Why I became a LADYboss and how you can too!

Ladyboss you're probably wondering what In the world happened right you know They had over 700 000 customers who Bought lady boss lean these were in huge Events with thousands of women coming to Lose weight working out with Kayla you Also see their Community where literally There's hundreds of thousands women Wearing lady boss swag and wave the flag Why in the world to Caleb Poland who Built lady boss from the ground to Becoming the number one fastest consumer Product brand in the world Sell our company to a dude we're gonna Find out in today's episode I'm gonna Show everything why it happened and Where we're going and why the world I Got so much of this protein everywhere You're listening to marketing secrets With your host Russell Brunson surprise I bought lady boss I know I know I'm not A lady or a boss but there's a really Good store behind it so that's what we Talk about in today's episode okay so I Want to tell you guys the story behind The story because there are so many Rumors going about and I can't even like Address them all because they're all Over the place but yes I did buy Ladyboss uh last year and we are moments Away from a relaunch and this episode's More to kind of tell you guys behind the Scenes but some years may want to be Involved in lady bosses so if you're

Interested there is a virtual event Coming up it's called The Phoenix rise Up event because basically it's the Rebirth of this company we're Relaunching it Um and if you are someone who's like I Want to be part of that you'll know more About the model here in a little bit but If you do if you're interested in if you Go to marketing secrets.com ladyboss uh It'll take you to the registration page You can register be on the live event Where you kind of do the big behind the Scenes announcements you guys need some Of the the hints before anybody else and So keep it kind of on the down low uh Because during this virtual event is When we're going to kind of announce What's actually happening to the lady Boss Community which will be fun one but I want to give you guys a heads up Because I've got so many questions Coming in I know it's feeling a little Pink in here but um that's what's Happening when we're wrapped in lady Boss all the time so um let me go back In time to the very very beginning I Think it was fhl I think it was the Second or the third fhl I can't remember But I was sitting at a round table Surrounded by a thousand people asking a Million different questions was really Fun and then somebody tapsed me on the Shoulder looked back and there's this

Guy with like tall spiky hair it's like Russell Brunson you changed my life I'm Like hey thanks man he's like I go I Need took off and I was like okay that Was random but there's so much chaos That whatever uh at that event we Obviously sold our coaching program we Also sold Inner Circle and Brandon and His wife uh Kalyn both joined the Inner Circle so a month or two later they were In Boise at our first meeting that's First time I had a chance to kind of Meet them in person and it was funny Because he's like did you get a video I Sent you like a year ago and I'm like What are you talking about it's like I Sent you a video it's gonna be your Biggest success story did you ever see That I'm like I don't know if I did Russell dude for real we're hungry We're Young she's a pro athlete and we don't Have you know the fifteen thousand Dollars or whatever to invest but we did Spend a thousand and like I said in Three months we made thirty thousand With your thing and we want to make we Want to make a million a month whatever It takes you know we want to be mentored And be students and so anything that you Can do anything to help us we've already Done a a lot and we're grateful so thank You I mean that was kind of the very Beginning of it so I remember I found That video I watched it and I was like

This is cool and then uh fast forward Next three or four years every two or Three months they would fly to Boise Idaho for an inner circle meeting we Talk about things and we work with them On their products and their services and And their branding and what they're Going to do and how they're going to Launch and all the stuff we do inside The Inner Circle right the first Probably year year and a half or so the Company wasn't called ladyboss Kaelyn's Maiden name was tool t-u-e-l-l and the The business is called Tool Time trainer And so she had an app and things like That that's what she was doing and so That was kind of the business and I Remember at one of the Inner Circle Meetings it was actually uh while I was Writing the expert Secrets book and so During your circle I'll be sharing the Ideas like this I'm thinking about so I'm trying to do with click funnels and I'm trying to build a community I'm Building you know we're calling people Funnel hackers that's how we're doing it And I was like going through the whole Thing I was talking identity and like we Have these t-shirts to say funnel hacker I'm like it's interesting because the Only way the t-shirts work is if they're Self-identified like I am a funnel Hacker uh I build funnels like something Where someone's like this is who I am

