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All right guys welcome back to another Video today we’re gonna have a a little Conversation a little personal talk a Little one to one And i’m gonna talk about why i stopped Producing so many youtube videos why i Stopped Just Basically recording video after video i Remember in the beginning of 2021 we Used to do one per day i don’t know if You remember we did like 40 videos in 40 Days I had two videographers with others on My team today is one and it’s a little Bit more balanced but still Sometimes i have this struggle this Internal battle when it comes to Creating content and i just wanna put This video out there because number one I think that it could be relatable to Some people Maybe you’re A youtuber maybe you’re a creator maybe You’re An online business owner or you’re Aspiring entrepreneur and you have this Internal battle as well of putting Yourself out there creating just to Create versus doing what makes you Actually happy and so one of the things In this space is like for example Youtube rewards consistency so like if You want to grow on youtube you want to

Post consistently like maybe that’s once Per week Ideally you want to have every single Week the same time so that your audience Knows What time you’re uploading but even if You don’t have that sort of consistently At least post two times per week three Times per week or even one time per like That consistency is Rewarded by youtube and that’s totally Cool and understand that but there’s a Difference between putting out content Because you’re supposed to put out Content like gerald undone for example Or or make art now they’ve bought uh Talked about this recently they talked About this dilemma that comes with being A creative person of some sort a Personality brand If you will and sort of sometimes when You put out videos you have to [Music] Step into this character like if i’m Always like what’s up guys welcome back To another video we’re gonna talk about Business and finance or money or And you’re this high energy person Sometimes when you don’t feel that way Maybe you’ve had a bad night of sleep Maybe you’ve you know you you’re just Feeling stressed because of client work If you’re doing this on the sidelines Like a side hustle you might be tired

From work You might not be in the mood and the Reason i’m actually feeling great today Is because of a great night of sleep Like nine hours of sleep and usually i Get six seven or eight by the way that’s Just a side note i’m realizing that That’s actually the big secret Is getting a good night of sleep and Taking care of your fundamentals your Body is a temple treaty as such and Don’t get fooled by Work hustle If it destroys your sleep because that’s Not a long-term strategy and you’ll just Not be as as smart and as mentally Focused and sharp as you could be but That’s that’s a side note So what happens when you just have to Produce content for the sake of Producing content i think you fall in This pattern of like okay what do i have To Put out now to have something that’s Unique even though i may not feel like Talking about that right now And so the the struggle that i’ve had And we’ll compare that to gerald on don For example he talked about he said but If you don’t know he’s a tech youtuber Big audience way way bigger than me and So i’m not comparing myself to him i’m Just sharing my side of of the story and And maybe it can relate to somebody

Out there but The way he he explained it was they have These brand deals so with brandy Sometimes like you know bigger Corporations you have a deal for a year You’re gonna put out two videos per week Um sorry per month and so in these Videos you’re gonna mention this brand And so you need a video sometimes the Struggle for him was I need to create a video so that i can Mention the brand Which is kind of backwards isn’t it Versus having like you’re gonna get paid For each video not per month not per Year but for the videos they actually Create so that would give him more Creative freedom For me i have more freedom because i Make most of my money from my clients as A funnel agency owner and so i have more Freedom It’s just i think because it’s my Long-term goal to share to give back and I had this i don’t know if it’s a weird Or a good idea but i have this idea or This vision that Everything that i put out on youtube Could help my future Grandkids as well as my kids as well as My friends as well as my family members As well as my online community as as Well as you Create a business just from that content

Alone Today a year from now five years from Now in 10 years from now so imagine my Kids when they’re 20 if you’re watching This what’s up uh it’s great being here Dad Uh All this content all these hours that i Put in and put up on youtube imagine if That can give People that i don’t you know always Spend time with right in the future The tools and the trainings the Tutorials to build a business that they Can basically provide for themselves for The family And the people that they love So that’s why i think of of legacy for An example and i want to create videos That’s bigger than myself that can be Stored on the internet for the rest of Forever so with that comes this struggle Of like okay Can i just put out videos that i enjoy Talking about like for example right now I would love to talk about funnels Business design Crypto nft metaverse freedom in terms of Policies as well so like i’m not big Into politics But i do Very much so care about freedom and so Sometimes especially during the last 18 Months if i see a country where there’s

Like big Tyranny or Authoritarian Regimes I feel bad for those people especially When i have entrepreneurs in certain Countries where they shut the shut down Their businesses i’m like i feel bad for Them because i feel like that’s a basic Human right To make a living freedom of speech like That sort of stuff and so I don’t talk about it here on youtube But I’m i’m a very like independent person Very pro-freedom in in the sense like i Grew up Um in a way where i was raised to take Care of myself which i’m so grateful for So grateful for and so i want to Obviously talk about these things Sometimes but that doesn’t fit into Funnels And then sometimes i want to talk about Uh just mindset maybe struggles like Personal life like not how to be Productive per se like i’ll be honest Making six figures per year Is great But it’s not like wild it’s not you know This weird magical thing Like 10k per month 20k per month 30k per Month like it’s not like this Whoa amazing thing it’s just like

