Why I keep a lot of cash in my bank account

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Assuming 10 plus million dollars sitting In the bank today maybe thanks to Layla Closer to 15 I'm guessing oh way more Than that Cash okay I sold three companies last year and a House and two cars I sold everything Last year you're looking at what's Happening predicting there's inflated Pricings I mean a lot of people are Really afraid of inflation and I think That's super warranted like looking at Uncle Warren right he's got 150 billion In cash sitting right now he's not Worried about it I'm like you see more Cycles than I have so he's got 25 of his Entire company value sitting in cash I Mean to be clear it's not working for You I mean it's earning a tiny bit of Interest compared to what you could have In stocks or investment properties so a Little inflation's not going to kill me But like when you look at the Nast actor In the crash in whatever 0-1 or whatever The year was it dropped by 78 that would Be significant it would be significant Just given the timing I'm willing to Wait a little bit and see what's going On and so that is why I have more cash Than I probably would know

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