3 Steps I Took to SAVE This 4 Figure Client Deal (learn from my mistakes)

Man i’m rusty how do you do this again Hey gustan where you been man well i’ll Show you where i’ve been No but in all seriousness i have been Feeling a little bit burnt out After doing a little bit over 50 videos This year On this channel and also a lot of emails And other content and building funnels It was just Too much for me it’s funny that the last Video that i did was about Imbalance and balancing your life and Now i’ve noticed That i also need balance i’m not a Machine so with that said I saw this post in the group that said From russell which i appreciate you Russell for for asking I got sent i hope you’re okay i look Forward every day to your videos and i Haven’t seen you for about a week i know About burnout As i work myself to the bone all the Time hardly ever giving myself a break So relax refresh come back stronger than Ever just so you know your love the Support The same way you support us you inspire Us to do better every day Cheers russell so i appreciate that Russell thank you for your concern and Everyone else who has been messaging me As well but let’s not talk about

Me i am learning from everything that I’m doing and optimizing as i go In this video i want to talk about what I did do during this period which is to Close a client And build funnels and basically going Back to what i love the most which is to Build funnels not saying that i don’t Enjoy Making videos but i do love building Funnels more and it’s also paying me More so it’s a win-win That said i’m happy to share what i’m Doing to close these clients as i Promised you in the beginning of February with the client challenge and That’s what i’m doing in this video so There’s actually Three things that i did that almost lost Me this client and then I’m gonna share with you three things You have to do to close clients as well And You have seen me as the dm closing guy Because i’ve been closing deals In dms without you know jumping on phone And talking to people And i still do that for the most part However with this client it was a little Bit different so let’s talk about what i Did that almost Cost me this client and then we’ll talk About what i did when i jumped on the Phone or assume

With him and closed him and the four Things they have to think about When closing clients if you’re doing in A meeting so if you’re not doing dm Closing or pm closing Or messenger closing whatever you want To call it if you’re jumping on the Phone Or zoom call how do you conduct that Meeting how do you conduct the strategy Session To close them that’s what we’re going to Talk about in this video so let’s dive In okay so you’ve heard me talk about The three c’s which is to connect with The person collect my information and Close The sale and so the first thing he did When he messaged me was He said i love this funnel josh is a Good friend of mine And i want a similar funnel and you guys Have seen me talk about the power of a Portfolio When it’s set up correctly they will Sell for you they will do the selling And they’ll show the clients the Prospects That this is what i can do and they will Say i want one of those i’ve said it Hundreds of times And in this case it wasn’t any different And so he said i want a funnel like this I have a book and we’re gonna use that

Book to get them into our other offers I’m gonna give it out for free people Just pay shipping and handling And it’s pretty straightforward so you Might be asking how did you almost lose This client ghost then so he reached out He messaged me and he’s like This is the funnel that i want are you Able to build this how much would it be And we kind of went back and forward With the questions that i always use Which you can by the way you can find The link to the dm Closing playbook in the description so i Have the scripts there And i you know asked him a couple of Questions and he started feeling like i Wasn’t confident or Sure that i wanted him as a client or Potentially even if i could take him on As a client And the truth is i didn’t know if i Wanted him as a client and i’ll explain And if you’re watching this you know who You are You know that it wasn’t anything Personal it was just the fact that you Wanted two things Which is more long-term and it wasn’t Just a one-off funnel build So he told me he was looking for a Long-term copywriter and then a free Plus shipping book funnel And in my mind i was thinking i can do

The book funnel I have time to do that right i have the Energy and i’m creative enough to do That right now But i don’t have the capacity to offer a Long-term solution for the copywriting Services Because we’re growing our education Business And so instead of telling him that i was Like let me get back to you let me think About this and it was almost like He was probably confused like is he able To take me as a client does he not want Me as a client what’s going on here So the uncertainty almost lost me The sale and the number one rule in Sales is you have to be Confident and i wasn’t not because i Didn’t think that i could deliver But because i didn’t know if i had the Capacity or time Or the desire to do something long-term With him So instead of me explaining that this is Where i’m at right now And i can do this one thing but not the Other i can build the funnel but not the Long-term copywriting thing We kind of went back and forward and he Felt like something was off And so the lesson here and the more of The story is be confident Right and if there’s something that

