6 reasons why I would NOT become a web designer today

Most of my videos talk about how awesome It is to be a web designer and don't get Me wrong I do love my job as a web Designer but the truth is there are a Lot of negative aspects of this career And there are a lot of things that I Didn't have to deal with when I started Years and years ago there are a lot of Scary things that us as web designers Are facing right now including Artificial intelligence and so in this Video I want to talk to you about these Negative parts of being a web designer And my hope is that by the end of this Video you have enough information to Make an educated decision on whether or Not this is a good career path for you Or if you should choose to do something Else Plus at the end of this video if You stick around I'm going to talk about Ai and how this is negatively affecting Designers and where I see this going in The next few years so let's dive into it Now one of the biggest concerns that I Have for web designers especially newer Web designers is how competitive this Industry is getting the web design Industry as a whole is growing so Rapidly in fact it's estimated that Between now and the year 2031 it's going To grow by about 23 percent which might Not seem crazy until you consider that The average career is only growing by About five to eight percent and so

There's going to be more and more web Designers every single year and My worry Is that there's not going to be enough Work to keep up with the number of web Designers now not only are you competing With a huge number of other web Designers but also I would say that in The web design industry there's about a 90 10 breakdown meaning that about 90 Percent of the web designers fight over 10 percent of the work and then the Other 10 percent of web designers get to Have the other ninety percent of the Work and so there's this top tier or This top Echelon of more successful web Designers they get most of the projects And so if you're new not only do you Have to compete with tons of other web Designers but you have to work your way Into that top percentile to make sure That you have enough work to pay the Bills now I'm not saying that it's Impossible but it is going to take a lot More work a couple years ago say five Years ago there just wasn't as much Competition and so I could become a web Designer and find projects pretty easily But there's tons of other web designers Now and there are a ton of other Affordable ways to get a website built There are websites like Fiverr there are New tools like do-it-yourself type tools And there are a lot more opportunities For people just to buy a plug and play

Template and make their own website so You have to consider all of these things In terms of competition when deciding Whether or not web design is a good Career for you the second aspect of Being a web designer that's difficult is This is one of the most fast moving Industries out there things change so Rapidly it feels like Trends change Almost every day and so not only do you Have to spend a lot of time practicing And becoming better and finding jobs and Clients but you also have this whole Like secondary job of just staying up to Date on Trends and tools and the Legalities behind design and development And there are a lot of things that you Have to make sure that you're on top of Because if you're not you could very Quickly get left behind I feel like I See a lot of people that maybe do one Two three new web design projects per Year and the hard thing about that is if You're not doing enough projects your Portfolio is going to get outdated Really quickly and so if you're showing People websites that you did two years Ago the chances really high that they're Not going to be interested in that style Because it's already outdated and so Make sure that you're on top of these Trends and make sure that your portfolio Is up to date because that's what people Are looking for when they look to hire

You the third concern that I have about Web design is that the average web Designer is actually pretty underpaid Now again on my channel I talk about how Much money you can make as a web Designer and how much value you bring to People but most of the time web Designers are underpaid from the Research research that I did on Google It looks to me like the average salary In USD is between 50 and 75 000 which is A reasonable amount of money but in a Lot of places that's not going to be Enough to live any sort of great Lifestyle now in other countries that's Definitely going to fluctuate but at the End of the day we have to acknowledge That the average web designer is not Going to be making crazy money Especially if you're just looking for a Traditional job now if you're a Freelancer you certainly have Opportunities to make way more money but You also always run the risk of making No money and so those are the things That you have to consider in terms of Pay for web designers the next thing That makes being a designer really Difficult is that generally speaking Design is undervalued so your clients Your employers they're going to put Things like marketing and advertising And operations and sales and hiring all These things are going to come before

Design when they're determining budget And so a lot of times by the time they Come to you to hire you they don't have A budget to pay for design so this Doesn't mean that you can't make a lot Of money as a designer or a web designer But what this means is you have to be Prepared to convince people of your Value because it's not always going to Be implied that you as a designer are Going to increase sales or you as a Designer can increase traffic or get Them new customers or clients and so you Have to be ready to sell yourself and Your services and your value because It's not always going to be guaranteed That people appreciate your work like They should now along those same lines One thing that's interesting about the Design world as a whole is pricing is Not standardized and what I mean by this Is most Industries have what you would Call a going rate so it's the price that Everyone expects to pay for this Specific thing but design is so abstract That nobody really knows what it's worth And so somebody might pay a thousand Dollars for a website and then the next Day somebody might pay ten thousand Dollars for the exact same web site or Maybe even a little less and so most of The value in design lies in the Perceived value of the person that's Paying and so if you do have a client or

An employer that really understands the Importance of design they're going to be Willing to pay more but more often than Not people are going to try to cut you Short and pay you less because they Don't understand that and it's going to Be difficult for you to say well the Going rate for a website is five Thousand dollars because there's really No research or data to back that up and So this can play to your benefit where You could charge way more than a Perceived going rate but also a lot of Times people are going to want to pay Way less because there's no expectation When it comes to pricing now the other Thing that I want to mention really Quickly about design not having Standardized pricing is more often than Not the designers that have better sales And communication skills end up being Able to charge more and they get paid More and not necessarily the people that Are just better or more talented Designers and so I see people complain About this all the time saying I'm a Fantastic designer I'm super talented I'm super skilled but I just can't land Any work or no one's willing to pay me a Lot for it and it's because without any Sort of standard for pricing people are Always going to want to pay less and so Those that have the sales and Communication skills to push that rate

Up and convince people to pay more those Are the designers that typically are Going to get paid more now with all of That said I now want to finish up this Video by talking about artificial Intelligence and the way that I believe Is going to affect design I've put out a Lot of videos about this in fact I know A lot of people here on YouTube have Been putting out videos to scare Designers right and saying you need to Be aware you need to be worried about AI Taking your job and there's no question That at some point AI could take all of Our jobs not just designers but doctors And dentists and whoever else right I I Feel like that could happen one day But with that said it's not happening Today and it's not happening tomorrow And I believe that we have at least a Few years before AI gets to the point Where they could completely replace a Designer so you're not going to lose Your job today to AI but you could lose Your job tomorrow to other web designers That are utilizing AI to become a better Designer and so with that said you need To make sure that if you want to survive This time if you want to thrive during This time and continue to make money and Land clients and have a good job you Need to make sure that you're learning These AI tools and figuring out how to Implement them into your process to make

You quicker more efficient and I do feel Like there are so many opportunities out There for us to start learning these Before we really are put up against the Wall and told you need to know this or You're done for and so you've still got Time don't feel stressed or overwhelmed But starting today you need to make sure That you're spending time learning about How artificial intelligence can improve Your design workflow so if you're Interested about these things I've got a Video right here that I'm going to link That explains to you how a tool called Mid-journey can help you come up with Different web design ideas and help you Through the whole Discovery process and So this is a great place to start if You're interested in learning more about Artificial intelligence and design and Not only how to survive during this huge AI Revolution but also to become that Top one percent designer that is just Irreplaceable click the Subscribe button Down below because I've got new videos Like this one coming out almost every Single day that are going to help you Level up your skills become a better Designer a better salesperson provide More value to your clients and employers And at the end of the day you're going To succeed you're going to thrive you're Going to make the money that you want to Make and you're going to be able to live

The lifestyle that you want to live so Thanks for watching if you enjoyed this Video hit the like button down below and We'll catch you in the next video

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