and so That's the biggest differentiator is Used to be that you had to have a Fiverr Account for Upward and now you can have A profile a personal brand and an Audience and you get to decide who do You want to work with which leads me to The next part where do you go if you Find these clients if you don't go to Fiverr for example then where do you go I went to Facebook and on Facebook you Can have 5 000 friends and then you can Start to communicate which leads me to The next Point how you communicate with Clients I remember when I started it was More of a corporate vibe to this entire Industry the way that people communicate Back in the day was very formal it was Very much like hey level sir like thank You for reaching out and today is more Like hey what's up bro yeah for sure man I love your funnel let me know how I can Help by the way what's your offer it's More like how you communicate with Friends it's a beautiful industry I hope You get into it

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