You need to start “selling shovels” now… 😉

He knew that at the time everyone was Looking for gold he went into uh San Francisco and he ended up buying all the Picks and the shovels he gathered them All up put him into his own little shop Over there and then he got some Gold Dust In His Hands he started walking Around the streets yelling there's gold In the American River there's gold in The American river and all the people Like oh gold that he'd like to start Running around trying to find picks and Axes and shovels and guess what the only People that picks axes and shovels were Sam Brennan they all ran his store Bought his stuff and Sam became the very First millionaire in San Francisco's History not by digging for gold he did It initially by selling shovels right Now there's gonna be a huge wall Transfer because people are looking for The shovels they're looking for funnels They want this kind of thing right now And during times of recession Traditionally is when most businesses Are started people aren't happy they're Scared for their stability all these Kind of things so the demand is going Like crazy you guys have this chance we Become the shovel sellers giving them The tools they need to actually be Successful to make the most amount of Money

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