Yeah you do the thing that got you to 5k Per month 10k per month you just Continue doing it and you make more Money like it’s not By the way that’s another thing that i Would sometimes want to talk about is Like You know the more you make you feel like There’s more people in with their hands In your pocket like The government wants half of it and Stuff like that but I can’t talk about that on a funnel Channel so that’s been like a A small challenge as well Even though we do have like the freedom Seekers podcast where i can’t actually Talk about it so i guess that’s a good Thing But for me like talking about personal Stuff and personal life and psychology Like the stuff That i’m thinking about like as an Introvert i spend a lot of time just Thinking about life society The youth the future of money Decentralization Metaverse Mental health personal responsibility Victimhood your circle of influence The people you hang around Living in a nine to five you hate for 40 Years like there are certain things that I just love making videos about

For the sake of sharing my opinion But as a business and as a channel that That’s focused on funnels i don’t know If that’s relatable is that Is that what you want to see let me know By the way i want to know if if you want More videos because if you want more Videos about These things obviously it’s gonna stay Related to business not politics or news I want it to be a positive like i said An up building it’s a source where you Don’t come to get Frustrated for you know news i’m gonna Fight this thing i’m gonna fight the It’s Here’s what i’m doing to build a Business that makes me independent That gives me choice That gives me the power to choose what Me and my family and my kids and me and My wife what we do with our lives Maybe i should have another channel Maybe i should have a second channel That’s all about freedom and everything That goes with that because i’m just Figuring out you know in business There’s certain levels to Freedom and wealth Number one is like figuring out how to Get a client to pay you Right that’s a business transaction Then once you’re working a lot you have A lot of clients you have more money you

Get into business operation how do you Manage your business Then you get into finances how do you Manage your money and it’s a totally Different game Right like you can like i said with Taxes for example I remember when i got my first like tax Bill And It was like 30 000 or something And i had to call the Tax office and and be like hey what is This like i’ve been paying my taxes what Is this And they were like this from from like Three Two years or three years prior Because my bookkeeper and i Miscommunication i didn’t understand These things We Basically had to go back a couple of Years and You know update the documents and the Numbers which cost more taxes for me And this huge stress and so how do you Manage that and also running a business I could have been like man i suck at This Or i could have been like okay I’m learning new stuff all the time i’m Growing as a person so is that something I should talk about on youtube maybe not

On a funnel channel maybe on a separate One And so like by the way if you ever go Through these things like i thought i Was alone but then i realized like every Business owner go through these levels Of consciousness In their business and finances and you Start to understand the game of money The game of society The government and it’s very empowering If you look at it that way so again not Being a victim and saying like man look What’s you know what’s happening to me It’s more like what can i learn from This what am i learning right now what’s The universe or god teaching me right Now And when you’re looking at things from That perspective you’re like okay this Is how this works This is how business work this is how Taxes work legal stuff Marketing sales operations team Management And as you go through that you’re like Okay this is a part of the journey Maybe the journey that would be a name For a show the journey That’s what it is the journey of life And it’s a fun one i’m not in the the Game of feeling sorry for myself or Being a victim i think that’s toxic There’s a youtube channel that talks

About going where you’re treated best i Think those five words are super Powerful when you’re building your Business There’s this how do you say it This feeling that you get when you’re Working for years you’re working super Hard like sacrificing personal life Maybe in your health sometimes to serve Your clients to make money to provide For a family at some point you feel like Man I Need to take care of of myself my family My finances what’s best for me right now And going where you’re treated best and Also doing what’s best for you you know In your personal life in your time Management Sometimes not answering all the calls From people who need you but rather Asking yourself what do i need right now To survive this stress to go through Because business is this you know it’s Like this and hopefully it goes a little Bit up all the time but it’s like Sometimes it’s harder it’s more Stressful and sometimes it’s You know easier and it’s more you have More momentum and i think the downs are When you actually grow so you don’t want To avoid them you want to balance things Out and fight through them and stay Focused as you fight through them