They’re asking the client the prospect Is asking If you can do then tell them yes you can Do it and then figure out a way to do it Obviously if you can’t tell them no if They want you to custom code something Or use a platform that you don’t use Tell them no sorry that’s also totally Fine but if it’s something That you know you can figure out and you Kind of know it but you’re not 100 Sure then say yes and figure it out and Then the third thing that i did that Almost lost me the sale Was that i wanted to do it my way i Wanted to Try to close him in dm when he really Wanted a meeting and me i’m a super Weird introvert i don’t know why but Always want to Just be in my zone and build funnels and Talk to people in dms and Not do meetings because i don’t like to Pack things in my calendar number one And then the second thing is i get super Drained after having a meeting even if It is with an amazing person So it kind of ruins my day because it Drains me for the rest of the day if i Have one single meeting I’m super weird i know and maybe you’re Not i hope that you’re not the same So now let’s move on to the four things That i did do to close him

I don’t really like that word because it Sounds like i’m forcing him to do Something when in reality we just agreed On terms and We sealed the deal basically the first Thing that i did To save this entire deal was to explain To him Why i wasn’t certain and he also i think Put me in a position where I wasn’t desperate and he could see that So he understood My concern if you will and as i Explained we’re growing our business And i can build a funnel but not the Long-term copywriting position He understood that and now it was time To book a meeting And so we jumped on soon we started Talking about his business His offers his niche and the different Offers that he currently has the Different pages And my job in this position is to simply Learn more About his business his offers and Collect information We’re already connected now we’re Collecting information And we’re then looking to close the sale At the end of the meeting so in that way It’s no different than the dm closing as Once we talked about offers and price Points

It was time to move to the final Strategy and the pages in the funnel That we need to set up and so sometimes What you’ll see is a client already has A funnel you can ask what pages do you Have Can you show me the pages can i take a Look and see what you already have And in some cases they don’t have a Funnel or a website right now And show them why this is the right Strategy for them to use Which leads me to point number three Which is to explain and show examples So this is where research comes in Because he previously already told me They want A book funnel and what type of book Funnel i could do more research and show More examples of the science that i’ve Built To get him the reaction of wow i want One of those i want the phone like this One or that one And again getting those funnel designs To close the deal For me because he already told me what He wants i can show proof of examples Either that i’ve built or i can say this Is a funnel that this person is using we Can build something like that Giving him the ideas and letting him Close the sale For me and then the final one without

Making this any longer The fourth question that i asked him and The final close To wrap everything up and this works Every single time is When do you want it live not when do you Want to get started Not when do you want to pay me none of That garbage You want to say when do you want the Funnel alive And so then he started talking about Opportunity cost which is The cost of not doing it of not billing It of not having it live And he did this i didn’t even have to But it’s actually a real thing that you Could discuss Which is how long have you been planning To launch this If they’re not really sold on your Services so instead of asking When do you want to get started which They might say let me think about it let Me get back to you Instead you ask when do you want it live So if they say two weeks or yesterday You can then simply explain to them the Process of getting started like let me Send over that invoice When can you pay me and things that Could potentially cost you the sale Instead you get to say if you want it Live in two weeks or if you want it live

In one week It’s best if we get started now because My process is super simple It’s fast and it works like this and Then you explain I send over the invoice and once that’s Taken care of i send over the onboarding Form you fill that out And it gives me enough time to build the Funnel all done for you you don’t have To lift a finger And it’s done by the time that they Mentioned so if they said a week or two Weeks or three weeks You tell them that it’s gonna be live by Then a hundred percent And we can get started right now they Can now visualize the example of funnel Or something that they’ve seen That made them go i want one of those And they can now visualize it See it become a reality so let me leave You with this quote By guston 2021 and it goes like this It’s your job to make them see it Already Built even before they are closed So anyways the point is this make them See the funnel live Before they even paid you they feel like You care they feel like you’re a part of Their company the culture already and They’re just excited to pay you And it’s all fun it’s not i wonder why

He was nervous i wonder why he said this I wonder what he wasn’t confident You have to be confident you have to be Excited you have to be certain about the Strategy The offer and everything that you’re Gonna build so that when they pay you Thousands of dollars online via the Internet The interwebs they know that i’m working With a genius a master Of funnel design and that’s what we Teach instead of full-time funnel Designer if you want to join i would Love to have you if not Make sure you subscribe smash the like Button and like And smash the like button and turn the Post notifications on for more videos Like these because we post them Pretty much not daily anymore but weekly As with that said i’ll see in the next.

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