Your habits are INCREDIBLY important!!

I remember when I first started this Business I just got done with wrestling I didn't hit my goals my wife got Pregnant with twins I gained like a lot Of weight like it was really fun she was Eating for three I was eating with her And um we both gained like I don't know 60 something pounds and then she had Babies and lost it all and I just just Like overweight for a while fast forward Six years later I can remember one day I Was looking in the mirror I had a shaved Had these glasses on I was just like What in the world happened to me like I Was division one athlete I was Struggling not just there but in Business and all sorts of things I was Like I have to get back into the spot Where I can actually feel good or I Can't have all the other things right so I had to get back and like learn how to Eat again learn how to exercise learn How to do these things and set these Habits that'll like help me become who I Need to be to execute on this thing same Thing with with religion like there's Times when like I struggle where I don't Do the things the habits I need to do to Help me to become who I need to be to Accomplish this thing as a father Parenting is the hardest part of Everything you know like every single Day I see these kids I'm like man what If I mess up their lives what if I don't

Give them what they need right it's like Oh you freak out they can't belief I can Do it it's like what are the habits I Need to create to help them to be able To become who they need to be too right

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