4 Funnel Design Hacks in CANVA (nobody does this) – Clickfunnels & Canva Tutorial

Alright guys welcome back i have a great Video today showing Four different things you can do in Canva how to create canva backgrounds Custom backgrounds Icons text patterns and gradient Graphics and beautiful design so that When you upload your images To your page builder in this case i’m Going to use click funnels And you’ll be able to make them Beautiful without using photoshop Sketch or figma if you’re not really Into those softwares or Maybe you’re not techy you just want Something simple then can what will do i Know some people say oh you’re not Designer Using canva i’ll show you what you can Do in canva so we’re going to open click Funnels this is My clickfunnels account i have the Funnel open we can see the funnel steps I’m just going to edit this first one And at the end of this video what i’m Going to do is i’m going to give you This template so you can just one click Install it Into your account and then i just change Out your images with this tutorial this Training Using canva and so make sure you check The link in the description Below also if you want access to the

Full course also Link is in the description where i have Hundreds of videos showing you guys Tutorials how to create beautiful photos Now Let’s get into the tutorial so we have Click funnels here we have An image here we have a logo and we have Backgrounds we have different Graphics and what i’m gonna do is start With the background so you can see in Canva You can pretty much just create any type Of graphics that you want And so i’m gonna go with this one the Presentation because it has The right dimensions i even have it open Here it’s a 1980 So 1980 pixels to 1080p so it’s it’s the Perfect size For a banner as you can see here if i Make this Smaller okay so where i’m gonna go is Here and I’m just gonna add a layer to an image And make The text pop so i’m gonna make the text White on a dark background what I’ll do is i click background and i can See different patterns that they have I am going to go with something i’m Going to go with this But then i’m also going to pick a image Beneath this so i’m gonna kind of mix

Them together because what you can do Is you can just reduce this to like 10 and then take it again And choose a color so like this one for Example now i have a more Subtle in the background so i could pick Any color I would still see the pattern in there Maybe even 20. What i’m gonna do is i’m gonna go with This navy blue But then i’m also gonna choose like city For an example Let’s say i want to use this and what i Would highly recommend that you do is Actually choose something That is personal so this is a stock Image And sometimes it can look good but Sometimes also it’s better to have Something that’s more personal so if you Want to combine two images you can see How you can get this background image uh While also keeping the pattern there Okay and then here for example i think What i would do Is just choose one image so either a Pattern Or an image and i would just move it Like that and reduce this down to like Ten or seven probably seven i’m gonna go With that And i’m just gonna click here download It as a jpeg

Eighty percent and just page Two you can see your page two look at This dude Download boom two very boring minutes Later Now i can see we upload the wrong one so What i’m gonna do Is just download it again to make sure That i get the The right one Also normally before i upload an image Like this i would compress the file size For faster load speed but this will do For Sake of this video now we want to change This image right here of me so I have created if you go here you create A design you can actually choose Custom dimensions so like 600 to 800 Depending on what images that you want To use that’s what i’m going to go with Then i’m going to go to uploads and i’m Actually gonna upload An image of me so let me just go here Type in gustan and boom i could probably Use something else I would probably be able to use 600 Times 600 or 800 times 800 so what i can do is Actually go in here And let’s make it 600 so it’s the same Size Here as it is when you’re uploading it To click funnels so for example if the

Background is 1920 pixels times 1080 Then one image on the side would be Around 600 pixels or maybe 500 To 500 pixels sometimes 700 to 700 So if you upload it with that with those Dimensions It will perform better because again the Page load speed It’s not going to be blurry all of that So now And here’s one of the best secrets two Backgrounds in canva and That is their custom graphics their Gradients and a lot of Like their pre-built library of Just different objects so we’ll go to Elements And i’m gonna type in for example 3d Render These are also some of the graphics that You can use to backgrounds and stuff Like that Some of these when you click them for Example you click this you can see magic Recommendations then you can Click see all so then you can get a Couple of these so let’s say that i want To have Some of these position this behind By the way if this image would have had A background to it I could then just go to effects And i can delete the background so

Background remover i would just click This And boom it works its magic it’s not as Good as Clipping magic in my opinion but it’s Fast it’s in here And so if you have a background then it Would have covered this one so you just Want to Remove that you could use a lot of these 3d Renders graphics whatever you want to Call them objects Play around with this a little bit and See if i would use These it depends on what what the Subject Is what the brand is i’ll type in Gradient I want to have 3d though i like 3d for The first one at least Here we have this type of of graphics as Well I like blobs so these for example if i If i had to delete all of this other Stuff here And just use these i could still make Something Really cool from just these anyways These are things that you have to play Around with as you see You’ll never just open it find one and Then move on you want to play around With it

