Will AI Replace Us

I hope it ushers in a golden era for Humanity I hope in the short term the People who are going to do quality Assurance on the stuff that chat GPT Spits out they'll actually have an Outsized opportunity so like if you know How to write code now you can write 10 Times the code so the execution has been Delegated but you still have to validate The code is correct or is good or does The job that it needs to if I were to Ask you to write code I don't know how To read code so it doesn't matter that It can write code for me because I don't Know how to judge it so I still need a Human to do that and that human can now Check 10 times as much code or 100 times As much code which means the value of an Expert increases in the short term long Term once the AI can check itself and Can do it better than a human can and Can check millions of lines of code

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