Why Most Entrepreneurs Are Lonely

All seasons of Entrepreneurship have Elements of loneliness and I think that It changes I think in the beginning it's A lot harder because you're really Competitive you're really competitive Against other people rather than being Competitive against yourself started Doing weight loss just for a few weeks a Buddy of mine who was in weight loss Came up to me and said yo if you do Weight loss we can't be friends he was Doing like 150 Grand a month I was like Dude it's a 60 billion dollar industry Like we can't both do weight loss he's Like dude I was doing weight loss first I say that because like it sounds Ridiculous and that guy ended up Becoming very very successful and he Like later on was like dude I was just I Don't know sorry because you're so Afraid it's just fear if you can serve Your customers you'll have business it Doesn't matter what the competition's Doing and the Market's so big I think That's why it's lonely but like it's Lonely at my point just in a different Way it's lonely because there's just not That many people that I can talk to who Are you know dealing with the same Things

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