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A $500 Client vs a $5000 Client

All right so this is pretty Controversial but I want you to think About this what if a 500 client is more Worth to you than a five thousand dollar Client if you're starting out here's a Couple of reasons why I think that a 500 Client can actually make you wealthy Long term it's number one because you Can either get paid nothing or you can Get paid 500 to build your portfolio so I'm always telling people like you still Need those like first 10 funnels in your Portfolios you can show people like yeah I'm actually building funnels as well Like I haven't just built like one Little like opt-in page Please don't ever put your ego first and Say I'm worth way more but also don't Underestimate your value I can now Literally build any offer I want to Launch or any funnel any client I can Take them on because I built the the Skill set I've been stacking those Skills and it all started with believe It or not a 500 client

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