Copy My 100 Canva Graphics for Your Funnels – Canva & Clickfunnels Tutorial 2021

Okay so welcome back to another video as You guys know it is a Tradition by now when i upload a new Module to the course full-time funnel Designer i always Ask myself how can i also provide the Most value to Whoever is subscribed or a part of the Free facebook group or who just Can’t afford the course right now and so What i wanted to do Is release another course video for you And show you Some of the stuff that’s in the course So this is a uncut Entire course video showing you some of The design tricks that you can do To enhance the quality of your funnels Make them convert more Make you more money or your clients more Money if you’re building funnels for Other people As well as just showing you how to take That camera design And insert it to click funnels and make Your Pages look better without having to use Photoshop if you’re not using sketch or Figma i still like sketch and figma the Most but some people prefer Canvas so we also have a module about That so now Let’s dive into that tutorial also make Sure you’re subscribed

Like the video all of that and now let’s Go to the tutorial Right so now let’s talk about graphics And how to add custom graphics like this One for example where you have A rectangle or a circle behind a person Or a graphic or a pattern like dots or Dotted circle whatever you want to call It i’ll show you how to do that inside Of canva And you can then download that image as A whole and upload it to Your landing page so let’s go back to Graphics Bundle i’ve given you a hundred Different graphics that you can start From and then you can Go in here and change colors so Just go to file and make copy when you Click the link Below this because it’ll take you to Canva where you can Make this into your own it’s a shared Template thing so Anyways i’ll show you kind of how i do This inside of canva you can see here All the options And then also show you how i did it in Sketch if you haven’t watched The sketch module by the way even if you Don’t have a sketch or maybe you don’t Want to use it I highly recommend you watch all those Videos because you’ll see how

I think when i’m designing stuff so we Have the bundle with all these 100 Different Graphics and then we have this where you Kind of see me Giving you a couple of examples how i’ve Used them so You know you can have gradient abstract Objects behind the images You can have rectangle i think this is a Gradient yep And you can make these bigger or smaller Depending on how You know how you want the graphics to Look all you have to do is just upload Your Image here change those out this for an Example If you have mock-ups we’ll talk about That in a separate video but You can add these to kind of add some Flavor to it And yeah there’s a lot of different Things that you can do The reason why i give you a hundred Different ones here that you can Download Is let’s say these for example if you Download this In fact you can actually make this Bigger all the way up here and down here So there’s no spacing go to download and You have to download them In transparent background because

Otherwise it’s going to take This background with you as well the White background especially if you want To Just change this inside of sketch so for Example You can see here’s the image that i’ve Downloaded you can also see how i’ve Added Different graphics to these images to to Show in the sketch module But this is what i downloaded if i Clicked on a fill here To change this color let’s say i wanted A gradient Color to it then it would have made this Entire Background gradient as well so you Couldn’t see the graphics That’s why you have a hundred different Graphics From canvas so like this one for example You can see it’s downloaded as You know one color but then i’ve clicked Filled and added a gradient i can change This around however i want to And you can see how we can kind of Modify the graphics To add to any image that we want in a Software Like figma or sketch so that’s the first Thing but If you want to change these inside of Canvas and use them here

You could do it like this so i’ll leave The link to both below And you can start playing around with Them and see if You know kind of how i’ve used them so Sometimes i go A little bit cleaner sometimes i like to Be a little bit more splashy i would say These are more Again clean these are more playful these Are more Premium they’re not screaming so much They’re more subtle This is i would say fits pretty well With with uh That image again you need to upload your Own images and play around with this and See kind of what you want to use One thing to keep in mind is to never Make the graphics Too you know big or take too much focus Like you want them to Not look at this and say what is this Train station right here instead they You know you want them to focus on the Image and maybe have this something like Two lines of dots yeah you can even Highlight this hold down shift and Highlight that one Group it together and then make it fade Into the background a little bit more So a lot that you can do with these i Think they’re great So one more thing with creating

Amazing graphics is you can go to Elements and you can add more to these Hundreds i’m gonna use this one so This one we’re actually gonna set say More navy blue let’s see transparency Okay something like that and then you Can search here for more options Instead of just using the hundred so you Go to elements And then you go to lines and shapes or Graphics so you can get all of these Here for example if you just wanted to Use something like this You could do that but i want to go with Graphics so you can see we also have the Here graphics And i want to search for gradient for Example if i want to add A taste a more modern gradient to my Designs i could do that by simply Clicking On one of these and adding it behind The person okay so it could be you it Could be the client It could even be more faded and not so Visible So let’s just leave that there for now You could change it later And then i wanna search for like 3d Render for example i want to have some 3d icons And again there’s a lot of things that You might not find By just searching for 3d graphic or 3d

Object but sometimes you can see here For example you can see Magic recommendations and this is why Canvas Is pretty cool because it’ll suggest Things for you that you can look for And then just keep expanding and finding More stuff so Maybe even want something in the Background like That for an example you know there’s a Lot of things that you can Do with these and now it’s starting to Be a little bit busy but i just want to Show you What you can do so let’s do one more Thing like 3d Geometric um a lot of animations not Exactly what i was Looking for 3d abstract Let’s see magic recommendations Okay i could find something You can obviously rotate these make them Smaller some of them you can change the Color as well And now i don’t like this in the Background I kind of like these radiant modern Colors i don’t know why But obviously you have to go with Whatever works For that industry or that brand let’s See One more thing what should we look for

We we have 3d Graphics we have gradient graphic Let’s see what we find letters okay We have letters let’s see if we type in Gradient 3d More letters we have some graphics that We could use for icons which is in Another video We have something like this for example They should have The magic recommendation for these as Well let’s see if we find if we click a Few of these You can actually go here and see what They’re called over saturated rainbow Color 3d graphic over Saturated we can find more examples as Well so sometimes when you find these Graphics You can look what the name of this you Know graphic is And just search for more of that yeah I’m excited to See what you come up with i think canva Has done A lot of great stuff when it comes to Improving their Their platform and people who say you Can’t design anything with With canva i don’t think they’ve played Around with the platform in You know in recent years so imagine if You first went with You know you have something in the

Background you have some small 3d Graphics and then if you want you can Have Like a text uh let’s see something like This We’re just gonna type in Gs And we’re gonna make this position to Back One forward To the side let’s see if we Type ghosting instead i’ll delete this For now Anyways you guys get the point text Background Graphics 3d graphics patterns All of that good stuff it starts with an Image you remove the background You add whatever layers you want to it And yeah i even have more more trick When it comes to layers which i’ll talk About in the next video so i’ll see you.

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