Because then you come out on the other Side and you didn’t let this destroy you You let it grow you so yeah those are a Couple of things that i’m thinking about Right now in terms of content for this Channel and all this along with a Different video but maybe it’s relatable Uh for someone else as well A couple more things that i’m doing is For an example i’m stopping to serve Everyone and anyone who pays me like I’ve had this filter before Uh but it’s kind of like ass off just Because i love working i really do i Feel fulfilled serving clients and Knowing that i make a difference but at The same time sometimes it’s easy to Just say yes to this two thousand Dollars here two thousand five hundred Here three thousand here one thousand Here for four thousand whatever it is What i’m doing now is being more Selective with who i’m working with so That might be that it’s not making me The most money i could but that’s okay Like i would rather make 10 to 20k per Month with a happy wife happy kids happy Relationships great health and i feel Like that’s where i’m headed towards More Time freedom because like i’ve built Close to 400 funnels now And i’m working with the best clients in The world like including click funnels

And so In that sense i’m living my dream so why Push To potentially lose you know some parts Of my health or relationship or friends Or whatever it is like i want to maybe Be more selective in that era as well Too I guess this video is just to to tell You that it’s okay To Not do what everybody else is doing and To not continue doing what you’ve been Doing So Um In business for an example my clients Might change a little bit on this Channel we might experiment with some New content It might be three videos in one week or It might be one video it might be about This funnel design tutorial that helps You get launched but it also might be Something that’s Helpful that i’m going through that if You’re Feeling like you’re behind right now you Know If you’re feeling like you’re not where You want to be Because you’re right now you’re doing The work that’s going to pay off six Months from now and you don’t see it yet

But then you see someone else who’s done It for Two years you didn’t know they were Doing it but you’re seeing their fruits Of the labor you feel like you’re behind So yeah that’s what i’m doing and i Think for me The foundations the fundamentals are Going to be what’s driving the growth For q4 2022 i think for you as well Especially these two things especially These two things i would say three four Okay People around you negative people who Are super toxic has they have to go They have to go if they don’t support You long term for the vision that you Have for your life it’s like an anchor You have this this vehicle this boat and You want to go somewhere to this Location and you know it’s going to be Good it might be a little bit windy it Might be a little bit tough on the way There but it’s going to be amazing once You get there And you have this anchor people who are Keeping you down they’re slowing you Down destroying your happiness your mood Then outside of that you have your sleep Schedule i just know anxiety levels for An example if i look at too many new so What’s happening with this or this I get anxiety especially if i haven’t Slept like seven or eight

You know hours of sleeping the best is Probably like around Nine hours of great sleep on top of that We have obviously we have working out So can you sweat a little bit every day Like this 15-minute rule that i have is If i don’t feel like it at least i’ll go For a 50-minute walk or a run or even Even a gym session For 15 minutes and usually i feel a Little bit better i can stay longer but If not at least i break a sweat I take a shower and i have more Endorphins i feel better After just doing that quick exercise and So I mean the boring stuff eating good Sleeping good Saying no to everything that doesn’t Serve you and the people around you And i leave you with this And i’m not you know i’m not here to get Biblical on you but I thought of it about this this morning About how serving god is really serving Other people a lot of times we think of God as like some magical thing and it’s Really about serving people around you And being the best that you can be well I would say Being the best you can be for them but That means being the best version of Yourself so you can help other people I’m sure you heard

The analogy in in an airplane If you’re about to Have some turbulence or or not crash but Land somewhere you know with they tell You to put your mask on first to get Extra air whatever it’s called oxygen Sorry And then after you put it on yourself You can put on your kids so that you Know you can also help them and that is The same as in business as in personal Life it’s like first you focus on you Making sure that you’re okay that you’re Taking care of that you’re healthy that You’re positive because with the right Mindset in the right state of mind i Think you can do 10 times more good in This world just like money is a great Tool if you have more money you have Less stress you can help more people you Have more tools you have more resources Like these things these are the things That i would love to talk about Sometimes but maybe we’ll do on the Freedom seekers podcast i can link it Below in the description for those of You don’t know that’s me and a couple of My friends and actually my younger Brother we talk about stuff that is Happening in the world and so Yeah maybe i’ll keep keep the content Over there and then just keep this to Business and so if you want to follow us There that’s probably more relatable in

Terms of personal life that sort of Stuff sometimes we just have fun we joke About stuff as well and then this Channel we can keep our own business Yeah Let me know what you think because i’m Curious like what are some content you Want to hear more about and if you’ve Watched this far and you You stayed around to then this this Video appreciate you i truly do feel Like we’re building a community here and It’s it’s a lot of fun so i’m gonna Definitely continue uploading i think The key just like in anything when i Found my business ideas if you will it Was by experimenting and trying Different things like first i did mlm Multi-level marketing and i believed in The product Had some success then i felt like man we Should do this online they didn’t want To do it online so i was like let me try Something else and i saw business moving Online and i went online and i sold Marketing services to them so As long as you’re not afraid to try Things and optimize and change from There i think you’ll be good so that’s It for the video see in the next one Thanks for hanging out [Music]

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