Why I’m Leaving Clickfunnels… The TRUTH

All right so I wanted to give a full Explanation and a video I think you Deserve it kind of what's been happening The last couple of weeks it's been an up And down an emotional roller coaster Back and forth a lot of negotiations and Me wanting to help a lot of people and Finally realizing and at the end of the Day was pretty easy decision as well but You know how it is when you've been with Someone for so long it's always hard to Make a decision it's gonna affect a lot Of people and so I want to start this Off by saying first of all thank you to Everyone at click funnels it's been Awesome it's been a lot of fun it's been Impactful uh life-changing it's been Years and hundreds of funnels it's it's Been late nights early mornings it's Been Blood Sweat and Tears it's been all Of it for the last couple of years and Man I would never be here without click Funnels and Russell brunson's teachings And we're now friends hopefully still Friends even after making the decision That is based on a software a tool in The toolbox that we use as entrepreneurs And so I just I know there's a lot of Emotions involved with the community That you sort of side with I don't know Why it is that way because to me it's Just a tool but also It Feels Like Everything nowadays it's sort of like You gotta pick a side are you this or

That and it's like you know a huge part Of that problem is the media trying to Divide us but what I've found in my Business Journey so far and I'm only 29 So I don't have a lot of experience but I do have you know 500 funnels under my Belt so what I've found in that short Span of maybe five six seven years of Doing business is always asking myself Like every single day I wake up I'm like What is it that my community needs right Now you guys what is it that you need Right now and every single day I Re-evaluate where I'm at what I can do To improve my product my service and Sometimes I fail I make a mistake but Every single my intention is always to Be the best version I can be to fully Support and serve you and so with click Funnels uh one click funnels classic What I really loved is that it was super Easy to use and launch funnels quickly Like some people would plan out a funnel For weeks and we would be able to just Build a funnel launch it within one day And I can still do that because now I Have the experience and everything but Then it started breaking and glitching And a little bit here and there and a Lot of the things that we had to do we Needed custom code with and I'm not Against using a little bit of CSS here And there but it just started to be more Painful than actually fun to to play

With and in use and I kind of looked at Business at first because I'm a funnel Builder so I started looking at it as Like it should be fun to build funnels Because it is fun to build funnels like Writing copy designing the graphics and Doing brand mood boards and all these Things but then it started being this Sort of because of glitches and you know Bugs here and there it started feeling Like it's not enough it's not Sustainable just recently A lot of my Clients I've actually had a few you Message me asking if clickfunnels is Down and it was down for a few hours Then it got it was up again then it was Down a few hours and they had a launch They did four webinars in one day and They realized like it kept going up and Down and so like they lost out on a ton Of money and that happens better that Happens with a lot of softwares out There so it's not something that I'm Like oh click funnels you you could have Prevented this because I don't know I'm Not a tech engineer I'm not a software Engineer so what I've had to do though Is look at other options in the Marketplace and clickfunnels 2.0 I was The top two affiliate with click funnels 2.0 because why I believed in the click Funnels 2.0 launch and I knew that it Wasn't done but I believed in the team And this is not by the way this is not a

Video to say oh they failed us and this And that I love everyone like click Funnels I love everyone in the team I Love the clickfunnels 2.0 editor the Builder it's super fast and it's awesome And overall I think the future of Click Funnels is bright but if you wait for I Think it was fun liking live 2020 yeah 2021 they released it and announced it And then they didn't release it publicly They announced it I was the first one Outside of clickfunnels to have access To it as a beta tester and give feedback And we did a lot of back and forth you I Guess you could call it like Consulting On the editor and it was awesome you Know I don't want to make this about Click funnels this and that like I have Nothing but good things to say about Click funnels but what I ended up seeing Was it's gonna take a while to build This It's Gonna Take Years to build this Brand new platform and so fun acting Live 2022 came around and you know now One year later it still wasn't out there And so they launched it and people Started coming in using it providing Feedback this is what you do as a Software you launch it as a beta and Then you get feedback you optimize it From there but for me again I was an Affiliate and so I kept being like I Want to help people so like hey here's The figma module here's a course how to

