Why I Wasn’t Focused on Tax Hacks

When I started my first gyms I was Making a few million dollars in Revenue Per year not a lot of profit but a few Million dollars in Revenue per year I Had a lot of different friends of mine Who were at the same level and obsessing About different tax hacks and Tax Strategies and all this stuff and for me It always felt kind of silly because I'm Not making enough money anyways this is Going to matter I always took the Approach of I want to spend as little Time as possible trying to optimize for This stuff and instead focus on what I Believe the thing that mattered most Which was getting better attaining more Skills reinvesting most of the capital I Had as an expense into education so I Didn't have a huge taxable income Because I was putting everything back Into learning new stuff getting into Communities getting workshops getting Skills getting tutoring so that I could Learn how to do things better and Ultimately make more money over the Long Haul rather than trying to save 20 today

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