You can’t fake the nerves…

When I was wrestling you get all the Nerves anxieties are getting ready and You walk out there as soon as you slap Hands with your opponent they float away And it's just gone wrestling starts Happening and there's no nerves again But everything leading up that's just Like this huge spiking thing and for me The exact same thing is true and a live Event I'm behind stage especially now Fhl with the walls that open or they go Up or different things and you hear Devon and they start introducing you and You see the smoke start building up and It's just like the anxiety nerves Getting bigger and bigger and for me it Takes everything I have to not run off Stage and just throw up right away I'm Like oh no and hopefully he talks a Little bit longer and I'll send you here Russell Brunson boom and then the stage Starts opening and you're like there's Nothing I can do as soon as you step Through the wall this is the equivalent Of like shaking hands with the person Boom you see everyone and for me I don't Know what it is my hands always go up And I'm like hey it's just a weird Reflex I don't know when I start waving And that point all the nerves are gone And it's just like all right it's on That's how I experience it when I walk Through the wall every single time

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