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Layla never tried to change me the Majority of the other relationships that I had was like you're here I'm here Let's meet in the middle so I always Felt like I had to be less than or a Different version of myself in order to Like make the relationship work so she Just kind of like oriented herself Around me and it worked amazingly well I Got to do what I want to do all day Which just worked did you feel like you Needed to compromise or bend a little Bit to fit Alex no honestly I think we Got really lucky because I was kind of Always the same way which is like I'm Not gonna be less of myself and less Ambitious and less career oriented for a Man so I actually really like the fact That he wanted to work all the time Finally somebody that didn't tell me Like oh you need to go do your hair and Look pretty it was someone who's like Yeah you should learn how to do this Let's build a business I just love that He believed in me so much

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