You Don’t Have to Play the Game the Same Way

Do you ever get people that think you're A fake Guru I'm super transparent about My intention I'm here to absolutely make Money but I just don't need most People's money we have 16 companies in The portfolio right now my Equity stake Is probably worth I don't know 5 10 ish Million how many thousand dollar courses Do I have to sell to do that a lot like There's a cap to how much money you can Make if that's the game so for me to get To a billion I'm not going to get there Selling courses I have to own something That's worth a billion the reason I had The book it's 99 Cents and like so many People from like Bangladesh and like Pakistan like they can buy the book and They're like I get all these thank you Messages which is cool part of the Reason I'm doing this way is because Like I kind of want to prove a point Which is that like you don't have to Play the game the same way and so Everyone gets a little bit of Goodwill And they try monitor but if you can just Deposit and deposit and deposit and then You just keep proving it wrong then that Doubter actually ends up becoming your Biggest fan

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