Zero to $10K/M Funnel Agency in 6 Steps (MINI COURSE)

All right before we dive in this is a Video from full-time funnel designer my Course for funnel Builders to go from Zero to ten thousand per month and this From 2.0 we've now released 3.0 so I Wanted to give back for you you know for Free as you're a supporter of this Community and so just know this is one Of the videos we always keep updating And give free access to people who buy Now who bought two years ago they get All of the operator versions as I learn More as I build these funnels and then I Update the course and so this one is From 2.0 now enjoy Right so in this we're going to talk About the high ticket funnel clients Playbook or workbook it's kind of like The overview your 100K path to Freedom The roadmap the stages the phases ahead And there's actually six different Stages that we're going to go through in This program and I want to break them All down in this video so what you see Here is the PDF there's a link below This video you can download it and it's Basically everything that you need to Build a 10K per month funnel agency from Scratch in as little as 90 days or less Without doing phone calls without doing Sales calls sending out proposals doing Cold emails call calls all of that so Let's dive in the first thing we're Going to take a look at is the 100K

Roadmap the sixth phase has the Consistent 10K per month and Beyond Phase number one foundation so you can See here Niche offer pricing and Everything that goes into the Foundations because it wouldn't make Sense for you to go and you know start Posting content and uploading to your Portfolio and trying to message people Whatever you do if you don't have the Foundations that then you can build upon Like if you if you build a house on Cards it's gonna crumble if you build it On a solid rock foundations then as you Continue you're going to build this Client flywheel and everything is gonna Exponentially grow and it's gonna Compound so phase two is then you have Your assets everything that you build You're now launching it using organic Social media so we use Facebook and we Find these communities right well that's In lead generation but we first launch It to the world funnel so concept funnel Your first funnel design we have the 24 Hour click funnels challenge the Portfolio funnel so you have a template For that uh profile we'll talk about all Of this but basically your organic Personal brand we're launching to the World and if you're building a funnel Agency that is not built on your Personal brand then we're gonna brand it That way in the next spreadsheets and

Tools that we have for you phase three Is the lead generation and we have Things like messaging content Legion Everything that goes into attracting Those to you because you don't want to Spend time reaching out to all these People if they're not interested you Want to get them to come to you just Like doctors have an authority when People go to them and they describe a Solution we want to describe the Solution here's the funnel top that you Need here's the system and all the the Pieces that you need to this system so That they go okay it makes sense for me To hire this person and then naturally The the next phase is then sales how do You create your offer how do you close Sell how do you deal with objections how Do you make sure that you don't even get Any objections in the first place And then phase number five is the Funnels the delivery the actual Fulfillment strategy for your client Funnels and picking the funnel types the Structure the process to building these And a lot more and then phase six it's Really about scaling with it could be a Team it could be systems and automations And different tools that we use to scale From this launch period so you don't get Stuck they'll be actually build momentum So excited for you to dive in this is The final client flywheel that I've

Talked a little bit about let's just Quickly go through this what it means You might have seen my videos on my YouTube channel talking about this but In essence what it really means is Building this machine that builds upon Itself so step one is getting the right Clients step two is giving those clients The best experience they can have and Then step three is getting clients to Refer other clients to you and then Number four getting client testimonials And leveraging those you can see here to Your portfolio turning into more more Content to get more dream clients and Building this the more you get better at All these areas the faster the client Flywheel is going to be as you get Better client experiences and they're Happy with what you sell them they're Gonna buy more stuff for more people Give you more testimonials grow a bigger Portfolio which means more dream clients You get the gist of it it's actually What Amazon did with their business is They started out with books and so the Project range was books and they got new Products and they focused on customer Experience right so these are things That you can control like your products Or services and then the experience that You can deliver to People by just Becoming better at it and by you niching Down and actually picking just one

Funnel type to begin with and one group Of people like it's easier for you to Give them a really good experience Because you don't have to master Everything so when you do that just like Amazon they did this it got more Convenient for people to purchase from Amazon faster shipping been lower prices Which means they got more organic Traffic because of that they got lower Cost because you know they could sell More at lower prices because there was a Lot of traffic on the site they got more Increased sellers coming to the site to Pick up this low-hanging food like all These customers and with that they had Lower prices because more sellers were Competing for the prices and then Product range again increased because of More Sellers and so the experience then Got better because more to choose from Lower prices faster shipping which Introduced more people to this space Again they created this flywheel and you Could do the same by literally focus on On getting clients getting amazing Experiences I think a lot of times People get Distracted by everything in this world And we forget to actually deliver Amazing experiences for our clients yeah I think you get the point so let's move On we do this by creating our own funnel Agency system and it really comes down