Use and write copy and now with AI like I'm providing all these Solutions around The funnel Builder so now the tool in The toolbox which is supposed to just be A tool in the toolbox to help you build Your business coach your people create Your course videos record your YouTube Videos and build the funnels and do all The things that you do in your business Without having to really even think About the tech right if you're a Restaurant owner you're not every day Thinking about the tech you're serving People and it's like it's not about the Infrastructure that should just work and Be reliable and be there right that's Kind of how I've matured to look about Software so when I make decisions Nowadays I'm not as emotional and I'm Not looking at oh this community versus This one I'll be the first person to be Like hey I love both of you I don't have To pick a side you don't get to put a Label on me but at the end of the day I Gotta pick one that's like here's the One that we're using we're you know Showing to our community and we can get Behind and say I would put my entire Business on this and I can trust that The tech is performing is working Because thousands of other businesses Right now are using this solution right And one of the things my goal has always Been to simplify businesses for people

With funnels I simplify through Frameworks and design and all these Things like I provide all the templates And copies scripts and simple scales and Alex Ramos you want to set simple skills And fantasy fails so I love it being a Big ambition but we don't have 6 to 12 Months or 24 months to wait to wait for Something to be done right we want to Have something that is ready right now I Can use I can launch my funnel I can set Up my automation I can do all the things Without having to say oh yeah I heard That's coming soon and trust me being a Part of whether it's click funnels or High level or whatever software it is it Is hard to know because by the way I Have Insider info as I've been working With people I'm not into the info but Like insights to like how hard it is to Build these things so trust me I know That it's hard to build a new software And at this scale and all in one that's Crazy that's a huge project so I'm not Blaming anyone in this video in fact I'm Grateful for everything that click Funnels have done for me and and again The teachings from Russell Brunson has Been they've been amazing life-changing So what I'm saying is my future is with High level right now and I'm very Excited for a couple of reasons number One is the team reached out to me and They asked me kind of what I would like

To see within high level and what I like Already about it what I've you know what I wish it could have and what it would Have and all these things and what I Like about the team at high level is That they truly listen if you if you Look at the last two years three years In their Facebook group if you go to High level on Facebook you type it in And you join the Facebook group you'll See their co-founders being in there and Posting you know new videos and Tutorials and updates and it's not Tutorials but like behind in the scenes Here's what we launch now and it's not Here's what's coming in six months it's Hey we just released this and I really Like that and Russell Brunson and click Funnels started doing that recently as Well and I really respect them for Listening to feedback more now than Later I think they always have but now More so than than before but with high Level this is they've been head down Building and just listening to oh you Need this and then not talking about it Before it's live and so now what we have Is a solid foundation with the tool the Funnel build the websites the email the CRM like all of these things that we Really want as a funnel Builder and as a Business owner so whether you're a Course creator you also have the Course Membership inside of it you have all of

The things in one platform and yes if You want to have SMS you know some People prefer to have SMS Outreach in The automation you're gonna have to use Something to plug it into the all-in-one So like twilio that sort of thing but What you have is a dashboard and by the Way I can't wait to show you what I've Been playing around with the last couple Of days inside of high level but what it Allowed me to do was take my ideas with AI and copywriting and funnels and Conversions and just find a tool so now High level you can white level create Your own tool on top of their operating System and you can launch your own apps On top of it you can add and build on Top of it right you can customize things And so with high level you can add your Own logo you can create a white label Software a lot of people are doing that And what it allows you to do it's not Just that you're saying you're not Trying to hide it you're not saying oh We built this brand new software but What you've actually done is you've Created a ton of funnel templates a ton Of email sequences and they call like a Snapshot so if you're a course creator I Could create a course creator snapshot It's like a work space and the workspace That you can move over with my logo and Everything I can customize it and say Here's everything for you one click

