You need to sell the strategy before selling the tactics…

One of the biggest things I see speakers Do is they get so excited about the Content they Jump Right In you keep Spending like 50 of your time on the Story about how you learned you earned In like 25 actually teaching it Otherwise they don't value the thing You're actually teaching them wanted to Teach that step number two then this is Where you go through your strategy Strategy is like the higher level piece Of it right so over here with a Continuity then from there we create a Miff key right and for Miffy we can Create dramatic demonstration it's going To push people into the miffkey and over Here we're gonna have a selling thing That gives people here and then we have A second amount of demonstration that Sells our big high ticket thing right so There's this strategy now I have to get Somebody sold on the strategy before They will listen to you or pay any Attention to the actual tactics and how I do it

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