This is my identity and I remember Um uh I came first Brandon or Caitlin at The time but they're talking about that And they're like what do we call our People they call them tools they do call Them trainer you like like what do we do And and I could tell they were kind of Frustrated because like their business At the time didn't fit into the the Model we were showing people how to Create a mass movement right everything That's like expert Secrets 101 now but I Was teaching that you know a year before The book ever came out and they were Trying to figure out how to weave these Things in and then what's crazy is that You know Brandon Kane were flying home And while Kaelyn was in the air she like Was trying to think through these things Also she's like boom lady boss weight Loss that's what's called our women are Called lady bosses and she had this Whole thing and by the time she landed They're voxing me and like messaging me Like lady boss weight loss this is the Future that's what we're doing they're So excited and I was like holy cow you Guys move so fast a week later they had Like the logos and The Branding and all Sorts of stuff and it was pink and it Was all these things they had their Mission and then they started following Everything we talked about expert Secrets to the team in fact it was funny

Because a lot of the stories in expert Secrets are from Kane like I would do Something and then she would do the same Thing like and I would do something she Would do the same thing and then she Would make put her twists and her tweaks On it it's crazy looking back in the Click funnels journey I think my Favorite years were like during that Time when it was like Brandon and Caitlyn and her Moses and a couple other People who were going through it like I Thought we were learning it in real time I was testing it in my communities they Were testing it in their communities we Were reporting back and making tweaks And changes and I felt like I was part Of it in fact um people asked me one Time like why I did my masterminds and Stuff like like you could just make more Money doing these things and I was like Well I have ADD and you guys probably Could see this because back in the day Pre-click funnels I had like a thousand Different businesses and like I had Horrible ideas and all of them and then I shut them down and focus on click Funnels and did just click funnels for Like eight years which is why it grew so Big and then now my ADD is kind of Coming back out and I'm buying companies And relaunching stuff as you can kind of Tell but a big reason why I did it or Circle for so long was because it gave

Me an outlet where I could be creative But not have to like launch a business Right like all my inner circle members Could come to Boca X and they're like be Creative like oh this is my business I Would do this I would do this I would do This I would do this and they'd go and Do it and I could like go back to work On click funnels and not worry about it Right it's like I love that it was like Some of the most fun times going back And forth and I feel like if you look at The lady boss business and brand it was Probably the business encapsulated all Of our core trading the best right if You look at.com secret expert Secrets Traffic secrets and how they took this Business and grew it from being a Literal zero you know startup to they Ended up becoming number four on the Inc 500 fastest growing companies number one For the fastest growing uh consumer Product company and so for me it was Like I had a sense of Pride like I was So proud of them they're like by star Students but also like they went out There and innovated so many things I Learned so much from them as well and I Was just super proud of what they did I Know and they are too right so proud of This whole business this brand Um but as you will find out if you go to The Phoenix rise up event you know Caitlyn had a baby and then she had

Another baby and then she wanted to go Back and wanted to be a mom and um I Think they had tried to sell the company At one point it didn't really work out And you know about times when all the Algorithm changes with Facebook and iOS All the things and I unbeknownst to me Brandon and Caitlin had made a decision To just shut down lady boss We'll pull my phone there's an email From Kailyn saying we're shutting lady Boss down and I remember reading email I Was like what in the world like I know how much effort went into this I Know what they did I know what they Created and to shut it down first I was Nervous I thought something might have Happened so I messaged him like he was Okay like can I help anything and it's Like no we're just we're ready for the Next chapter in our life you know Kayla Wanted to focus on being a mom they'd Saved a ton of money from the business Uh Brandon he Brandon's like one of the Best operational minds of all time right He had operationally built the Infrastructure to build lady boss and he Wanted to go and Coach people on how to Do that right it's like I don't keep Running a female weight loss business my Wife's not involved like I want to go do These other things and so they just Decided that it had been simpler just to Shut it down and kind of close it down

And so over the next few Weeks and then months if you were on the List you probably saw they were doing Blowouts I was like selling Out All the Rest of Lady boss lean and this try to Like clear out the inventory and tons of Emails are going out and I was just like Man this is such like I don't know part Of me is like I feel like a parrot or Dad or whatever like this is my baby's Like they're coming up and like look What they created and it's like going Away I'm like I don't want it to go away And I had a bunch of friends who I was Like you like people in the female Fitness space my huge Spice company buys Kind of like try like somebody buy this Company make them an offer like you guys Are crazy not because they have an email Us like 1.4 million women 700 000 customers had bought like lady boss Lean I think they had 26 000 people on Auto ship like you guys should buy this Company you are crazy not to I kept Saying to all these different Influencers and people like somebody buy This company like again the Rembrandt in The Attic like it is there it is sitting There this Rembrandt in the Attic like How do you guys not see it and nobody Can see it and and I had the Stars like I wonder if Not that I don't think I even want to Buy at that point yet but I was more so