Install not just the funnel template but All the funnels literally like all the Funnels the home page the lead funnel The course funnel and the backend funnel If you want to upsell people into One-on-one coaching and a membership Template and an email sequence from lead Funnel to the course funnel and the Order form two-step order form email Like abandoned cart email sequence Everything is in there right so you Don't have to do one thing at a time Here and there and trying to just piece It together but Isa founder can say look We did this thing we have our logo and We have our own software on top of the High level operating system and what it Allows you to do is just create an Account with us and it's affordable Everyone can use it and we're not gonna Charge everyone like the the maximum Among possible but what we did is we Take everything put it into the software Now you can use it as an example if You're a coach same thing coaching Funnel home page for a personal brand Like a coach right if you have an event Or you have a book you have the event Fund on the book funnel inside of the Same snapshot and so so this is why it's So powerful and to get to my point with All this with AI growing so rapidly I Wanted to test this thing and so I'll Record a separate video make sure you're

Subscribed with the Bell notification You'll see it in literally a few days I Was able to find the best AI tool that Had all of the different like hey you Need a website copy funnel copy you need Headlines and I can now have that tool Because I paid for it and I can add it To your account so you get the funnel Templates and everything and then you Also have ai and chat GPT inside of the Dashboard is this whole feature with a High level they have it's called custom Menu links by the way I'm new to high Level and learning all this stuff and so I'm excited to keep sharing everything I'm founding but finding but AI funnel Templates in fact I went into the funnel Builder because that's the big thing now As I partner with high level and join The community and everything the first Thing I wanted to do was join their Dev Team with the editor because I'm a Funnel Builder I'm in the funnel build Older building stuff website funnel like All that and so I started reading Because again customer focused I go into The community and looking at what people Are saying and some people saying hey I Love this this and that but there's one Thing I would love fixed here it's Another thing I would love fixed here I Wish they could have this and like all These things and so we're now with the Dev team in high level like working on

Implementing those changes and they're Super fast when it comes to updates and So I really love how much they're Actually welcoming feedback and not Feeling like we're bitching about it Instead of like no we're grateful thank You for providing so many helpful Insights into what you would like to see Because that's how we'll grow so anyways Long story short I am now partnering With high level and the reason I did This is for a couple of reasons number One they have a tool that is working now They have a software with all-in-one Everything in just one place and sure You might have to add something with Email and SMS so that you know if you Sell if you send out a thousand emails Is going to be cheap if you send out a Million emails just like any other Software it's gonna cost you more but What that allows you to do instead of Paying for more that you don't use you Start with a basic plan and you can Upgrade and pay more as you have a Business that's bringing in let's say It's bringing in 10 000 per month now And you pay 97 per month then when You're making 100K per month it makes Sense to pay something more like 200 300 400 right and so it's not the software It's the deliverability it's just like AI tokens you use 10 GPT the more that You use it the more you pay because

You're using these tokens and it's Energy and so hopefully that makes sense And I just want both sides to know if You're watching this from The Click Funnels Community or click funnels team Or partner click funnels or if you're Watching this from the goha level Community or customer base or the team Or the founders I want both sides to Know that when I make decisions it's Only based on the individual that is the End user her and so with that user in Mind if we focus on improving the Trainings the platform the software the Editor the tech and the training is the Tools everything and simplifying it make It easy making it easy for them to build Their business for you watching this to Build your business and then removing Everything else so that you have a tool In the toolbox that is working that is Reliable that is yes growing they're Innovating right but they're focusing on Listening hey what do you need next not Here's what we think that you need and Now here's this was coming in a year From now or six months but actually like What can we do to improve your life Today so it is simple for you to focus On your business your customer your Customer in your business your clients And that's what high level I feel like The done the best in the in the Community in this space and so that's

Why I'm so excited to be with high level Help them grow not just the visibility Because they are growing super fast with Word of mouth because they're proud like Focused and customer focused but also Help with the funnel Builder the tech on That side I'm not a coder but I do know User user friendliness usability and That sort of thing and I think that's Where I can help the most and for you if You're a watcher a subscriber a customer Of mine first of all thank you and Second of all we're just getting started I've always said it and I always feel Like we're just getting started and this Time we're building on something that is Already working it's already here and so Everything in fact in the last couple of Days we've already moved over 10 Different funnel templates and so in the Description I'll put a link where you Can go to get some of those free Templates for yourself and I'll have More updates on the Channel with behind The scenes tutorials and plug and play Templates and workspace and all these Different things and so what I said Thank you for being here because without You I wouldn't be anyone and today I'm Here because of you guys and you alone So appreciate you can't wait to see in The next video

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