Workflows in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn more about the Workflows in ClickFunnels 2.0.

Things there’s workflows so workflows When somebody goes and they join your List the workflows send them day one Send this email day two send this email They three send this email etc etc now In the workflow you can also do more Complicated things so you can buy when They click here do this if they and it Can get as complicated as you want um You know you can have emails saying like Send this email and if they don’t open The email then five hours later send This email or send half this way and Have to sweat and like there’s a whole Bunch of like you can get really Complicated but you shouldn’t I’m not Gonna right now don’t get complicated There’s an easy way to do it but that’s What workflow is is when somebody join Your joins your list what are the what’s The sequence the workflow you want to Take them through what’s again I call The follow-up on what’s the follow-up Funnel you want to take them through and Now broadcasts are different broadcasts Are where something’s happening and You’re like oh I want to send an email To my entire list like I’m doing a Challenge tomorrow I’m going to send Email to everybody in my database Everyone on my list to get them to come To my challenge right or I’m launching

My book tomorrow so I can send a One-time broadcast that goes to Everybody okay so if you want to do a One-time notifications to broadcast if You’ve read Secrets book Broadcasts are my daily Seinfeld emails Right it’s like click and create Broadcast and then you pick uh you pick A theme Which my template should be right here Hopefully boom Russell’s awesome link Template I choose that right I’m gonna Choose a template And then From there I’m going to go and actually write the Email Loading email will be like Yo it’s Russell Check out my new check out my new book It’s awesome and then if I want to I Could throw content block and throw a Picture of my book right there we’ll be Just throw a picture of the book and Then in my picture I’m gonna throw Um button link And then I’ll post more text Right here like You can get a free copy Just copy secrets .com right and I can underline it And then uh bold and then put a little Link right here and then type in like secrets

.com Of course I spelled that wrong click OK And now Um I made a link so someone clicks on That link the email goes there right Make the button same thing let me link This button come over here what link is Going to be okay it’s going to go if they open if they open a Link right I can just save the picture Throw the picture there upload a picture Etc so that’s how it works after it’s uh Done then it says broadcast name some Say test so say what’s your broadcast Topic Um and if you ever know if that’s Something is Click over a little I and Usually will tell you Um so um yeah you can find out exactly What it is this topic and then who you Want to send it to you send eight people They’re basically write in there you Write your subject line you’ve got your Pre-header you click Send it immediately Send it tomorrow at six whatever it is Best you do broadcast so it’s like I Need to send email to everybody right Now boom and it’s cool because you can Also you can segment so I’m gonna send Everybody or it’s like oh I only want so Many people who and you can do different Settings like people who bought this Product or people who um who join this Funnel people who have actually

Downloaded my book and there’s a whole Bunch of things you can do okay that’s Outside of context this training I just Want to show you that that’s what a Broadcast is and how it works and you Can send it out and boom like whenever You need it so you’ll start using Broadcasts a lot right someone comes to My list they join a workflow and then if You’ve read Secrets book The Workflow is the Seinfeld secret excuse Me the soap opera sequence the soap Opera sequence they’re building a Relationship with me and after they Finish soap opera sequence then it’s Going to broadcast to them after that Okay okay so for your homework tonight Though it’s all about workflows I’m Gonna come to workflow and first thing You’re going to create a new workflow Okay so for this one I’m gonna come back Here and this is the workflow I’m going To be creating five day sequence right Here so I’m going to call it the Um I’m going to call it the the new Member or how about the get to know me Sequence get to know me Okay and then I’ll just kind of ignore The rest there’s different options and I’m not gonna go deep in that but these Things are more technical like runs once For contact runs multiple times for Contact like don’t stress about those Things you can change them to make edit

Them Um and you click on create workflow okay So now it’s going to create this Workflow which is basically my ability Now start saying hey what’s the first Message the second message third message Okay so right here’s trigger so and I’m Going to come back to this but basically The trigger is like what is the trigger That makes somebody started getting These emails you can add a trigger and Say okay this trigger is Um when somebody Um orders something when they opt in With a page view so you can set a Trigger where if someone lands my thank You page send this email sequence or Some if someone else on my blog where I’m talking about blah blah blah send Them this email sequence right or in This situation it’s when someone gives Me the email address right it’s a lead Magnet they gave me the email address I’m going to let them opt in so I click On opt-in and this is what funnels that From I look through here I can’t Remember which one it was but let’s say It’s that funnel and that’s why you need To make sure you name your funnels Um and um And then it picks the page so that’s the Page where they register on this page Inside this funnel then send them an Email and make it active so that’s the

Trigger does that make sense the Triggers basically what triggers the Sequence what starts it so now I just Told it like when somebody goes to my Funnel that funnel and they put their Email address in then trigger the Sequence okay so now you can come down And say okay what goes in the sequence I Click this little sidebar over here it’s Going to pop out and these are all Different things I could potentially do Okay there’s a lot you can tag a contact You can add notes you can trigger things You can do a whole bunch of things but For this what all you want for your Homework is we’re just going to send out Emails we’re gonna make this simple so You grab this right here you grab right Here drag it down here and boom they’re Gonna get an email okay this is what’s Email name so email name number one is What is who you are so call it who you Are who you are and then you can sign The email someone prep the email design I’m gonna go to my templates And grab the greatest Temple of all time Which is the Russell Brunson awesome Template It’s gonna throw a template in there Boom there it is And then you come down here Oops we came right here type the subject Line so where the subject line is Subject line

