Funnel Designer REACTS: Russell Brunson on “IMBALANCE”

[Music] All right guys welcome back to another Video Today i’m going to react to russell Brunson the co-founder of clickfunnels Video call are you feeling the pressure Of life because Right now and i don’t know about you but I’m feeling the pressure of life a lot Of to-do’s it’s 9 p.m i want to be home With the family the kids the wife and There’s stuff that we got to do there’s Videos that we got to create Funnels that we got to build some admin Stuff to the business As with that said we’re going to react To this and see what it’s all about and If you’re feeling some sort of pressure Right now Maybe this could help us i don’t know Let’s dive in what do you mean we’re not Going to prom It is the most important night of high School I know but i have snakes i don’t care What is wrong with you russell Everyone is going have you ever tried to Do it all but then have a backfire in Your face In high school wrestling is my passion But i also want to do the things that Normal high schoolers were doing By the way yes i’ve had that happen i Wanted to be a soccer player

Before i went into this entrepreneurial Journey and it was a lot of like What’s wrong with you who do you think You are why are you not you know why are You going to Bed early why do you eat healthy why do You think you all of these things this Is pretty Personal to me Hey russell a bunch of us are going to The mall you want to come Sorry guys i have practice [Music] Sorry i just love the fact that they’re Trying to make this as If it was russell when he was in his Teenage years Tonight i got that big wrestling Tournament coming up Um maybe next weekend The face you can see the disappointment Man i’ve been there Why don’t we stay inside and we can Watch my wrestling tape And i’ll explain my moves to you and Trying to juggle wrestling Well that’s just being a bad like being Bad at communicating and dating and Not knowing how to socialize with your Partner Like you don’t suggest that you Re-schedule things Or you do things on your own because you Gotta focus on it anyways

With the girlfriend and his arms Didn’t go so well we all feel this Pressure to be well balanced Put equal focus on everything but Sometimes when you’re working towards a Goal You have to be radically imbalanced i Probably shouldn’t have been Radically imbalanced i agree with this To a certain point because in life you Got to do certain sprints So the entire journey is a marathon Right but then you get a sprint Sometimes you do a 90 days print towards The goal And then if you have people around you Who don’t support you then then so be it I probably shouldn’t have been dating While i was so focused on wrestling but I also don’t regret being unbalanced That focus allowed me to get a college Scholarship and all the wonderful Experiences that i had there When i started college i moved into uh The dorms with a whole bunch of other Wrestlers so we had an apartment with Five other wrestlers besides myself when We get done wrestling we were always Trying to figure out who were the cute Girls we could hang out with there was An apartment with some really cute girls In it I think because i wasn’t trying to find A relationship i was more natural and

Clutter and i really got along And it wasn’t until one day her roommate Kind of pulled me aside and said you Know that she likes you right Seriously yeah she’s not into joey at All Listen to you I can’t believe i haven’t seen this Series because i’ve seen a couple of Them On instagram like a promo like we have This new thing new story Marketing series whatever you want to Call it but i haven’t seen this these Are Funny to see because i underst i know Russell pretty well oh my gosh that’s Crazy but I think someone’s older than me how do i Impress someone that’s older than me and So i hadn’t Had a ton of experience asking older Women on dates and so i did what i [Music] Knew [Music] Okay now i’m just confused is that Russell brunson’s uh junk mail when he Was studying advertisements Dude are you sure this is how you want To ask her out oh yeah This is how i asked out every girl in High school i got toilet paper and Toilet paper to room and we shredded up

Newspaper and put it all over the room And just made a huge mess Oh don’t forget the candy sign it’s kind Of embarrassing looking back on it now But i made a candy bar poster which Basically is a big poster where you glue Candy bars In for different phrases so said dear Sweetheart and put sweethearts in there And then we think about going on a date And have some dates there With a junior mint like me and i hope You don’t snicker It’s so embarrassing to be documented a Day or two later i again i got a knock On the door and i opened the door and There was a poster there and i opened The poster There’s poster britney spears with Colette’s face cut out and had her face On britney where britney spears face was And basically said yes i’d love to go Out On this date and so that’s how we got Our very first date Hi i was in the neighborhood And But when i met collette i knew that i Met the girl that i wanted to marry So while wrestling was still my passion I made sure all my free time Was spent trying to win her over By shifting that radical balance away From wrestling for a time

It allowed our love to blossom in a way That it couldn’t have otherwise Radical imbalance was going after one Thing with all of your heart It worked out for me and collette yeah i Agree with this It’s like when you’re putting everything Into one thing the only time you have Over the only time you have left You really show the people that you care About like you are the most important Thing in my life so for me Is my wife and my kids and so the time That i’ve left from my business It goes 100 into them yeah i can relate To russell in so many levels After clinton i got married things Shifted a little bit but obviously Wrestling was still a huge passion for Me it was paying for school and so Because of that we knew it was still Something that was a big priority Around this time i was trying to wait For a tournament so winning wouldn’t be The only thing that i stayed hungry for Are you sure you don’t want me no No i’m good radical imbalance isn’t Possible without making sacrifices But you have to decide what can i Cultivate now so i can continue to bloom When i move on to other things when we Started click funnels that was another Major time of radical imbalance I saw the light on i figured man i just

Mentioned It’s 9 p.m and i’m still here in the Office Stuff got to get done it had to still be Up that’s how you say it I brought you some cocoa thanks honey I’m sorry for these long nights and Around this time I was pulling late nights to catch up on Coffee for the funnel i know Just come to bed when you can okay I was going to bed around 4am every Morning to keep clickfunnels up and Running and my partner todd would take Over when i got to bed so we were Working around the clock to keep Clickfunnels successful i was missing Out on some major family moments but the Work i was doing was for my family That’s that’s funny because that’s kind Of what i’ve been doing the last three Years as well Obviously i’m trying to be there for my Family because i understand there’s you Know time with the kids And the wife there are times that you Never get back but it’s almost like an Investment you put time into it now To enjoy it more with the family later Now i see russell Spending way more time with his family You know he has a bigger team He’s more balanced now because in in the Beginning you got to be a little bit

Unbalanced You got to want it i had to shift my Time at work so i could coach them at Practice So that also meant that i had to find Those work hours somewhere early in the Morning or late at night but with the Extra time i put in at night i can Manage to take the extra time for my Kids Here we go fellas it’s a nice job i Gotta lock up Can we get a picture though yeah no Problem all right If you want to create something great You have to be imbalanced for a while Then when you’ve achieved your goals you Can come back and enjoy the fruit So leave behind the guilt that you feel Remember the imbalance is just for a Little while Allow yourself to i agree with this too I agree with with everything in this Video but Leave the guilt behind like i’ve stopped Feeling the guilt because i know it’s It’s something that i’m gonna do either Way so why feel guilty about it if i’m Doing it for the family For the people i wanna impact you gotta Do it for some time and then it’ll it’ll Get easier Go there and create the success that you Deserve

That’s what i do as well but then i have A picture of a funnel instead I’m just kidding all right so that was Balance and imbalance and feeling the Pressure and Family and friends and wives and Girlfriends and boyfriends whatever you Have in whatever situation you’re in I think that was i don’t know a good Reminder good perspective It’s good to see other people are going Through what you’re going through and i Just know that it gets easier that’s What i’m I’m taking from this video it gets Easier you get more balance become more Successful and you keep what’s most Important to you which is the people in Your life not the Material stuff but the moments that you Have with people that you love so Anyways that’s it for this video make Sure you smash the like button subscribe With the post notifications on because We post videos anything from reaction Videos to tutorials to course videos Yeah see in the next one

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