But let me actually download this one And then we’ll do one more So that i can show you okay transparent Background yeah because we don’t want This white background so you need canva Premium it’s ten dollars you can cancel If you don’t wanna use it afterwards We’re gonna use it for all of our Graphics because we don’t want that White background except if you have a White background In your section so here for an example Let me show you this as well so if it Was A grayish or Bluish background like this I could just grab this go to canva And i could add that to To the background as well so now when i Download it if i don’t have premium I would still be able to make this look Great on The clickfunnels section because it’s The same color so anyways i’ll do one More let’s just save that one Duplicate it and i’ll move me to the Side delete this And then i’ll go to elements and i’ll Just delete this Go down to graphics there should be one That says gradient okay so here there’s Actually new ones being added All the time so i recommend that you go Back and check

All of these but for an example again we Find graphics here We’ll do one more and you can change Colors On most of these if i want to use this I could move this around just like that Change it to let’s say i want to have a More Warm color i like when the image of me Or the person goes outside of this Graphic behind It so for example if you use something Like this And the image is here you’re taking up Too much Focus on the graphic you don’t want the Focus to be The graphic you want the focus to be the Person the sign should always Communicate something So that’s why you add some personality With these designs or these graphics but You don’t want it to take over The entire graphic so in sketch In figma in photoshop you can obviously Use a graphic like this and then you can Double click it And you can move this around to make Them whatever format you want But in canva because these are Pre-uploaded Graphics you can’t change how they look I mean you can change how they look but Not the actual

Form of the object in itself so if it’s Round it’s round If it’s a rectangle it’s a rectangle so That’s the the main difference But now i think you get the point with This again there is A lot in here as you can tell one thing That i didn’t mention In the background section is as well If you want to use a pattern you could Do the same thing so I’m just going to delete this make it White background go back to elements And go to a couple of things here If you want to use these graphics as a Background you can Look at that for an example you could Have something like that You could add small icons Graphics to it you could also add just This if you wanted to Have something subtle you can either do It like that or you can make them super Big And for an example reduce the opacity so Let’s say that you want to have Something like that you can also just Make it You know more subtle in the background And then if you look at a lot of landing Pages on pinterest or dribble They usually have something in the Background where it’s like a pattern It’s not that

Obvious but if you look for it you’ll See these blobs and Circles and rectangles in the background And so Just by reducing the opacity there’s a Lot that you can do Just with that but what i actually Wanted to share was If we go to elements we go To graphics and we go to Gradient we can go down to Where we saw a lot of the patterns so Like this for example If you wanted to make a background that Has Something along these lines again you Would just click here Some of these you can change colors some Of them you can’t so then What you would do again go to 20 opacity And then change this to something like That ah i see the tint still of the red So anyways Again things that you gotta play around With one more thing I know i keep saying one more thing There’s so much i want to show you That i keep going one more thing and That is if you go to Something that’s gradient like this Again if you add an Image in here you’ll have darker tones Here on the sides which is great for When you want to highlight the the focus

On the center here so Sometimes you want to have an image with A gradient like this You wouldn’t just drag it out like that Again have a photo City oh it’s a video but still you can Add these Tints if you will layers Of colors on top of any image so it Doesn’t have to be Just one color you can add gradients and Now You can change that so if you want it to Be More like that you reduce this And then you’ll see uh the object behind It so Anyways going back to the graphics Where is it is here so one more thing We have this right here what i’m gonna Try to find Now is actually i’m gonna go with this So i’m gonna change the color of these If i can okay it looks like i can change These so I’m actually gonna go with like a blue Blue white Okay and let this fade into the Background backwards I’m gonna flip it what if we did the Other way around Yeah maybe that’s better so this one i Like sketch Better or figma if you’re on windows

Because you can delete one of these you Can just click and And delete you can add your own lines You can change the direction of them i Mean I can do that here as well but if i just Wanted to delete one of them i could do That In any other software but here i’m not Able to just delete Like one thing i would have to crop the Image like this And not anyways you get the point okay So i think we’re spending too much time On this let me just show you what this Would look like if i download it Transparent background all of them yes Awesome i’m just gonna upload these to Click funnels Okay so now you can see the first Example here I’m not a big fan i’m very picky with my Graphics i’m not a big fan i don’t think This looks great Yet this is why you want to play around With it and find your own Yeah now it doesn’t make sense to have It faded out to white Because not a white background so i Would never use this looks like i have Arrows in my back This is more subtle again you can see Kind of how how this works you know what I could actually do