A pre-headline um so if you look at your Emails when you come back here in an Email sequence so you if you start Looking down here you’ll notice that Like it says it’s your chance to be fun Like lives here that’s the subject line And then the second thing the second Subject line that’s the pre-headline so It doesn’t show up in every email Um every email client but in Gmail it Does right another ones it does as well So anytime you look at this like the First again Batman is a failure that is My my subject line and then this next Thing right here which is Um and I’ll prove it to you that is um The pre-headline right so it’s kind of Like two subject lines so I’ll do Something like hey this is so cool right Try to get someone’s attention so it Grabs when they’re scrolling through Emails and then pre-head’s like uh did You know This is the last one sounds like two Hooks right two visual hooks they’ll see When you log in the email okay so I’m Always thinking what are the two hooks To get someone to stop and actually Click on all right you get two shots and So that’s what the subject line the Pre-head is and then email you pick the Email from the thing and you create step Number two Right and so there’s the first email

Okay so what that means now is that when This workflow is triggered immediately It’s gonna send out its email okay let Me make this a little bigger here so the Trigger happens this email gets sent now The next thing I want to do is I want to Start creating Um Um delays because I’m not careful if you Build all five emails back to back to Back with some option it’s gonna be like Email one dude five emails quickly and I’ve made that mistake more than once Right so next step is you set the delay So you grab this put a delay in here The delay says how many hours I’m going To say uh usually one day Right so the workflow will trickle Immediately you’re gonna get this email And then one day later there’s gonna be Delay and then what happens one day Later then we’re gonna send them email Number two Okay same thing I email item two I’m Gonna call that one I’m calling that one Uh what do you do What do you do and I’m gonna design the Email as you know I’m grab it go to my Template Um boom It’s like template Um And then Boom or my pre-added my pre-ad change

The email address there Create step And now you got email number two right So the workflow is triggered booming is Email immediately there’s one day delay And then they get this email and you Start keep building that right so they Come back again okay what’s the next Step in the path Next Step we’re going To go and we’re going to delay again and Maybe delay this one like Um you know instead of delaying a day Maybe you Um looks like I dropped it somehow Something that happens Um Maybe you delay it three days or a day And a half or just kind of depends what You want to do I traditionally with some Ops in a figure in my head like if they Opted in right now this is the time of Day they’re used to like clicking on Something and opting in so obviously 24 Hours so I usually almost always do mine 24 hours sometimes I’ll do 12 hours if It’s like a campaign or a launch or Maybe it’s like I’ll do three in a day But then usually go back to like just 24 Hours so that’s kind of how I typically Do mine so Boom I got one day duration add in there And then keep going from there right and So that’s how you kind of go and you out Go and you build out the entire email

Sequence then one thing I do want to Show you you click on here You also can go in here obviously and Edit the email so this is where you’re Going to go and actually take Um take the copy excuse me Take the copy from the email copy Generator and go and copy email number One in here right so copy email number One in here All right you have all emails all the Emails in here for email number one And you save and exit Boom all right for some reason it took Me out of the workflow so I’m just click Back on workflows get back to where I Left off Sometimes click bones does weird things I’ll report that as a bug anyway uh come Back here now email number one who you Are Boom you see there’s the email to be Sent and it’s all good okay so I’m gonna Go back through and do that for email Number two three four five six and all Emails here right one two three four Five six that’s your homework is is to Build those out now if you haven’t Written only five for six emails yeah That’s okay but at least build out the Sequence you got day one day you know a Break day two a break day three to break So you have the flow here then you come Up here and uh you go and you can enable

The workflow so you have to enable it For it to actually work okay that way it Doesn’t automatically start you know Because you could accidentally build a Thing and you turn trigger on awesome Boom it starts triggering and people Start getting emails before you’re done Or you’re ready so that’s all you can Turn off and on now that’s activated you Can also come here and you’ll be able to See the stats you’ll see like how many People clicked on links how many cells Came from a Gmail you will see like um How many like email you know this email Right here is generated five thousand Dollars in profits you can actually go Deeper and be like oh and you know 3000 Came from this link two thousand came From the footer link and it’s it’s kind Of crazy after when you start doing this For a long time you’ll come back to These workflows and look at your uh your Analytics your sell stats and be blown Away how like this email I wrote three Years ago which is email number two in My workflow has made me x amount of Dollars because all the people that keep Coming through and seeing it so the Statute load is slow right now but you Get the gist and so those are all in There as well so what I’m gonna do now Is I’m going to come back here I’m gonna Go back to the dashboard come back to Our site in our funnel

Come down to our funnels and now I told You before remember we have our funnel Here so go back to the funnel now I need To go and connect that workflow to this Funnel okay now it may have already Happened because I told you I set a Trigger so the trigger would go off here If you can also come here just to make Sure it’s going to happen right and so Right here it says choosing the existing Workflow to get to know these things is The workflow I just created so I select That and say okay when somebody opts Into this page then attach this workflow Okay notice left hand side you see Here’s the funnel pages right page one Page two and then here’s the workflow That happens right this is the same Workflow worked on earlier today so you Can come back here and you can keep Building this workflow while it’s Attached right here and see it uh Actually attached here to this page in The funnel so anyway it’s kind of fun Um again this is gonna be your first Time building out workflows and email Sequences again I call them follow-up Funnels Um but that’s what this is this is this Huge follow funnel email you know people Join the list and they get email number One the email two number three number Four and it’s a funnel just like Everything else we do right so that’s

How emails work again you emails are the Secret it’s the key it’s how you have Success inside this business so I want To make sure you guys understand the Strategy behind it and hopefully you do Now a little bit better.

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