3 Things Every Funnel Agency Needs – REVEALING MY NEW ADS

So today what i want to do is i wanted To bring you a little bit behind The scenes as we’re shooting couple of Videos i’ll show you one of the video Ads that we shot Which i think is hilarious i’ve been Learning a lot from people that i work With and building their funnels i see How they do their ads To make people stop scrolling so we’ll Roll one of these Ads at the end of the video and then We’re gonna do a little bit of Photo shoots the sun because i want To rebuild my website funnel if you Haven’t already make sure you subscribe Because in the next video What i’ll do is i’ll break down my Website funnel strategy How i bring that into other offers that I have And so if you haven’t already make sure You like this video subscribe And now let’s dive into the vlog And now all of you who are asking who’s Editing my videos Well it’s anton it’s not me i wish i Could do the editing So yeah that’s awesome i post a lot of Business And ironman stuff but the only questions Are about the editing so yes that’s Awesome So just to give you a little bit of

Context why we’re building a website Funnel And the purpose of having a website Funnel because there’s a big difference Between a website and a funnel As you know if you’ve been following me For a while and the main purpose of a Website Is to build authority and credibility to Make Sure that people trust you when you Introduce your offers so what i mean by That is for an example i built a website Funnel for A big personal brand and a big Influencer in the network marketing Space His name is fraser brooks and so we Built this website funnel okay Introduced His community his mission and everything That he’s doing to revolutionize his Industry And then we went to the offers like the Free book offer His speaking events things like that Free trainings and we introduced those Offers with the purpose of getting People and segmenting people Depending on what they were interested In they would go to that offer and then We have a separate sales funnel to sell That book so a lot of people ask me What i do for a living i build a lot of

Funnels for high level people where we Sell their Services and their products if you want Me to do a full Deep dive on what i do and what funnels Are and really break it down and give You Like practical examples make sure that You comment below Hashtag sales funnel examples just Comment hashtag Sales funnel examples i’ll make sure to Cover that as well so So they’re building this new bridge i Think this is a great spot to do some Ads Because it’s more i like the masculine Feel Feeling of a lot of not metal what is it Called I don’t know what it’s called So i know there’s a lot of people who Are filming themselves they’re taking The photos Of themselves by themselves with like Timers and stuff like that i don’t know How that’s possible and can you imagine The time that it goes Into doing all of that look up for Example casey neistat right You see him for example out on a run and There’s 17 different scenes with 17 different Angles

Like i’m sure a run that would take an Hour for him Takes like three hours because of the Recording but that’s what makes him Unique as well So maybe it’s just me and i have to stop Being lazy i guess Okay don’t fall okay there’s like 10 Meters down there no risk no reward So we’re gonna keep it there so first What we’re doing is we’re doing a quick Photo shoot Just for you know new photos for the Website funnel and stuff like that But we’re also gonna do a fun Retargeting ad so you’ll see what we’re Doing Here basically what we want to do so i Have my coaching right And we have ads for people to apply for A coaching i have a free training that i Run ads to People watch what i do how it works and How to get clients and then if we want My coaching They schedule a call so what we want to Do is 15 seconds Of just pattern interrupt just to remind Them who i am because now they’ve Watched me they know who i am they just Need like a reminder to book their call And so this is not for call audience This is for a warmer audience so we’ll Play the ads at the end of the video

Hey i noticed it all right so that was The ads I think we have both from my funnel Bundle my 37 dollar Funnel bundle with 37 funnels and Then we also took some ads for my Coaching stuff like that and so now I’m gonna move to the next scene and i’m Gonna think about what other ads i need I think i need some ads for cold Ads as well so we’re gonna test that and Also what i want to do is Bring this back in about 30 days and Give you the results of these so you can See Is this working is it not working was it A flop So keep you updated Go go [Music] I’m about to explode [Music] All right i think that’s it i think we Nailed it yeah Right and lastly i want you to think About your business as A marketing agency not a operator not a Entrepreneur who are selling stuff You’re in the business of marketing what You’re selling Yes it’s important to focus on what You’re selling and And creating better products and Creating better services