I could use these colors so if i want to Have a gradient button I could use this color on a circle Behind me Kind of have the same branding to it so Anyways we will now go to the next step In this funnel Which is to change the logo so i could Then Use this one for example 400 times 80 and i’m just gonna click like icon For example Funnel icon Got ourselves beautiful logo Again and there we go by the way i would Not recommend that you use These icons or sim graphics whatever you Want to call them As your official logo because i don’t Know with copyrights Stuff like that so i just wanna make Sure that you Understand that there’s legal stuff Involved with using other people’s Stuff but i just want to show you how i Would Create this if you had your own graphic Or icon You just wanted to maybe add your text To it what you want to do is make sure You have as little Spacing as possible so i’ll just drag This out Just like that and then i can hit

Download Transparent background so there’s no Background there And then i just yeah i can compress the File as well So it’s not too big there’s my logo not The most beautiful one But let’s see and so Image width will go with 250. Logo is not that important and it Doesn’t have to be Big so i can even move this up a little Bit minus 10 Is good now we just have to upload all Of our images Similar to what we did here talk about Your offer talk about the community talk About yourself your hero section And introduce your offer and just give Them one option for them to go to the Next step So one more thing though that i wanted To add that i’ve written down here Is icons and lastly i’m going to show You Some text patterns but for icons we’re Going to use 100 to 100 pixels And i’m going to go to elements and just Click icon Gradient because i have the pro version Of of Canva i can use for example this one Right here Boom i’m gonna go to shapes

And i’m gonna make them first i’m gonna Try this Again as big as possible while still Fitting them into This space and then this you don’t want It to take too much space but Probably something like that what i Could also do If i duplicate this i could make Let’s say i want to have three icons We’ll do the same with this one Again obviously the icon has to Communicate what i’m trying to say so If i’m talking about business this is What i would do I would type in business icon And then i can find you know icons that Are relevant To what i’m trying to say so if i’m Saying Three ways or like super simple to get Started or get started today in three Simple steps Then i have pick a deal that works for You i could have something like Uh set up your portfolio this icon could Communicate that so if i wanted to do This the opposite way i could do that as Well where i have Like a a light background and darker Icon on top of it and then what i’ll do Is i’m not gonna download this entire Square i’m just gonna click transparent Background

So that way it’s just gonna download the Icons here And i upload it to click funnels here One more thing Is text patterns so you might have seen Me use these Quite a lot but still want to show you What it looks like So let’s say i want to use this image Still You could go down here to the ones that They already give you In canva so i want to add text behind me To create a text pattern So i’m just going to type in ghost Be ghosted something like that but i Don’t like this Icon so i’m gonna go with something else And now depending on the background Color I could use something like this move it Behind me and actually you know what i’m Going to move this here And now i want to change the Transparency So that it’s kind of fading out into the Background Then i move me back into the image and I make sure that i am In the middle also to the front so just Click to the front And i’m in the front so again i would Probably spend a little bit more time With

Fonts colors making sure that the Background that i’m Using that it actually fits actually Looks good Matches all of those good stuff but There you go You have a couple of different Backgrounds images layers Gradient layers overlays whatever you Want to call them patterns you have Graphics 3d 3d objects that you can add On top of your image behind it You have text patterns you have graphics That are Different geometrical abstract Objects you have text patterns a lot of Different things that you can do Inside of canva and the reason why i Wanted to make this video right now is Because we just Updated the canva module inside of the Course full-time funnel designer So if you’re not already in there if You’re not learning how to build funnels To sell funnels to other people to build Them for clients and getting paid a Thousand Two thousand three thousand up to five Thousand or ten thousand For funnels and funnel bills for your Clients Then you’re missing out to be honest Because i’m actually making more money Building funnels that i’m making selling

Courses or doing consulting or coaching Because it’s so much fun and there’s so Many people Needing these services so i’m not saying That for you to buy my course I’m actually saying if you want to learn We would love to have you if you need Support we would love to have you If you’re good on your own if you think That it’s working out what you’re doing Right now Then by all means keep doing that and Keep watching these videos because Hopefully they help out as well but uh That’s it for this video Make sure you smash the like button Subscribe to the channel i’ll see in the Next one.

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