Like what would you actually want to Sell for like I should be able to find Somebody can buy this and so I texted Brandon I'm like how much would you Actually sell this for and I'm allowed To disclose numbers and stuff but when You told me the number I was like Holy crap Um I might actually be interested in Buying that I think that was a joke he's Like he's like seriously you're not a Lady like I know I know we all get I'm Not a lady I can't you know I don't wear Pink I never have but I understand the Opportunity right there's Rembrandt in The Attic there's something here that's Powerful I was like this is too cool to Not do and so I don't want to spoil all The surprises again I want you to go to The lady boss Phoenix rise up event and Again here's a link again if you haven't Gone there uh it's a free virtual Reality telling the story we actually Filmed the 25 minute documentary of Brandon and Katelyn telling their side Of the story which is like so fast and You get it I just from a learning Education point you have to go even if You don't want to be part of the lady Boss but you go to again marketing Secrets.com ladyboss will take you the Registration page but anyway uh I Decided to buy we made the offer in the Time I was like I don't know what to do

With this I was like maybe we build a Certification program right because I Was like they'd already build a whole Coaching program things like that I was Like if we certify people who come lady Boss trainers then you know those lady Boss trainers are gonna need funnels They're gonna need traffic like we can Help them click funnels I was like maybe That's the idea and so we kind of Started going that direction for a Little while and then I had the idea and I was nervous Um I was first off nervous because I Didn't want Brandon and Caitlin to find Out what my idea was number two I was Nervous like do I actually want to do This number three I was also nervous Like I think some of the lady boss Community may not be happy by this but I Also like this is the way for this Business and this brand To explode to have the impact I think is Possible if you rewind back and look at What Brandon and Katelyn were doing Before all the iOS updates and all the Stuff there and they were spending Almost a million dollars a month in ads To sell the products right and it was Them doing all the traffic themselves And again they built an amazing company But on 100 of the market was was relying On them now I have two close friends Um one of them goes to church with me he

Started a company may have heard of Before his little candle company but They were wickless candles right there's No there's no Wick in it so you have These candles and you may have heard the Companies called Sensi and they're like An eight or nine hundred million dollar A year company and every time I talk to Orville who's the owner of that he's Always like oh you should launch an MLM I'm wearing click funnels and MLM why Don't you do that I'm like no I don't Want to I don't wanna sign the business Model I want to do for for clickfunnels My stuff right but every single time Like I'd have a conversation with them Like that's the default because I'm like I'm spending you know three or four Million dollars a month in ads now he's Like why would you spend any money now It's like turn in a network marketing Program give all the money to the people Instead of to Mark Zuckerberg I'm like I Know but like you know whatever fill in The blank of why I didn't want to do it My other friend is Brian who owns proven It and we help them kind of launch that Way back in the day and it's been around For as long as click funnels and I don't Know their exact numbers they were close To like 400 million dollars last year Never spending a penny on any AD and I Was like man right now the ad platform Is the thing that's that's kind of wonky

And and people are struggling with Especially for a female weight loss Business I was like can we have 1.3 Million women on email list with 700 000 People who have purchased this product And love it 26 000 who are on continuity When they decided to shut it down I was Like What If instead of us dumping a Whole bunch of money to Zuckerberg we Decided to do that model to make this a Network marketing program where number One if people just love the way things Were they could just buy it the way it Was before it doesn't change anything For our customers but for the women who Are evangelists who are already sharing This anyway like they're at the gym Wearing their lady boss clothes and They're telling their friends about it And they're selling this stuff without Getting paid for anyway right like my Wife has a big old lady boss sticker on The back of our truck so my kids know Which car is hers because there's a big Old lady boss sticker people ask all the Time what is that oh it's ladybugs you Could buy some lady boss lean my wife Sold a whole bunch of ladybossing Because she tells me about all time and She gets nothing out of it this whole Ladybossing Community bunch of bunch of Women who bring their friends into Bringing more friends in and they never Got paid for them again I've been so

Nervous about network marketing for so Long but I was like this is the model That makes the most sense for this Business my biggest fear though is like I didn't want to tell Brandon and Caleb They both came from network marketing Background I knew that they had some You know some thoughts or beliefs about I was just nervous about telling them And you know I'm 21 and she's 25 we use We have a network marketing background In fact I didn't tell them all the way Up until funnel hacking live funnel Hiking live uh we were trying to work on This other project together we're doing Caitlyn's actually working on a course And a mastermind on how to become an Attractive character which is so cool Weight loss was the product but Attractive characterness Is My Jam right They came backstage and we're kind of Talking about working together on that Project Caitlin asked like so what do You do with ladyboss I'm like I don't Really know yesterday just tell me just Tell me I can take it I was like uh like I don't want you to be mad about she's Like I would be mad I'm like okay so Like I'm going to turn it into a network Marketing program and she's like I knew It I knew it we knew that's what you Were gonna do But it's totally the best thing to Think all these women are rabid fans

