Will A.I. change everything we know about copywriting? Here are my thoughts…

So chat GDP is how you say it so I've Been busy with a lot of events lately But as I open up everything people are Talking about it it's artificial Intelligence right it's the future and So after seeing this how do you think This is going to change copywriting I Think the hardest thing with any kind of What we do in our business as you guys All know is like sitting out a blank Sheet of paper of like huh it's funny if You'd ask me like even a week or two ago It bugged me but as I'm looking at this Like first time using it but also just Like understanding a little better Things when people use this to generate A whole bunch of garbage like we had to AdSense back in the day for my friends He's a copywriting coach he said that Basically he thinks that this technology In the next year from now will um 80 Copyrighters will lose their jobs and 20 Who are still doing it because they're Leveraging this but also said it should Take people you know or used to take two Or three weeks to write like a really Good cells that are upsell down so it's Like people expect it to be done in a Day because the the speed of how you get Things done for people who understand How to leverage this correctly it's Going to be huge form my final reaction Is on this number one pretty sure this Is how it all ends so that's a little

Scary but number two um I am pumped Start using this actually with my Writing I write a lot I stuck a lot and I think it's a fun way to describe Brainstorm ideas get things happening Also helping with research I'm pumped I'll become an expert soon I got Chadgpssecrets.com Hopefully gpg someone get the domain Quick before somebody else watches this Video

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