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Okay so what is the your first funnel Challenge from Russell Brunson well it’s A five day free challenge for anyone who Either has a business or want to start a Business and you’re not really sure if You’re on the right direction or if you Should pivot do something else maybe Belong to an offer maybe create multiple Streams of income and not just one and So in this video I’m gonna review your First funnel challenge tell you exactly What it is and so that you can know if It is for you and also I’m gonna show You a tool that I’ve used to create No-brainer offers so that when you get Funnel templates and the free challenge And everything you can just plug it into My tool that I’ve created so that you Have an offer that people beg to buy From you and actually say thank you for Creating this and serving us so let’s Dive in so what we see is Um the hook for the page is just give us Five short days and we’ll show you how To quickly launch your idea turn into Business you’re proud of this can work Even if you currently have no Tech Skills don’t have a product and have no Idea what a funnel is yet now let me Tell you by the way if you don’t know Who I am my name is Ghost and I’ve built Over 500 funnels for clients like Russell Brunson Tony Robbins Dean Graciel C Robert Kiyosaki and so I speak

From experience when I say this I used To spend so much time learning Complicated softwares like WordPress and Plugins and all these different things Until I started using click funnels and That was 1.0 now you have 2.0 which is Way faster way better as all-in-one Features and so just when I compare what We have now and what I used to do back When I started my business like it’s so Much easier now to start a business or Scale a business with a simple tool like Click funnels when you go through these Five days think of it as a what’s it Like a launch pad into the business that You want to have a business that serves You that provides for you yes you get 30 Days free access to click funnels and You can start playing around with it I’m Gonna give you some free templates if You want this video see how and so you Can plug and play and you can add your Offer and you can write copy I even have A copyright master class that I can give You where I walk through how to it’s 10 Different tips how to write copy that Converse the words you put on the pages And everything and also have a start to Finish funnel design that you can get And you can learn how to actually make Them look beautiful but when you think Of the five day challenge as sort of the Launch pad into the business you want to Have so walk through the training with

Uh Russell attend the training again It’s free and then look at how he’s Structuring a business and a what he Calls a value ladder I have a more of a Unique Revenue income sort of calculator Like planner where you start from One-on-one you go group and then you add Like passive income through different Templates and assets and mini courses And stuff like that that I teach but This challenge is great for anyone who’s Just starting out to launch your idea Turn into a business and so we go down We can see that the big launch strategy Here from Russell is to include and Partner with Damon John which is pretty Crazy I think most entrepreneurs we uh Grow up wanting time of business and We’ll look at a few shows like Shark Tank I know I’ve been I’ve been watching Shark tank for a long time in the past And so it’s pretty cool to see that he’s A part of this and the big concept here That they’re talking about is there’s Multiple ways that you can raise money To build a business right and I look at How I’ve built my business it’s not from Investors anything like that and uh it’s Not from borrowing money from the bank To start a business it’s starting a Business with what I have a Facebook Profile a free trial to a software Creating an offer reaching one person And then agreeing on a purchase right I

They have a problem I have a solution or They want a funnel build I build it for Them and I collect the payment with a Simple invoice using stripe very like Simplistic and lean and nothing Complicated with like a huge office and I didn’t travel the world then I didn’t Have team members I just focused on Serving people one person at a time you Take some of that money and you turn it Into the budget for your subscriptions So like click funnels for example a lot Of these tools are free as well like Figma that we use for design if you look At this template that I’m going to give You it’s free and you can customize the Images the text the buttons and Everything and then you just export the Image you can’t paste the text into Click funnels and again the big idea Here is that you bootstripe your best List so Russell is going to show you how To do that and not have to give up a Percentage of your business too or Shark Tank investor or anything like that so Pretty cool there’s also a lot of these Uh surprise guests and they’re going to Speak about their topics [Music] And uh let’s see here day one funnel Hacking so modeling what works this is a Very common term in the uh click funnel Space where you funnel hack your model You don’t copy you don’t go in and say

