You need to leverage your skills to build relationships with the people you want to work with!

I use my funnel building skills to build Relationships with people I want to get To know when Tony Robbins was launching His book he called me he's like Harrison Launching a book to help me promote it And I was like sure what's the page and He sent me a link to the page I was like Oh interesting yeah I'd love to help you But what I was actually thinking behind The scenes was this I'm like we're Screwed it was so bad I'm like if I send Traffic to this page nobody's gonna make Any money especially now Tony especially Not me it's gonna be embarrassing I was Like Tony can I please save your launch This is the worst thing ever who'd you Hire he's like oh these guys who do big Barking for Nike and big companies like That I'm like have they ever sold the Book before I didn't ask him that I was Like please please let me build a book Funnel for you he's like what are you in Charge to make I will literally do Everything for free just don't mess this Up he's like sure I'd love to do that Build them a book funnel made videos With him we helped him to launch and it Was so much fun and I got to know Tony Most of the Fast Lane people I want to Get to know in the world have written Books so I went and did the same thing With Grant Cardone I'm like hey Grant You want me to build your book photos Like sure how's it working Michael

Number one you gotta pick me up in your Private plane and then while we're in The air I'm gonna build the entire thing He's like that's how it works but yeah That's the only way to build funnels Okay picks me up in the Gulf Stream you Jump in there we build the funnel in the Air and it was amazing we built we like Film the sales videos in the plane like Everything and I got to know Grandma Better which is really fun

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