Why giving away free stuff can backfire

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Here's how adding free products or Services to the things you sell can Actually backfire they found this out in A study of a beauty store that sold Makeup because what happens is they gave Them a pearl necklace as a gift for Making a purchase of a box of makeup and People didn't even think the pro Necklace was real so whenever you add a Free bonus or free thing that someone Can get when they make a purchase with You the person will actually perceived That thing as less valuable because they Assume it must not be good because You're giving it away for free and so The way to do it is you add two things To your persuasion number one is you Show what it actually retails for that Way they know that this thing has value Second rather than saying free you say At no cost to you or complementary and By doing that they'll say here's the Retail cost and it comes at no cost to You or here's the retail cost and it's Complementary with the purchase rather Than here's a free thing it's probably Junk because it's free and that's why I'm giving it to you and by doing that You can increase the total value of the Packages that you're selling

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