Oh they’re doing this I’m going to steal The color the text the images that’s not What you do funnel hiking is think of Funnel building as Lego so you grab this Piece here this piece here you put all The pieces together and let’s say you Want inspiration on how to add product Mock-ups like a course markup or Whatever it is and so you can find 10 Different pages or three different pages Or five different pages of people have Something similar and you say ah they Have a like you see a pattern oh they’re Using a screen with this and there’s a Text and then there’s person in the Community behind it awesome that that Makes a lot of sense and so you get the Ideas from what they’re doing but you Don’t go okay I’m gonna copy exactly What they’re doing uh day two your first Funnel uh you’ll walk away from today Having learned the second greatest Funnel that magnetically attracts Customers to you okay quickly contrast Irresistible truck grabbing headlines And email follow-ups so like building an Entire system front end following up With them things like that hook story Offer irresistible ads and do it now so Like implementing everything so for the Challenge overwhelmed feelings of in Uncertainty questioning your business Idea is even good enough and then after The challenge to create a clear

Direction for you in your business have A step-by-step action plan came to drive Motivation to build the business of your Dreams but that’s not all free bonuses Awesome Myra golden love that guy Dean Is there Grant Cardone Jenna that’s Awesome Uh if you don’t have a product special Funnel install sessions Yeah so it’s pretty cool what they’re Creating here is a front-end freebie to Get people into their ecosystem into the Community and once people join this and You go through and you see man this is Crazy like all of this for free let me Sign up for free trial or let me you Know buy the next thing so as you’re Going through this you can also think About like what’s a uh what’s a an Irresistible no-brainer offer that you Can create for your business as the Front end so if you have your core offer Is you know Fitness coaching then you Can have your front-end be here’s all The recipes delicious recipes that also Is healthy that you can cook in five Minutes or whatever it is so uh here’s What you get the bonuses understand for Free and then depending on when you’re Watching this there’s gonna be a link in The description where you can see when The next challenge is so these are Happening all the time and you can sign Up for free and when you do that you

Also get access to click funnels for 30 Days now if you want to use my link and Support the channel Channel I appreciate That but I don’t also want to give you Like some bonuses I say thank you and Reward you for doing that so it’s a Win-win so what I’ve done is created uh Kind of what I talked about uh an offer Creation system where you focus you Answer a few questions and then you Think about the objections that people Have why they’re not buying and the Stories that they tell themselves again Going quickly here because I want you to See this and I have a video where I walk Through everything so it’s easy to Understand once you use my link and I’ll Send this to you just send me an email To support Um and you stack your offer and you Create a number to offer using this tool Is pretty cool and then I’m also going To give you this copywriting masterclass 10 tips to writing copy that converts And sells more of your offers and helps You make more sales and then I’m gonna Give you these 10 of these different Funnel types so this one is just the Home page funnel invitation application Confirmation order form then we have Lead funnels we have high ticket low Ticket event funnels all these funnel Types with the exact copy what to put Where and all that which you get for

Free when you sign up to click funnels 2.0 so just uh in the description right Now go click the link to your first Funnel Challenge and sign up for the Free five-day event and then on the next Page you’ll see how to get free access To click funnels for 30 days and then Once you do that this is probably the Best part is we have a private Community Who people use my link you also get Access to me for questions on the editor If something isn’t like 100 working yet Because it’s new and it’s just launched Or if you need more funnel templates or Tutorials like you have first access to Me and this also uh is the same thing if You’re in the Insiders Academy Inner Circle or a full-time funnel designer You also have access to this private Group because if you value me enough to Invest in me or use my link and support Me I value you and I give you my time Just this place I’ve paid 700 bucks to Have a place to film videos where we are Traveling through Portugal so appreciate You thank you for using my link in the Description send me an email to support and I’ll send you all The bonuses so you can start diving in Today and also you get access to click Funnels 2.0 today as well when you use The link in the description depending on When you’re watching this there’s also a Link to get a free trial but at the time

Of this recording which is October 5th There’s uh the free challenges where you Get the you sign up to the VIP for free On the next page and then you get the Free trial there as well a lot of free Stuff but that’s how you create great Offers so I’ll see you on the inside

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