To focusing on the Simplicity on the Day-to-day Alexa MOSI calls this doing The boring work and it's not fancy but He says fancy fails and simple scales And so that's what I've really taken as I've built my funnel agency to over 400 Funnels for clients and myself so create Assets and we'll talk about all of this But create your assets launch your Agency nurture your audience fill your Inbox qualify those leads convert those Prospects into clients and onboard Clients deliver funnels optimize Performance for those funnels and turn It into more assets for your portfolio For your content and then leverage it You kind of get the point but wanted to Have this visual in there so you could See what it really means so now next Thing I have is a 21 one day launch boot Camp so you can print this I highly Recommend you print this entire Playbook But on the next page you're gonna Actually be able to implement it on this Workbook with like your Niche your Pricing your business name like your Domain everything as well as the Spreadsheet the funnel agency fast lane But I wanted to have both digital and a Printable version in here so this is Really a great way for you to get your First clients in a couple of weeks so I Call this the three clients in three Weeks Challenge and if you follow

Everything it's totally possible what You do is get one free client turn that Into a paid one and then upsell and get More of those and so as I said you Leverage those portfolio testimonials Case studies content and it'll start Spinning you get more and more and we Typically see this best results for People within like 90 days so the first Couple of weeks you're like man why am I Really seeing any results from this and Then you get the first one and you start Seeing the compound but you got to be Consistent for at least 90 days I give This a 90 day Sprint and actually go all In on yourself swetha said we got all The pillars for your funnel agency Niche Funnel type offer pricing and content if You actually calculate these more than Five but those are the main ones Um as you probably seen in the master Class what Niche do you serve Specifically what's your sub Niche Within that Niche so this could be again There's a spreadsheet where I talk about All of this you can fill out but if the Niche is business owners I want to help Business owners and build the funnels For them the sub Niche is Consultants E-commerce businesses course creators Software businesses that's a huge niche As well or a lucrative growing one is The nft space like I build sales funnels For nft brands or I build you know

Automated webinar funnels for course Creators or authors or whatever it is Like free plus shipping book funnels for Authors I build event funnels for Speakers I built virtual funnels for this Niche And so what's your main funnel type well You have the road maps The Funnel flows And so you look at those and you say I'm Going to build this type of funnel I'm Going to master the webinar funnel I'm Going to do everything for them the Script the slides the email sequence the Design I'm going to charge 5000 and I'm Going to automate everything for a Client so they have to do nothing and Have this funnel live in seven days Again that's a really good offer So what's the outcome your clients get Not the actual thing that you're Building the outcome so if you build a Booking application funnel then the Outcome is a fuller booked calendar like You actually get a full pipeline of Ready to buy clients the outcome is more Clients more freedom What's your public fund agency brand Name what's your funnel into the domain Name I recommend having a name that is Professional but also has some of that Wording the keywords like funnel or Agency or conversion in the name so for Me for my new agency that I launched With you guys I am using I'm going to Target course creators and build course Funnels for those people so profit Letter lead magnet delivery and price This is similar to the spreadsheet so I'll put a link to the spreadsheet below This as well because I don't want to Talk about like all the areas of the Spreadsheet double doesn't make sense But you have the lead magnet what type Of lead mic they're using like funnel Audit funnel template paid offer what's Your paid offer well is everything Included the funnel system itself and Then how many do you want to sell per Month and what price so upsell is then Selling a package instead of saying if The one project is 3K packages 2 funnels For 5K for example recurring is like Management or selling something that's On a monthly basis but you do maybe like Their email marketing or Tech Integrations or something for 300 bucks A month how many of those do you want to Have per month and the price and total Revenue put that here as well what all Of this would be per month lead magnet Is delivery it just means like if it's a Funnel audit how do you deliver that Well it's free it's a zoom call a Google Hangout if it's a funnel template well It's digital deliverable it's it's easy And and very scalable so the client Tracker this is a tool that you can use

To just well literally track your client Projects and payments in the progress so When you get a new client you put in the Date the project scope what is it a Webinar file is a home page course Funnel how much did you get paid did They actually pay it and then when you Build the funnel and deliver because yes We charge up front then you put just a Mark yes it's done and you move on to The next one so lasting is the Daily Journal so I use the Daily Journal for Just Setting the tone for today so this is More like the productivity of running a Business like I do daily workout could Be simple as walking or running I have Like certain things that they do on a Day-to-day basis but one of those things Is just writing down everything I'm Grateful for and it's weird well it Might be weird if you're not familiar to This habit of journaling it might be you Might feel a little bit weird at first But when you get into the zone of doing It like you feed your mind positive Thoughts of real things like you start Feeling what you're grateful for and the More you do it like the brain has a Interesting capacity to just repeat Eighty percent of the thoughts you had Yesterday so if you're not feeding it It's gonna see social media drama news Whatever it is like fear all these

Things distract your brain and it Clutters your brain it's gonna repeat Those eighty percent what you want to do Is you want to optimize your mood by Setting the tone from the morning here's What I'm grateful for I'm grateful that I have a abundance of clients coming to You I'm grateful that I have this online Business I'm grateful that I have my Health I'm grateful it's the little Things and you just get your mind in This positive vibration and that's you Start your day To not be consumed by the world so Anyways that's it for this video if you Have any questions Post in the Facebook Group I'll see in the next one

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