You have to ask the right questions

An entrepreneur friend of mine asked me How do you think I could add five Million dollars in profit in my business And do no extra work and so we sat down For 90 minutes thinking about all the Different things in our business finally Figured out a way she can make five Million more dollars extra profit per Year for no added effort and what that Experience taught me was how important Asking the right questions were it Wasn't how do I make more money how do I Make more Revenue it was the constraint Of I want to do nowhere and make five Million dollars the questions provide The guidelines for the answer and so if You're not getting the answers you want You're probably asking the wrong Questions

Ace The Funnel Builder
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Namaste~ My name is Ace and I found these contents SUPA~ Valuable! I apologize for the quality of the transcript... (In case you are curious I used YT EVO plugin to automatically pull these amazing contents) Enjoy!

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