They all share anyway it's like we just Didn't want to to run that which is like It's the perfect model for ladyboss for Most is when they can't go and spend a Million dollars a month to build their Own supplement company right she's like I could have done initially right and to Get to this point there's so much risk And trial and error and struggled all The things that went into actually Building she's like with this shake you Give every single woman who is a lady Boss the opportunity to start their own Business to become a little mini Kalin They become an influencer they can be Social they can like lose weight and Then make money doing it and like she's All so excited I'm like I'm so excited That she's excited I thought for sure She was gonna like yell at me instead of Tell her I'm ruining the business and so It got me excited just knowing like oh Okay this is okay this is like this is Gonna be the thing and so that's what's Partially I mean obviously we're doing a Lot of things at the lady boss Phoenix Rise up event we're talking about the Relaunch how this business brand is Rising Up From the Ashes to be the new Version lady boss but also the message For the women who are there is that this Is the opportunity for you to rise up And step into your career and step into This calling where you can actually be a

Lady boss you can do a Caitlyn did Without the risk and the headaches and The overhead and the cost and everything You can get in there and start being Like doing this today right and now Working right now on a deal hopefully And again this is Russell being horrible Keeping secrets but we're trying to work On a deal to have Caitlyn come back in And train all the lady bosses to do what She did like how do you master you know Instagram and Facebook and all these Platforms you can build your following And make insane amounts of money talking About lady boss and so there's so many Fun things we're gonna be doing with This but uh it's on the foundation the Marketing uh distribution channel of Network marketing so it gives us the the Opportunity to give Zuckerberg a million Dollars a month instead I get to give The lady bosses a million dollars a Month uh which I think is uh is is more Exciting and again it's tough to know Some people be turned off by that Something like I'm gonna go away but for Other people this will become their new Career this will become a change in Their life forever and so okay a couple Cool things along the journey so there's Kind of the background the model what We're doing but this is like this people Always ask me what like what's the plan Are you relaunching all the supplements

The answer is no first thing we did is Looked at okay here's everything that Lady bosses sold in the last 10 years Right like we start looking at like Where's the where's the 80 20 where's The 95.5 right like where's most of the Money making so my question here's pop Quiz for you guys and let me know in the Comments down below if you're watching This on YouTube of all the products they Have like their app they got their swag They got their supplements they got Pre-workout post-workout protein bars All the things they sell where do you Think the majority like 90 some odd Percent of all the profit comes from This business Pop Quiz what do you think okay five Seconds five four three two one click Subscribe just kidding okay you guys Know what it is 90 of the money in this business comes From Lady boss lean okay this is their Protein shake and I think it's like 70 30 like 70 comes from uh vanilla cake Flavored and like 30 comes from the Brownie batter and then the other like I Guess my percentages aren't correct Because that's 100 but almost all is These two flavors chocolate vanilla is That crazy brownie batter and then cake And the cake one's cool because you make Cookies and cookie dough and you can Bake with it and there's a million

Different recipes and stuff you can get With this as well so the relaunch of the Company we're not launching all the Products and all the skus eventually We'll bring back the ones that are best Sellers but it's nice because we have 10 Years with the date of like what people Actually buy you know one of the things That struggles when you launch new Companies you you get excited about a Product you buy the inventory you launch It and then the inventory sells or Doesn't sell right like for example Ladyboss to the bars Like These Bars as Great as having your own bar are they Just don't sell as well um and they also The shelf life is really like this one Right here is like oh it's hard as a Rock because the shelf life on a bar is Not that good okay chance of me bringing Back a bar are zero To None well maybe Someday I'm not gonna I'm not gonna Completely rule out but it's it's way More expensive it's harder than the Shelf ice long but like we know this Works so with it launching we're Launching them in these uh single serve Packs we're gonna have cake and lean This will be the first thing that we Roll out Russell what kind of funnel Type are you using for this well can you Guess the funnel it's going to be next Pop Quiz two pop quizzes in one video Come on now is it a webinar funnel is it

