You dig the foundation differently for big buildings

If you want to build a really big Building you dig the foundation Differently it goes deeper and it goes Wider which means that for a period of Time anyone who looks at you you're Below the ground and you're doing stuff That has no progress the thing is is That the longer you build in this Foundational period the higher you will Ultimately be able to build the building That is the success the achievement but The problem is is that the fastest way To get to a million is not the fastest Way to get to 10 million the fastest way To get to 10 million is not the fastest Way to get to 100 million and so the way That you play the game how tall you want The building to be ultimately has to get Reversed into the present which is why It's so important to think big and also Cut out anything that isn't aligned with That big goal of yours because it will Change how you play

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