That’s what you should do but the other Side of it that a lot of people miss Is marketing they try to outsource Everything instead of becoming the Marketer you stand Instead of becoming the brand instead of Crafting their sales message and Improving their offer and Overcoming objections and that’s what i Want to give you with these ads and Think when you’re watching this what Objections are you trying to overcome What is gustan doing what is he saying Okay it’s all factual but it’s a Specific Formula or sequence in which what i’m Saying To make people understand like ah ghost And have the experience he knows what He’s talking about And all of that so everything feels Natural and people feel that i can Understand them and I know that i understand that by Speaking their language Where they are what they want to do and What they’re currently struggling with That is me becoming a marketer that’s The that’s me As a ceo stepping into the role of a Marketer And doing what i need to do to bring People to see my offer the product or The service

I don’t know if that makes sense but if You haven’t already make sure you Subscribe more videos coming soon as Well as the Website funnel with all the tutorials on How i do it the strategy behind Everything i do And then the numbers the data behind When i launch everything so you can see If i made any money with it so that said Thank you for watching And i’ll see in the next video Hey if you’re a funnel designer you need To listen to this message there’s three Things you have to master In order to grow your business number One you need to how to attract clients You need to know how to close clients And you need to know How to build funnels what i mean by that You need to know where your clients are How to communicate with them how to Offer your solutions so that you get Paid instantly number two you need to Know how to position your offer So you can charge what you’re worth and Number three you need to know how to Design how to write copy do email Marketing everything their clients need That way they’re gonna bring you more Business they’re gonna bring you more Referrals And you don’t have to worry about you Know cold calling cold email and

Pitching people Who are not interested so if you want to Know how to do that learn from me Apply below for my one-on-one coaching I’ve been building funnels for a couple Of years 200 funnels so far and my goal is to get The thousand funnels So i’m no guru teaching you something That i’m not doing i’m actually doing it Daily for some of the biggest clients Including clickfunnels themselves steve Larsen and a lot of other two coma club Winners and so if you want to learn how I do that the three things that i just Mentioned How to attract clients close clients and Build funnels click below Make sure you apply and we’ll talk soon Hey i noticed that you haven’t booked Your call yet i thought you were Interested In mentorship and growing a high ticket Funnel agency If that’s still you and you just forgot I totally understand Life happens now you have to act now Because there’s a lot of people have Been asking me Hey can you coach me one-on-one can you Help me get clients the answer is yes But i can only work with so many because Of the 101 so if you want my help Click below block a call and we’ll talk

Soon okay bye bye Hey hey just one second hey i noticed That you checked out my Funnel bundle maybe you are thinking That you have to be tech savvy or you Have to be A coder a programmer or a graphic Designer to build beautiful funnels but That’s not true I’ve been building 200 plus funnels so Far in my last couple of years I don’t use photoshop i use nothing Fantasy and so if you want to grow your Business You need these funnels click the link Below and launch your funnels in as Little as 60 minutes i’m out of here Hey if you want to attract close and Deliver beautiful funnels and charge Thousands of dollars for them and become A high ticket funnel designer swipe Up to apply for my one-on-one coaching Now Listen if you want to become a High-ticket funnel designer there’s Three things that you have to master in Order to do so number one you need to Know how to attract the right clients The high paying clients Number two you need to know how to close Those people And how to get paid what you’re worth And then number three you need to know

How to build and design the actual Funnel so that you get results for them You don’t get refunds and you actually Get referrals for them And those are the only three things you Need to know in order to grow a Successful Funnel agency business so if you want to Know how i got 200 funnel bills How i’m closing clients on a weekly Basis and charge thousands of dollars For it Make sure you click the link somewhere Around this video and book a call with Our team And i’ll show you exactly how i do that [Music] I got problems with problems with Problems some problems on problems and Problems that’s over my breath through The money the pressure be calling Left for my blessings i feel like i’m Falling the birdies back tell me i’m Garbage i’m going through something That’s why i ain’t calling It progression it’s all that i wanted

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