A challenge funnel is it a book funnel Like what kind of funnel is it the Answer is It's a challenge funnel so we're gonna Be launching a challenge funnel weight Loss is big for challenges so we'll be Doing a challenge funnel and when people Go and they register for the challenge And it's weight loss challenge it's the Same challenge that Caitlyn used to sell For I think 97 back today it'll become a Free challenge people register for the Challenge we upsell them uh ladybossling Then they go to the challenge and start Losing weight and then I think on day Eight we will have a presentation to Help have them invite their friends to The challenge and bring more people in And it'll kind of grow from there and so Initially Um you know probably year number one is Going to be the 280 Boston flavors the Challenge funnel and that's where the Majority of the focal point effort and All the traffic will be going to Everyone will be referring people to the Challenge eventually they will come back We'll take Caitlyn's book we'll do a Funnel a book funnel eventually webinar For eventually we'll do other funnels What's gonna be cool about is that uh Us Corporate will build these funnels and Then people can go and they can drive Traffic they send emails to their list

They can talk about socially and just Get people to come join them by Challenge someone joins The Challenge And they go through the process and the Funnels will help do the closing and the Selling and all that kind of stuff for Them which would be really really cool It's I'm excited because it's gonna be The first legitimate case study of a Network marketing company using funnels Which is crazy to me I've been trying For a decade the network marketing Companies to understand like the power Of a funnel I wrote a book about it Dan Kennedy wrote a book about it which I Found there's one copy on this planet I Found it's kind of cool but that's the Story for the day these principles we Talk about I've tried so hard and I Cannot get any network marketing company To embrace funnels for whatever reason So what's cool about ladyboss is that It'll be funnel driven so we'll be Having all these funnels tested Perfected tweaked all sorts of things so That people will drive people to a Challenge funnel and the process Happened they'll drive into a book Funnel the process will happen like It'll be the first time Um that funnels network marketing have Been done together at the corporate Level at scale I think it will change The way network marketing has done

Forever and this will be the case study To show and prove that the model Actually works and so how exciting is That you guys like if it was in network Marketing you know because like all you Guys are trying to build funnels on the Side and then you always get slapped on Hand by corporate it's like oh you can't Do that I've tried multiple times Multiple companies to build funnels and Give them corporate and the corporate Never does anything with them it's just Like it's insane so what's cool about This is the fact we'll be able to blend These two worlds together and show People how we can make this all work so It's exciting um and that's kind of the Update so you're getting this kind of You know first recap before it all Launches I'm sure we'll do more uh Updates on ladyboss story Um but the next steps are number one is We're doing the virtual event to kind of Relaunch it so again if you depending When you're watching this you should go And if it's still there go register and Go watch it if you go to marketing Secrets.com ladyboss I'll take you to The to the lady boss Phoenix rise up Event we're gonna be talking about this Company rising from the ashes are we Showing a documentary and uh you'll see Probably the first ever stack in the Closed pitch ever happening in network

Marketing history which is also like Another pretty cool thing Um and then that's done uh like a week Or two laters when we launched the first Challenge funnel and then you'll see That'll be the focal point it's Optimizing that crazy that challenge Funnel getting people to buy lady boss Lane and then bringing in more people to Challenge funnel with them and that'll Be the game plan for probably the next 12 months Um and then from there we'll start Adding in other other ideas other things But I'm excited I'm excited to see uh What the the marriage of these two Really fascinating really cool really Exciting worlds for the first time ever And so I'm excited and maybe this is Gonna be a huge bomb and complete flop Which is totally possible I have Launched more than one one thing that's Completely flopped this one would be Really painful because there's a lot of Money involved yeah I'm hoping this one Nails I think it will I'm really excited For it so in fact uh when we finally Made the formal presentation to Brandon Caleb Brandon looked at me and said you Rise this will be bigger than click Funnels right I'm like Um I want all my companies competing Against each other right because when Banks compete you win my companies could

Be I win right so it's it's all good I Don't really care but it's gonna be a Fun one so anyway if you have any Questions for me about ladyboss any Other things about the model why we did It how we did all that kind of stuff if You want to become a lady boss come join In the fun it's going to be amazing it's Blending network marketing weight loss And um and funnels and selling and all These things into one super super Company so I'm pumped I appreciate you Guys make sure to subscribe uh to the Channel ring the bell that way you get Notifications when a new ones come up we Have a whole bunch of these coming out Showing behind the scenes all the fun Companies rolling out this year we have A lot of fun stuff happening I don't Want you to miss any of it so with that Said thank you guys so much and I'll see You on the next episode of the marketing Secret show

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